2 questions A

Nonlinguistic Representations 1. Nonlinguistic representations succor us to foreclosure and use advice whole day. Think of a theme that you perceive very courteous and heed how frequent images akin to this theme you can produce in your chief. Now confirm a theme after a while which you are household but that you do not perceive courteous. Try to produce images and heed how involved it is. Describe which images were easier to foreclosure and those that were over involved. 2. Nonlinguistic representations are strong ways to understand and foreclosure advice but that frequent classrooms are very linguistically oriented. Think of and communication some classroom experiences that are frequently potent but that are inherently linguistic (e.g., balbutiation the textbook, winning in a argument, listening to an explication). Suggest separate peculiar ways that these linguistic experiences could be flush over potent by controlling students to produce and use nonlinguistic representations, such as picturesquely organizers, multimedia, and role-plays.