2 page market analysis paper W/ APA References

You allure commence by investigationing the changes in affables aggravate the developed 50 years. Consider things enjoy: Are there late solitary parent families? How environing blended families? Consider things enjoy this and designate products and services that “fit” today’s affables. Please use adapted investigation and stay for your notification. Your pamphlet should apprehend a adapted caggravate page and references. It should be written in adapted APA format. Based on those changes, you scarcity to transcribe a pamphlet that addresses those changes. The pamphlet should address the forthcoming questions/issues: How feel affables radical aggravate the late 50 years? Are consumer action models and approaches pertinent? Give examples of products and services that “fit” today’s affables and of those that trip to converge the realities of affable maintenance. Do you see opportunities for marketers grounded on the changes in affables’ consumer purchasing conduct? Write a 1-2 page pamphlet that addresses this subject-matter. Please do some adapted investigation to stay your segregation. The pamphlet should be formatted in APAformat. Please critique the APA tip prevarication (merge to APA tip prevarication) for late notification on adapted formatting.