1 question- Accounting- DUE TONIGHT!!!! (SATURDAY, 11:30pm)

  You can ascertain the catalogue manners used by companies whose hoard is publicly traded by lection the Summary of Significant Accounting Policies contained in each congregation’s Form 10-K. The Form 10-K is the annual narration to the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC.    The Summary of Significant Accounting Policies earn show as the primary or succor individual in the Notes to the Financial Statements.    Most publicly traded corporations earn accept an Investors Relations cohere at the ground of their website’s residence page. On the Investors Relations page, you earn ascertain a cohere to the corporation’s SEC filings.  • Do an internet exploration and demonstrate a congregation whose financial advice you earn be discussing. Everyone needs to elect a irrelative congregation. (Post the url where this financial advice can be establish).  • Demonstrate the catalogue manner used. • Why efficaciousness the congregation husband this catalogue manner? • How does this manner impression the 'reported net allowance'? • Would you hint another catalogue manner to the congregation that efficaciousness be further efficacious in surrendering a irrelative net allowance? Why or why not? Please as-well intimation sources, I do not wariness what congregation you elect.