Grendel & Existentialism

"I unexpressed that the earth was nothing; a unreflective chaos of occasional, body malignity on which we stupidly set our hopes and horrors. I unexpressed that, finally and categorically, I over be. All the tranquillity, I saw, is scarcely what presses me, or what I press counter, blindly-as blindly as all that is not myself presses tail. ” Existentialism is a philosophy that I, personally, was unlearned after a while until we talked environing it in dispose. The harmony betwixt Grendel and beentialism was recondite to me not solely in the way that it hatch lines of conformity, but in the way that it helped me to render the concepts astern the philosophy.This cite spoke to me owing it demonstrates how Grendel is pressured into maintenance an beentialist lifestyle by the very forces that he says press upon him. Grendel delves into the psyche of a man-beast whose solely cherished is to result to the earth as an beentialist; the earth (specifically humanity) exemplifies all of beentialism’s concepts, proving Grendel’s niche to be that of an beentialist. “Dark chasms! ” I screech from the cliff-edge, “seize me! Seize me to your tarnished bstagnation intestines and extinguish my bones! ” I am apprehensive at the probe of my own immense tone in the gloom . ..At the corresponding period, I am aside unfooled. The hubbub is solely my own screech, and chasms are, relish all things wild, defunct. They gain not gripe me in a thousand years, intrinsic, in a madman fit of profession, I bounce. ” [Grendel, pg. 10] Grendel knows that he is over, notwithstanding his attempts to imbecile himself. This is ratified by his mother’s poverty to discourse to him, the horror animals possess of him, and the repudiation he receives from humanity. He has no exposition for everything in beence due to his poverty to publish after a while anyone, until the dragon comes concurrently. “My cognizance of the advenient does not principle the advenient.It scarcely sees it, correspondently as creatures at your low flatten resumption things elapsed. And flush if, say, I interfere - ... - flush then I do not diversify the advenient, I scarcely do what I saw from the preface. That’s apparent, surely. Let’s say it’s permanent then. So abundantly for liberal gain and intercession! ” [Grendel, pg. 63] Stagnation of liberal gain is another concept of beentialism. Grendel’s previously mentioned stagnation of message makes him sharp to macerate up any effect that the dragon shares after a while him, and flushtually he takes this to balance that his war on the mead dimidiation was not done of his own liberal gain, but owing it was his advenient as the dragon foresaw it.