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 Instructions: In the highest weeks of this collocate, we own discussed the concept of the fact of sexuality. Write a inextensive precarious confutation tract (250-500 say) in which you illustrate the problems imminent in defining and identifying sexual personality (as it relates to the state “homosexual,”) OR sex/gender personality (“intersex”), specially in unsubstantial of the essentialism/gregarious comsituation ventilate. Whose situation do you experience the most compelling, and what are the gregarious implications of these theories?  Your essay is an opening for you to mirror on one or past key concepts through a terminate precarious lection of one quotation, or a similitude of two. You may wish to follow a presumptive topic in past particular in your precarious confutation tract. It is not requisite to comprehensively critique every perspective. Possible Questions/Topics to Address: The “birth of the homosexual” – when? What defines a homosexual? Medical disquisition and the pathologization of non-heterosexual (queer) sexual exercises/identities Medical disquisition and the pathologization of non-normatively sexed bodies Distinction among sexual exercise and sexual personality – the cultural comsituation & purport of sexuality, from antique Greece to the bestow day Capitalism and its impression on sexuality Third sex, inverts, and sexual aberrations – collate Krafft-Ebing’s contingency studies to Somerville’s discourse of the philosophical racism. Do you see exemplification of her topic in these examples? Sexuality and gregarious comsituation – are “homosexuals” born or made? Number of Pages: 1 Page Academic Level: Undergraduate Paper Format: MLA