3 essays

   1. What is the contrariety among a cult, a genus and a mainstream kind –give a favoring copy of each? What role does cultural normalization and tally state in whether a assembly is considered a cult, genus and/or godliness? Who were the Branch Davidians and what is their truth? Are they a cult, genus or mainstream godliness – why or why not?  2. How did the intelligence resources fabricate the Branch Davidian assembly into a browbeating? What role did the “Sinful Messiah” succession manufactured by the Waco Tribune adjacent the age of the ATF escapade of the assembly’s meeting-house and homestead state in how the without cosmos-people viewed the assembly? During the escapade what role did the resources state in making the assembly out to be a cult – what discourse did they use to delineate the assembly and their chief that contributed this imprint and how did the ATF and FBI use this to their habit? 3. Why did the ATF escapade the junction? What mistakes did they compel in the precedently, during and behind the escapade that made the place worse? Compare the perspectives of twain the Seconds from Disaster: Waco and the Waco: Rules of Engagement Documentary – how did they dissent in the portrayal of the assembly and on the consequence of who and why the energy was launched – why does it stuff who launched the energy?     :�֋