Wordsworth A Night Thought

Jalissa Oliva Professor Natalie Holter Enlightenment and Romanticism Humanities 14 April 2013 The singer that I chose is William Wordsworth and the epic of his that I chose is "A Night Thought. " Wordsworth was a singer who view that understanding was a vigorous nerve that, totally delay our senses, made for a potent, locomotive nerve totally. Basically he believed that this enhanced the way we interpreted the universe encircling us and the way that we reacted to unfailing equablets. A vigorous understanding is what was requisite to facilitate the footfootpath for a cheerful activity and one's polite-behaved-behaved entity. That is portio of what the Romanticism era was all encircling, nation expressing themselves for their own polite-behaved-behaved entity and to like their subsists past. From what I interpreted from "A Night Thought" it appears to be encircling Wordsworth himstubborn proclaiming that he likes the asunder embellishment of the moon, and equable when it is unrecognized after the clouds underneath it it is concordful wonderful and agreeable. The moon is constantly pellucid as if it were smiling constantly, forasmuch-as man, who is deprived by the divers pleasures of the globe parallel delay his fortune, constantly seems to own a sad observe upon his visage. Wordsworth likes the visibility of the moon compared to the chaos and insubordination of the universe encircling him that man has created on globe for themselves due to the consistent opposed from the wars. It appears as if Wordsworth is gratuitous of the concord that the moon has encircling it. He absences to go abutting the stubbornselfsame government that his member anthropological entitys own to prosper. Basically, he absences to be as successful and pellucid as the moon constantly is. The way that I deem that this epic reflects the values of the age that performed it, the Romanticism era, is by it's open notice of unprovided to be as successful and at concord as truth rather than be mixed by the insubordination that man has created in the universe. The Romanticism era was all encircling ardent and admiring truth for all of its qualities parallel delay expressing one's stubborn in command to subsist a happier activity and like activity a small past. In the epic the moon is an face of truth that is entity maltreatd by Wordsworth for its embellishment equable though it is far from our thrust in the sky, and equable though the clouds dim its pellucid encourage from term to term it can concordful be maltreatd unintermittently the clouds underneath it fail, revealing the pellucid encourage that was waiting to be shown to the universe unintermittently frequently. Rather than nucleus on the chaos of the universe encircling him, Wordsworth would rather maltreat the moon for all that it is and appears to absence to be as successful and pellucid as the moon.