1. Logic Model 2. Health program sequence, strategies, marketing plan, and budget

1.   Read the Community Tool Box section cognate to developing logic patterns.  In provisions of the overall layout and sections to solder, delight localize one of the two steadfast patterns as the template for your soundness end and target population. Remember that a logic pattern is a visual truthfulness of how a program's activities should tend to the desired outcomes for the program.  It should image a acquitted "if-then" logic.  As such, this logic pattern should contribute a acquitted snapshot of how your program should, in an poetical cosmos-people, purport its mission. 2.   This assignment is where you succeed contribute a specific artfulness for your soundness program, describing your key strategies and activities in a argumentative aftercited parallel delay your marketing artfulness and budget.  In guardianship delay the truthfulness depicted in your logic pattern, your program's strategies and activities must truly image an attempt to end your program's goals and extrinsics.  If they are not easily and acquittedly alike, then you enjoy a collection delay your program's logic. Your assignment must understand the aftercited components: •  The program must be completed in one year or less; as such, you must understand a timeline •  A acquitted aftercited and designation of your program's key activities/strategies.  • Review the "Identify Core Components and Elements of the Intervention" area of Section 18, Section 1 in the Community Tool Box for control. • Be open environing which activity/strategy supports which of your program's extrinsics - including how it succeed suffer the extrinsic to be purported •  A acquitted and specific marketing artfulness for your program (Note that your marketing attempts must be understandd in your program's timeline.)  Review the misspend Community Tool Box balbutiation for control. •  A specific budget of up to $25,000, contributed in remuneration conceive, to image the consumes for marketing and implementing your program.  Note that you do NOT want to understand salaries in this budget. Think environing such parts as equipment, food, incentives, extension rental fees, etc. • For each listed part in your budget, be confident to be specific environing what you want (e.g. if you want class glucose meters for your program, violate down thetotal consume by listing the charge per part).  I enjoy steadfast an pattern of a budget remuneration for control delay the layout • A post given to the "justification narrative" for each part listed must besides be understandd.  Here you succeed describe/justify the point of each part you enjoy listed. Formatting and Other Requirements •  Assignment must be steadfast as ONE SINGLE document •  Title page delay designate, assignment designation, and university (APA-style) •  Double-spaced •  Times New Roman font, 12-point •  1” margins on all impure sides •  4-5 pages in tediousness (tediousness capacity does not capture designation page into remuneration) The two assignments should be in disjoined documents.