2 Page Diagnostic Essay MLA Format

  What is a congruity cue pattern essay? Writing Cue Pattern Essay assignments are consecrated to designate the strengths and weaknesses of your congruity. Further, this assignment get avow students to present their essay congruity abilities and any precedent enlightenment of the affected congruity manner. Instructions: Read the subjoined article:  https://time.com/4633460/mlk-day-ella-baker/ (Links to an manifest condition.).  Next, spend an Internet inquiry on personal sidearm declarations and unravel a two-page essay that explains your personal sidearm declaration.  Finally, delight determine the essay by typing a labors cited page in MLA format (page two). Delight flourish the format in the pattern essay located in modules. The labor cited page is page two of your congruity cue pattern essay! Format: Heading in the top left corner: Name Professor Brown RENG 92 31 August 2020 Writing Cue Pattern Essay Font & Size Size 12 Font Times New Roman Page Number in the top upupright corner- Smith 1 Type unconnected paragraphs Submission