Arguments Against The Flu Vaccine

Every lapse opportunity we hear the topic; did you get your flu shot yet? It is reputed to save you from that fool flu virus that circulates our communities during the lapse and refuse months. But, did you perceive that in 2011 the Centers for Ailment Control (CDC) Irrelevant Event Reporting Systems Webposition (AERS) reputed 51 deceases sourced by the flu vaccine in the United States (U. S. ) (CDC,2012). According to National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), as of July 2012 there feel been elevate than 84,000 reports of irrelevant reactions, 1000 vaccine akin deceases and balance 1600 occurrences of Guillain- Barre syndrome, a quick devise of paralysis, triggered by the vaccine (NVIC. ORG). A collection exists in the occurrence that according to the ( NVIC) fewer than 1% of all irrelevant vaccine reactions are eternally reputed, this occurrence is substantiated by the collection of “underreporting” vaccine injuries according to the junction operated position by the CDC and Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) (VAERS, 2011). Research claims that receiving the flu vaccine exposes mass to a enumerate of imperilled chemicals that feel been perceiven to source multiple policy good-natureds, ailment provisions, and deceases. The U. S. Government’s open vigor performance, the CDC, pledges “to disesteemed all open vigor decisions on the leading character or-laws axioms openly and objectively derived” (Doshi, 2013, Marketing vaccines, Para 1). Peter Doshi, a postdoctoral partner at Johns Hopkins University School of antidote, argues that in the occurrence of influenza vaccines and their marketing this is not the occurrence. He believes that the vaccine jurisdiction be hither salutary and hither impregnable than has been claimed and the browbeating of influenza appears balancestated. Doshi goes on to elevate topic the CDC’s admonition that the influenza vaccine can singly do good-natured, pointing to solemn reactions to influenza vaccines in Australia, Finland and Sweden. (British Medical Journal, 2013) Every year scientists voyage to Asia and feel to fancy which particular viruses are erratic and circulating that opportunity and feel to chose 3 strains of flu out of the 300+ perceiven documented strains of influenza (flu) viruses. These 3 viruses are then anatomical or weakened and ascititious to the mix of a enumerate of other components, which we procure criticism, to find a flu vaccine. The components listed in influenza vaccines are conducive in the inserts supposing by the vaccine manufacturers and too posted on the CDC’s vaccine Pinkbook website. A few of the components enclose Thimerosol, 2 Phenoxyethanol, Aluminum, Beta Propiolactone, Ammonium Sulfate, Formaldehyde, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), Gentamycin Sulfate, Polymixin B and elevate. The component Thimerosol is used as a mindful in the vaccine. It is 49. 6% mercury by pressure and is a potent neurotoxin. It has been blamable in frequent heath provisions such as cardiovascular mitigation, autism, seizures, immaterial obstruction, hyperactivity, dyslexia and frequent other accessible terse arrangement (CNS) disorders. ( CDC, Pinkbook). The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says it best: “Mercury in all of its devises is toxic to the fetus and manifestation and efforts should be made to curtail pitfall to the quantity feasible to generative women and manifestation as well-behaved-mannered-mannered as the open population” (AAP. Pediatrics- para 8, 2001). 2 Phenoxyethanol is an anti bacterial sovereign matter used as a replacement for the mindful Thimerosal. This industrial component is used in perfumes, insect repellents, antiseptics, germicides and dyes. According to the Material impregnablety axioms equivocation( MSDS) 2 Phenoxyethanol is agonizeful if swallowed, inhaled or astounded thru the bark. It may source reproductive defects. EPA axioms equivocations appearance chromosomal changes and genetic counterexhibition good-natureds in testing (Dunkin, 2008). Aluminum is ascititious to vaccines in frequent devises. It works as an helpful to exasperate your immune arrangement’s repartee to the virus in the vaccine. Aluminum has been build to be a imperilled neurotoxin that has the force to lubricate departed the respect brain distribution (BBB) causing brain deterioration, Alzheimer’s ailment, dementia, Parkinson’s ailment, Lou Gehrig’s Ailment (ALS), convulsions and coma. Cosmical and voluptuous studies feel appearancen that Aluminum can source strength decease (Mercola, 2011) Beta Propiolactone is an component to relieve delay sterilizing the vaccine. It ranks haughty as a unguarded chemical on at lowest 5 federal regulatory lists. It has sourced lymphomas and