1300 words paper due within 6 hrs from now

 It is 1300 accounts Write a 1300 account monograph in which you harangue the intellectual and allowable impression in the aftercited scenario: Scenario: You are a hospital official who has been told by your ICU ace ruler of a unrepining in the ace who has suffered solemn brain loss from a car property 2 days ago and is currently intubated. The unrepining is 45 years old but does not currently engage the criteria for entire brain release as defined by Arizona particularize synod "4-1107. Determination of Release and Status; Rules." The sharer of the unrepining has consulted after a while the attending physician. The attending physician certified the sharer that the unrepining could outlast but would slight exact vitality food. Half of the nobility is insisting that the unrepining "wouldn't deficiency to feed this way" and the other half is accusing the other nobility members of deficiencying to "kill" the unrepining. Some allegations accept been influential about a bulky patrimony for some nobility members upon the unrepining's release. The action is suitable intent, and it is outset to demolish the medical and nursing staff. Describe the medical concern issues concerned in this footing. Explain which laws and regulations engage to this footing. How would you decipher these laws and regulations when making a resolution? Describe the intellectual issues that may initiate inveterate on your resolution as the official. Explain how you can fix mismisappropriate implementation of fooding policies and procedures in enjoin to fix intellectual honesty. What policies and procedures would you attend when making your resolution? How would you fix these procedures were followed rightly? What resources could you use to food your resolution? Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines rest in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An pictureless is not exactd.