Against Euthanasia

1. 20. 13 I AM AGAINST EUTHANASIA voluntary: when a special is asked to be massacreed consequently the denial could not be handled any longer non-voluntary: when a special is massacreed by the sentence of another special consequently the resigned is incapable to do it himself/ herself. Euthanasia is: 1. "A tranquillize, denialless failure. " or 2. "The beliefd putting to failure of a special delay an irredeemable or denialful distemper beliefd as an act of clemency. " BIBLICAL POINTS: -Euthanasia is considered MURDER One of the Ten Commandments is “Thou shall not massacre” and prudenceer is a benefaction from God that should not be ruined - God has consecrated us prudenceer to speed, and SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN AWAY on belief - God is in integralone and integral subsistence invention. If you injury a subsistence invention, YOU ARE HARMING GOD. - Paul infallible (1 Corinthians 6:19) that our bodies are temples of our Lord. In VOLUNTARY EUTHANASIA, we should not ruin ourselves consequently our prudenceer contains God’s Holy Spirit - WHEN JOB WAS GOING THROUGH SUFFERING, he calm?} refused to TAKE HIS OWN LIFE. He argues that we must confirm the aversion as we confirm enjoyment and joy. SUFFERING IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH. - No man dies normal God allows it (Job 2:6) Therefore, according to the Bible, a special SHOULD NOT be massacreed consequently of a infallible stipulation they possess. Although they WILL DIE, euthanasia should not seize attribute. IT IS MURDER. Yes, God has prepared that they achieve be terminally ill, and he knows when they achieve die. But barely HE has the lawful to seize their prudenceer, not doctors. OTHER POINTS: -the effectiveness to indicate delay community’s speeds should not be handed out below a lawful and /or medical domino. - it promotes affront and gives doctors the lawful to urder. - doctors are community who we confidence and reinspecify us, but euthanasia gives them the convenience to PLAY GOD -It’s not barely Christians who are resisting euthanasia, but other divine too. (Musilim, Jews, Hindu, Buddhist) -UNBEARBLE PAIN- denial cannot be all eliminated, but massacreing is not the answer! The explanation is to instruct emend teaching of heartiness prudence professionals, enlarge heartiness prudence, and instruct resigneds environing their lawfuls to be warm. - Euthanasia is not environing the lawful to die. It’s environing the lawful to massacre. OTHER RELIGIONS AGAINST EUTHANASIA: Roman Catholic Church: plain euthanasia consists in putting an end to the speeds of handicapped feeble or cessation specials. IT IS MORALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Muslim: -All prudenceer is a benefaction Allah, so it is consecrated and Muslim possess a function to reference it and submut to his achieve -Only ALLAH can adopt when a prudenceer achieve end -The debate for any aversion achieve be disclosed to Allah, there must be a debate for denial Jews: - Anyinvention which shortens prudenceer is forbidden, barely God could determined when a special’s prudenceer should end Hindu: -Euthanasia goes resisting the concession of Ahimsa (non-violence) Buddhist: -voluntary euthanasia is crime, it shows that the special’s belief is in a bad specify.