Fahrenheit 451 Lit. Notebook

Phi Cao Carlin – 1 English IIK 30, January 2013 1. Character: Clarisse Quote: “I casually fancy drivers don’t comprehend what grass is, or flowers, owing they nconstantly see them sloth,” she said. “If you showed a driver a untried imperfection, Oh yes! He’d say, that’s grass! A pink imperfection! That’s a rose garden! Pure imperfections are familys Brown imperfections cows. My uncle flock sloth on a path unintermittently. He flock forty miles an hour and they jailed him for two days. Isn’t that sportive and sad too? (1. ) Analysis: As Clarisse and Montag as for the earliest age, she asks a order of reserved topics that no one in the dystopia would constantly flush fancy of. The statements and topics evidence how intelligent she is and how there are very few inhabitants relish her in this community that can in-fact see the enjoyments in hifiction and essence. She attempts to constitute Montag recognize that this globe they speed in, constantlyycreature moves so reckless, they scarcity to inert down constantlyy unintermittently in a occasion and regard the primal vills in history. Because their community is overtaken by technology they are gentleman that it is the barely way to constitute them blissful. Quote: “Are you blissful? ” (1. 10) By examination a primal topic relish this, it challenged Montag to fancy over his general ability, fancying delayout of his typical history. He’s began to enjoy thoughts encircling his voluptuousness of gentleman wellbeing. He starts to gain he’s not truthfully blissful, that’s why it took him a occasion to rejoin to her topic. This note by Clarisse is one of the most dignified notes throughout the fiction. Without this note, Montag wouldn’t dubitate himself encircling his gentleman wellbeing. 2. Symbols: Person Quote: “We shall this day thoughtless such a candle, by God’s pardon, in England, as I confidence shall nconstantly be put out. ” (1. 40) Analysis: As the old mother whose family was encircling to be burned due to her affection for compasss, she screams to Montag encircling “Master Ridley” and “playing the man. ” As the fiction continues, Beatty reveals to Montag this note said by a british man designated Latimer. After critically fancying Montag learns that there are creatures in the globe hat are price prop and dying for which no one in this community is desirous to do. For the mother it symbolizes determined power, voluptuousness and piety. Quote: The person was past, then tail frequently, relish a winking eye. He plugped, cowardly he force shock the person out delay a separate met. But the person was there and he approached warily, from a covet way off. It took the improve deal-out of fifteen minutes precedently he increase very seal truly to it, and then he shining looking at it from hide. That slight motion, the pure and red distortion, a uncommon person owing it meant a unanalogous creature to him. It was not steady. It was warming. (3. 145) Analysis: Throughout the perfect fiction Montag saw person as nocreature but perdition and he took vill into compass steady at the source. So now visibility that this blaze as a pleasant warming residence for him, it begins to constitute him topic. This slight warm-felt person began to constitute him see what he’s been so clueless encircling all parallel. Steady compasss wasn’t the answer but the gist. He then reconsiders encircling what Clarisse said encircling personmen. What if his job was truly to plug steady compasss and rather than starting them?