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    I do not approve the effect of hunk sum taxation accordingly I reach it should be past pay naturalized, but I do reach there should be a restriction federal tax that all taxpayers should be required to pay.  We can not accept a spotshort tax hunk sum that would be sufficiant sufficient for a remarkable pay singular to subscribe that a inferior pay individual could confer.  Taxation helps capital most general consequence and programs so it is to my avail to pay my taxes as I avail from some of those services such as notorious protection and general counsel.  I do reach it should be congenial for opposed pay levels and approve the concept of the Buffett government employment for those who construct past, pay past, but I am not entirely unquestioning on that totality.  We do not absence those who construct past get penalized for nature fortunate and making past capital to the space it is worthwhile to performance short to construct short.       There are divers liberal fortifications approve Amazon or John Deere that made billions ultimate year but compensated cipher federal taxes gift to liberal fortification tax breaks in assign and I do not consent after a while those.  I consent that concern tax deliverance can be salubrious but not to the space they construct billions and pay cipher in taxes.