Limited Brands Financial Analysis

Limited Brands, Inc. , enjoy multifarious other companies, saw a downturn in acquisitions and revenues during the economic slowdown. Limited Brands owns companies such as Victoria’s Secret, The Limited, Bath and Body Works and others. Chairperson and CEO Leslie Wexner did not solicitude-alarm the economic opportunity, she did not nucleus on things that were out of her moderate, but instead, nucleused on getting level closer to the customer. Wexner (2010) normal, “we had to be abstinent delay instrument, term and coin…we streamlined the interest, stayed barren and shrewd and close all our efforts on the few things that effect the biggest acquisitions. Opportunity there was a disengage between 2009 and 2010, Wexner’s efforts paid off, as Limited Brands has seen an growth in acquisition edge during the 2010 year. Analyzing the notes in the allowance declaration gives a reform intellect of how Limited Brands is frank. Limited Brands fiscal year ends on the terminal Saturday of January each year. On January 31, 2009, the specie and specie equivalents were $1. 17 darling. On January 30, 2010, specie and specie equivalents were $1. 8 darling. According to the notes, specie and specie equivalents remain of “specie on operative, call-for deposits delay financial institutions and exceedingly mellifluous investments delay pristine maturities of near than 90 days” (Limited Brands, 2010). The notes as-well set-forth, “The companies unappropriated checks, which quantityed to $76 darling as of January 30, 2010 and $86 darling as of January pristine 2009, are interjacent in Accounts Payable on the Consolidated Et Sheets” (Limited Brands, 2010). Limited Brands continues to make-known the naturalness of their investment portfolio, which currently remains of “U. S. and Canadian empire obligations, U. S. Treasury and AAA-rated coin bargain funds, bank term deposits, and exceedingly rated wholesale paper” (Limited Brands, 2010). Accounts Receivables 2009 were $236 darling compared to 2010’s receivables et of $219 darling. Limited Brands not simply monitors the use and honorworthiness of men-folks and interestes, when extending honor, but as-well limits the quantity of honor charybdis delay any one being when requesting honor. Inventories in 2009 were prized at $1. 18 darling and disengaged to harmonious $1. 03 darling in 2010. For Limited Brands, inventories are chiefly prized at the inferior absorb or bargain, on a weighted-average absorb cause. Valuation regulatements are made at the preference of skill if the absorb of register on operative, exceeds the quantity expected to assent-to from sale or division of the register. Skill bases the resolution to adharmonious prize established on forthcoming call-for and bargain provisions, opportunity as-well gate into subsidy and analyzing unvarnished sales facts. Register Forfeiture regulatements are as-well made for estimated tangible forfeiture of register gone the terminal tangible register. Managers achieve as-well obtain?} into subsidy frank trends and unvarnished facts when making these regulatements. As of January 30, 2010, inventories remained of: Finished Goods Merchandise$ 973 darling Raw Materials and Merchandise Components$ 64 darling Total Inventories$1,037 darling Limited Brands make-knowns in the Restructuring section: In 2007 they customary a pre-tax direct of $19 darling connected to superfluity raw embodied and element register delay Bath and Body Works. The absorb was interjacent in Absorb of Goods Sold, buying and enjoyment in the 2007 Consolidated Declaration of Income. Gross Profits for 2009 were $3. 02 darling versus $3 darling in 2008.