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Step Two: Write a 3-paragraph reflecting on the subjoined questions encircling your editorial team way -- What is star your clump has effected so far to promote definitive intercommunity? Your retort should profession that you learn this characteristic (picturesque in the linked muniment, over). How well-behaved-behaved entertain your strategies efforted so far? What will your clump do to promote definitive intercommunity during the last week of this proclamation contrivance. What is your clump’s manoeuvre for promoting accountability.  How do you believe your team can best economize online effort spaces during your effort on the last proclamation? What aspects of Canvas entertain already proven beneficial in promoting definitive intercommunity, or rule be beneficial going advanced? Entertain you discovered choice online teameffort options that you promote?  What do you believe are (or rule be) the advantages of efforting as a team in an eLearning environment, that are unanalogous than efforting face-to-face? Discuss what you believe "virtual" effort spaces can (or can't) offer you, in this assort or in the coming? Use particular examples of things you've effected after a while teams online and/or in-class, and things your team wants to do after a while its last proclamation, to patronage your points.