10 slide POWERPOINT Communication Plan “Prescription Drug Overdose” Potential Funding Source

Due 5/14  12 p.m EST 10 slide  not including style and intimation page (min 5 intimations) Public Vigor Campaign: Prescription Drug Overdose Target Audience: Young Adults    PART II: Narrated PowerPoint Presentation  Create and upload a narrated 10 slide PowerPoint offer targeted toward a undeveloped funding rise for your social vigor war (PRESCRIPTION DRUG OVERDOSE)  Refer to the Final Project Guidelines for the PowerPoint offer criteria. Criteria: 1. War Message: grasp any illustratives or pictures (If you use illustratives, you must attend whether they are trademarked and whether you demand to gain permissions to use them in your social vigor war. Suggestion: use social estate illustrative images or produce your own). Examples for war notice: video, blog, broadside, social profit assertion, etc. 2. Text: Make permanent your notices are careless of partiality and last culturally bearing and verily meditate a social vigor children. Also, palpably mark-out the profit of changing indivisible proceeding or attitudes towards the children. 3. Make permanent your notice and offer of the war are transparent and succinct. 4. Attend the vigor literacy levels of your target hearers. 5. Direct your social vigor war toward a funding rise and procure one slide justifying why your war deserves funding.