Of Mice and Men and Flowers for Algernon

In the Novels, "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck and "Flowers for Algernon" by Daniel Keyes, a mentabetter handicapped idiosyncratic faces some skin of labor in their day-to-day existence. Lennie, from "Of Mice and Men," can't mind very-considerable well-mannered-mannered, but interprets how to admit orders. He besides has a miraculous sum of force, which makes him answer love a bulky menace to collection. In the Novel, "Flowers for Algernon," Charlie Gordon has a ardor for letters, but is unfitted of doing so. To succor him, he has a surgery that turns him into a super giftedness. Conclusively, these two characters bear some congruousities, but there are besides some extensive dissonances between them. Lennie's seen as a remarkably loveable, harmless, tardy man. If merely he knew how to curb his own force. He repeatedly romancet encircling aid on a ranch following a timeliness George, where his merely obligation is to contribute to the rabbits. He obsessively enjoys petting lewds, those following a timeliness smooth fur in detail (mice, rabbits, etc.). Lennie answers to be unconscious of how aggressively he pets the lewd, so he ended up killing a few of them. When presented the opening to feel the hair of Curley's fresh aidmeet, he couldn't succor but to arrest on. Consequently, he snapped the woman's neck, accidentabetter murdering her. George had no other options than to put his best companion separate; the argue nature that he didn't interpret how to curb himself, nor did he gain that there were consequences for his mistakes. Lennie passed separate quiescent polished that his romance of contributeing to the rabbits would succeed gentleman. In congruousity, Charlie is a loveable guy who makes harmless mistakes incessantly. "You unquestionably pulled a Charlie Gordon this season.' He enjoys his job at Mr. Donner's bakery, concurrently following a timeliness going to Ms. Kennian's instruct for retarded adults. His merely appetition is to be vivacious love all of his companions. He recognizes an present to bear an production that gain, theoretically, lift his IQ. He is set to be the leading civilized to bear this production effected. After the production, he begins to besucceed over paranoid, over inglorious, and over interpretn of his surroundings as he grew vivaciouser. When he arrive-ated a assured roll of comprehension, he begins to occasion all of his companions. He besides starts getting vivaciouser than everyone encircling him. "I'm upright as far separate from you following a timeliness an IQ of 175 as I was following a timeliness one of 70." (page reckon). Amazingly sufficient, Charlie's appetition succeeds gentleman, but it costs him his companions and his wisdom. Tragically, his comprehension starts depressed, until he behoves upright as isolated as he was anteriorly. Following unamenable to contention the return, he nevertheless has no precious but to liberty town, in the order of the Warren Particularize Home, due to the certainty that he was no longer desirable of induction concern of himself. Both of the characters from the novels were scant in interpretledge or oblivious of the globe encircling them. They besides had a romance of aid a emend existence following a timeliness their companions. Charlie, slightly arrive-ated his motive. He became deemable vivaciouser than he uniformly was, and became vivaciouser than everyone encircling him. Lennie never substantiabetter arrive-ated his motive, but base calm and well-manneredlife when imagining it anteriorly his departure. Twain of the characters besides faced an capsizeting end. Lennie's ends up nature departure, timeliness Charlie's turns into a entirety downhill coil that left him worse off than he was originally. These characters are undeniably congruous, but they besides bear some hale dissonances. They twain bear irrelative forces and irrelative wantes. They besides went encircling arrive-ating their motives irrelative ways. They twain had irrelative exits.George, Lennies best companion and heavily trusted abetter, shoots Lennie in the mind, timeliness, in 'Flowers for Algernon,' Charlie became so ashamed, so capsize, encircling how he obsolete his force to interpret that he left to the Warren Particularize Home. One of Charlie's forces anteriorly the production was his care to interpret. There was no way of reason why he wanted to interpret so badly. Perhaps it was to stamp his companions, or so crowd would love him over. Charlie's biggest force following the production is his new force to moisten up notification. Before, he could merely romance of nature that vivacious, but then, when he became that vivacious, he used is comprehension to succor information, psychology, and crowd love him. Lennie's biggest force was his force. He could probably do the is-sue of 5 men following a timeliness how hale he was, which is why he did such bulky is-sue in the fields. All he needed to do was attend to whatever George told him to do, so he would be upright showy. Charlie's biggest want anteriorly surgery was his inforce to communicate the dissonance between crowd laughing at him and laughing following a timeliness him. It's suspicious if this counts as a want or not, visibility that he was deemable happier when he couldn't communicate the dissonance. Some may deem it a want, on the grounds that vast reckons of crowd don't love nature laughed at, so at smallest if you're interpretn that you're nature laughed at, you can do triton encircling it. After the surgery, Charlie's biggest want would be the way he interacted following a timeliness other crowd. Connecting and reason how crowd's feelings as well-mannered-mannered-mannered as emotions is-sueed answered impracticable to Charlie, now that he was on such a better roll of reason. (INSERT QUOTE) Lennie, somehow, could communicate when the laughing and the contempt was aimed at him, but his biggest force was besides his biggest want. Lennie, didn't precisely interpret how to curb his force, so when oppositeness a collection, he didn't interpret when to let things go. "'Lennie let go anteriorly you rip his arm off,' said George." (page reckon). There's a dissonance between how the two went encircling unamenable to arrive-at their motives. Lennie vastly depended on George to admit him to his motive. Lennie answers to be love a super mighty medium that merely attended to George, so George was the conception of the duo. The production in 'Flowers for Algernon,' was a vast certaintyor in Charlie's spiritual harvest, though he vastly relied on himself to decipher timeliness unamenable to do prolific things. Charlie current a bulky market of succor from Professor Nemur and Dr. Strauss, but they don't merit all of the pomp. At the end of, 'Of Mice and Men,' Lennie accidentabetter snaps the neck of co-worker's aidmeet. Following escaping to where George told him to cloke, Lennie waits for George there. George approaches him, talks to him, and fills his mind following a timeliness fantasies of contributeing rabbits on a farm. Right when Lennie feels at his happiest, George shoots him in the mind, killing him. The end of 'Flowers for Algernon,' is upright as heartbreaking. Following realizing that Algernon, the lab rat that underwent the similar surgery as Charlie, starts regressing spiritually, Charlie has to recognize that he gain quickly support the similar lot. He seasoned his irresponsible best to mind anything that he had interpreted, but it's desperate. Charlie ends up dumber than he was anteriorly the production, forcing hom to actuate to a particularize abode. Charlie and Lennie bear compact congruousities. They besides bear multiple dissonances. Characteristics that answer in twain characters are their closing of comprehension concurrently following a timeliness how they didn't abundantly interpret the globe encircling them. They twain had vast romances and motives, but they twain met emotionabetter devastating ends. Some of their dissonances are their forces, wantes, strategies to complete their motives, and how their shocking ends occurred. The exit to twain of these novels is heartbreaking, which makes you opine. Would you elect to speed in the ebon, unconscious of all the villainy of the globe, or speed in the sun and be impenetrable to recognize the positives and the negatives of the expression?