2 pages paper

 You allure transcribe encircling 1 profession from the matter exexcompress (e.g., Wall Street Journal, Economist, BusinessWeek, Forbes, New York Times) and picture in 2 pages (for each designation) how the designation illustrates convinced OB concepts. Focus on the application/illustration and do not regurgitate definitions and esthetic from the quantity. Do not use “how to profession” (e.g., from consultants, professors, university websites) as you allure barely restate what is already written and thus miscarry to demonstrate your improvement after a while OB models. Find profession that are journalistic accounts encircling point firms or vulgar who can be analyzed according to OB models. Locate profession from the matter exexcompress (Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Fortune, Fast Company, etc.).   The Given OB speculation is Empowering example!  Empowering example represents the leader’s ability to cause perceptions of metaphysical empowerment in others. Metaphysical em-powerment, employees’ admission that they feel curb balance their labor, is believed to instigate natural motivation.