14 slide power point due 7-29-19 by 1pm CST

  Review the expedients under, and fine a regulatory prudence that interests you. The prudence you elect MUST be cognate to budgeting, financial reporting, auditing, or tax immunity areas that like nonprofit constructions. National Council of Nonprofits. (2017). Trends and prudence issues. Retrieved from https://www.councilofnonprofits.org/trends-and-policy-issues Create a 12- to 15-slide PowerPoint exhibition in which you begin and teach the prudence, and then swell upon the signification of the prudence to third sector constructions. Additionally, conceive a situational specimen of how the prudence would or does employ to a real-life nonprofit construction. Your exhibition must conceive at lowest three springs in restitution to the “Trends and Prudence Issues” spring. You must collect a heading slide and a references slide; these slides get NOT number inside the slide requirements; you MUST enjoy 12-15 resigned slides. The stint entirety space for your exhibition is 7 minutes; zenith entirety space is 10 minutes. After creating your PowerPoint exhibition, you are required to give it in a narrated deportment. You must collect a video of the exhibition and your suffrage narrating it providing key counsel that may or may not answer on the slides as they answer on the harbor or a split-harbor video showing your PowerPoint exhibition and you/your aspect narrating the exhibition.  The object of this assignment is to probe your reason of the resigned, so nucleus on answerableness peculiar resigned rather than solely regurgitating the textbook or other springs, whether by paraphrasing or using plain quotes. Paraphrasing is desirable, but try to observe paraphrasing to a stint. A cheerful administration of thumb is to use 80% of your own operation and disquisition 20% or near of the operation of others.