#3 (Methods)

  Assignment Instructions: All written assignments must be submitted via deviate it in dropbox area, must be on a  Microsoft Engagement Document, be in special APA format: Meaning that your assignments should be typed out, font extent 12 font, font names: Times New Roman, Ariel, or Calibri, recognized margins (no further than 1 inch), double spaced, .5 crowd at the foundation of each section and .5 relative references.(APA format). You succeed befit the stuff stuff prepared by conducting inquiry installed on your separated title/theme and then reporting your findings in a theoretically publishable manuscript. Use the corresponding theme that you did for Turnitin Assignment #2. For each written assignment perform unmistakable you oration all required instructions/criteria as glorious among each assignment located among the assignment instructions/grading rubric. There's no particular totality of pages and or engagement reckon for each assignment. Oration all questions presented and if the instructions/criteria states a section perform unmistakable your sections depend of  partiality of five accomplished sentences.