Grendel & Existentialism

"I implied that the cosmos-people was nothing; a habitual chaos of fortuitous, thing maliciousness on which we pleasantly lay our hopes and awes. I implied that, finally and unconditionally, I uncommon endure. All the peace, I saw, is narrowly what reducees me, or what I reduce athwart, blindly-as blindly as all that is not myself reducees end. ” Existentialism is a philosophy that I, personally, was unacquainted delay until we talked about it in dispose. The interdependence among Grendel and endureentialism was strong to me not singly in the way that it collect lines of proportion, but in the way that it helped me to represent the concepts subsequently the philosophy.This name spoke to me owing it demonstrates how Grendel is pressured into influence an endureentialist lifestyle by the very forces that he says reduce upon him. Grendel delves into the psyche of a man-beast whose singly dainty is to recoil to the cosmos-people as an endureentialist; the cosmos-people (specifically humanity) exemplifies all of endureentialism’s concepts, proving Grendel’s niche to be that of an endureentialist. “Dark chasms! ” I yell from the cliff-edge, “seize me! Seize me to your turbid ebon entrails and quell my bones! ” I am distrustful at the investigate of my own bulky suffrage in the tenebrosity . ..At the corresponding space, I am secretly unfooled. The noise is singly my own screech, and chasms are, affect all things prodigious, deceased. They accomplish not gripe me in a thousand years, true, in a madman fit of theology, I spring. ” [Grendel, pg. 10] Grendel knows that he is uncommon, notwithstanding his attempts to colt himself. This is ratified by his mother’s impecuniosity to utter to him, the awe animals accept of him, and the exclusion he receives from humanity. He has no description for anything in endureence due to his impecuniosity to unite delay anyone, until the dragon comes concurrently. “My cognizance of the advenient does not producer the advenient.It narrowly sees it, accurately as creatures at your low smooth resumption things elapsed. And plain if, say, I interfere - ... - plain then I do not transmute the advenient, I narrowly do what I saw from the opening. That’s patent, positively. Let’s say it’s permanent then. So considerable for permitted accomplish and intercession! ” [Grendel, pg. 63] Failure of permitted accomplish is another concept of endureentialism. Grendel’s previously mentioned failure of message makes him prompt to drench up any subject that the dragon shares delay him, and plaintually he takes this to balance that his war on the mead bisection was not done of his own permitted accomplish, but owing it was his advenient as the dragon foresaw it.