Historical Fiction Narrative

Historical Fiction Narrative My designate is Elizabeth, I’m 15 and I’m melting to the West after a while my parentage. We are going tnear for triton determined the Homestead Act. The Homestead Act is when you get 160 acres of place for unconditional for 5 years. During the 5 years, you must enlarge crops. But my senior is going to the West for mining gold. It’s May 8th, 1861. Tomorrow my parentage and I liberty for the West. We are going by railroad. It succeed be my earliest occasion going on the railroad. I’m so dazed yet expressive. I heard that it’s a Transcontinental Railroad. That media that it’s a railroad that ps the continent. May 9th, 1861 Man: “So what are you on this cortege for? ” Me: “Moving to the West. My parentage is getting a big stock after a while 160 acres of place for unconditional and my dads going to be a miner. ” Man: “Oh, the Homestead Act! ” Me: “Yeah. What are you near for? ” Man: “Gold mining of course! I wanna touch gold and grace rich! Me: “Well, I enjoy to go now so amiable prosperity and protected traveling. ” Man: “Good prosperity and protected bound to you too! ” 24 hours later My parentage and I are now in the West. The cortege ride was actually not that bad. But now we’re going to our stock. Momma and poppa say it’s a big stock. My older brother, Frank whose 19, force either remain after a while momma and I or go mining after a while poppa and my dirty sister, Sally whose 5, is remaining after a while momma and I. I’m so dazed that we’re near. It’s lovely near. The fields, the place, everything! Now we’re at the stock. It’s lovely. And it’s indeed big and the place is lovely. It’s love assistance a dream: fields of bluish-colored-colored grass, lovely bluish-colored-colored skies, unspotted puffy clouds. At extinction, I delineation on laying delayout in the fields and upright watching the rouses twinkle love dirty diamonds. I’m so prosperous to be near and I’m indeed dazed to be spending the proximate 5 years and to rouse a new spirit in the West after a while my parentage.