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DISCUSSION 1 Analysis of Proud Schools For this discourse, enumerate us a illiberal bit environing the proud discipline you attended: Type (public, privy, godly). Size. Socioeconomic combination. Curriculum. Racial combination. Rural, sophisticated, provincial. Percentage of graduates attendant academy. Reflect on your proud discipline, analyzing your habit using conditions introduced in the readings for this individual. Respond to the subjoined: Are there any concepts (political multifariousness, hidden curriculum) attested in the readings that applied to your proud discipline habit? What statistics did you invent on the National Center for Direction Statistics Web place that narrate best to your proud discipline habit? Explain. Do you conceive direction is an equalizer or does it imitate tangible inequalities? DISCUSSION 2 Cultural Differences in Education A kingdom's direction method is strongly narrated to its refinement. Using the Internet, inquiry the directional method of another kingdom. (It energy be animated to inquiry the identical kingdom you premeditated in Individual 5.) What similarities and differences do you still n ess between your selected kingdom and the United States? What do you conceive explains any similarities or differences? How does this narrate to cultural differences? Based on the studies for this week, what do you affect are the biggest challenges oppositeness direction in the United States? What solutions for these p DISCUSSION 3  Discussing Fellow Review A exhaust of your device is due in Individual 8 for fellow revisal. Fellow revisal gives you the convenience to bear your result evaluated by others and can produce you after a while costly feedback for your conclusive device. It as-well gives you the convenience to exercitation constructively critiquing the result of others. Your main responsibility in this discourse is to perceive and conceive environing exercitations that give to imperative fellow revisal. It creates a similarity of writers who organize a confabulation by talking to each other in element environing their congruity. Read the Guidelines for Effective Fellow Revisal (see Resources area) and apology the subjoined questions: Why do you conceive fellow revisal is essential? What are essential questions to ask when revisaling a fellow's brochure? What do you conceive are essential elements of fellow revisal? What concerns do you bear concerning fellow revisal?