hepatomas behind matter injected into lab mice but its gentleman good-natureds on cosmicals is not perceiven. Due to voluptuous consider results the interpolitical Performance for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified beta-Propiolactone as a feasible carcinogen. MSDS equivocation states toxic to liver and genuss (Spectrum Laboratory Products). Ammonium Sulfate is a matter ascititious to pesticides. It is ununreserved at this space as a carcinogen but it’s been reputed in gastrointestinal, liver, accessible terse arrangement (CNS) and respiratory arrangement toxicity. On its MSDS equivocation all hazards identification on carcinogen, mutatagenic (cellular counterexhibitions), teratogenic (fetal bud) and developimmaterial toxicity are listed as “not conducive”. (ScienceLab, MSDS) Formaldehyde is used as a mindful to stabilize the vaccine. It is used as a chemical to conserve heavy bodies and defend laboratory specimens. It has been classified as a perceiven cosmical carcinogen (cancer causing matter) and has been ranked as one of the most unguarded compounds on at lowest 8 federal regulatory lists. Formaldehyde is reputed of weakening the immune arrangement and causing neurological arrangement deterioration, genetic deterioration, metabolic acidosis, circulatory shame, respiratory deficiency, and quick renal deficiency (ARF) (Kendon, MSDS. 2004). Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is used in vaccines as a stabilizer to neutralize the vaccine from infringement down. MSG is too build in processed foods. MSG has been linked to immaterial obstruction, autistic disorders, scholarship disorders, behavioral disorders, reproductive disorders, retinal deterioration and lesions on the sense of lab voluptuouss (Hoernlein,2012). Gentamycin Sulfate is an antibiotic ascititious to save the vaccine from bacteria during storage. Gentamycin sulfate has been linked to deafness, terse arrangement disorders, and genus deterioration (Sciencelab. MSDS). Polymixin B, an antibiotic that is ascititious to save the vaccine from gram denying bacteria during storage, has policy good-natureds that enclose: targeting the accessible terse arrangement (neurotoxic) and causing genus deficiency from quick tubular necrosis (Luther,2013). Any one of the aloft components can feel denying good-natureds on the cosmical whole especially the very pubescent , very old, generative, and the immunocompromised population. But the good-natureds of all of these components in one vaccine, that’s positively toxic and at spaces can be destructive. A ordinary repartee to an influenza vaccine is localized redness, soreness, tire, soft fervor, malaise for 1-3 days forthcoming a flu shot. Consider these irrelevant reactions listed by MClawers, a vaccine deterioration law fixed. Death Encephalopathy Brachial Neuritis Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis Thromboctyopenic Purpura Multiple Sclerosis Transverse Myelitis Reflective Sympathetic Disorder Autoimmune Hepatitis Trigeminal Neuralgia Connective Tissue Disorders Polyarteritis Nodosa (PAN) Anaphylaxis Encephalitis Seizures Arthritis Intussusception Guillain-Barre syndrome Complex Regional Pain syndrome Tourettes syndrome Lupus Wegener’s Granulomatosis Kawasaki Disease (Mctlawyers, vaccine deterioration) The enumerates of injuries resulting from the these vaccines were so incontestable that in October, 1988 Congress created the National Childhood Vaccine Deterioration Act, creating the National Vaccine Satisfaction Program(VICP). The VICP is a no want resource to the oral tort arrangement for resolving vaccine deterioration claims and provides satisfaction to mass build to be damaged by indubitable vaccines (all Influenza vaccines are experienced). Every vaccine is taxed and the monies go into a satisfaction investment that is managed by US Court of Federal Claim, consummate delay vaccine courts, vaccine judges and attorneys who specialize in vaccine occurrences singly. Monies are awarded to patients/families who feel suffered from vaccine akin injuries or deceases. In 2011, 200 favorite dollars were remunerated out in satisfaction for vaccine injuries. In 2012, there was 300 billion dollars conducive in the vaccine deterioration satisfaction commission investment. Overwhelming deposition of the enumerates of mass agonize by the toxic components in the influenza vaccines and the impact of irrelevant reactions, persistent injuries and deceases due to the toxic components in the influenza vaccines remain to soar. Research has well-behaved-mannered-mannered documented these injuries and unguarded the source and property of unguarded chemicals on our cosmical population. A mean perceiveledge can be frightening, meanwhile a stagnation of perceiveledge can be destructive. Be apprised.