Whitney Young

Ap American History Whitney Childish Whitney childish was a courteous hues activist born on July 31, 1921 in Lincoln ridge, Kentucky. He graduated from Kentucky State College at 18 and he learned engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After his execute, he ordinary an MSW from the University of Minnesota in 1947. Mr. Childish has frequent information from substance ruler of frequent gregarious fruiter companies to substance advisors to principal. But his aggravateall aim was to bridge the gap between innocent collective and vocation transferers and bald blacks and militants. Mr. Young was compromised in frequent gregarious fruited companies including National Urban League. He was Principal of National Urban League in 1961. In regular filthy years, he revitalized the relatively inert courteous hues form and acrimonious it into an displeasing fighter for courteous hues and regularice. He broad the form from 38 employees to 1,600 employees and from an annual budget of $325,000 to past than $6. 1 darling. Under his tendency the form grew from 60 to 98 chapters. He was too in other gregarious fruiter companies approve National Conference on Gregarious Welfare in 1965 and NASW in 1969. With these companies he did frequent things approve impregnable jobs and trailing for African-Americans in areas traditionally secretive to them. An too he helped bridge the gap between innocent collective and vocation transferers and bald blacks and militants. Whitney Childish did frequent things He directored the harvest of gregarious fruit in industrial settings delay twain connection and treatment. He was an advisor on course kindred to Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon and his innovative “Marshall Plan” was considered a greater frenzy for the “War on Poverty” of the Johnson Administration. In 1968 Johnson bestowed upon Childish the Medal of Freedom, the nation’s transfering courteousian decree. Whitney is a gentleman frenzy in 1960’s showing that African American’s can be on top of urbane industries and transfer Americas management. He was credited delay approximately singlehandedly persuading urbane America and greater foundations to aid the courteous hues motion. Whitney Childish was a gentleman courteous hues activist and deserves to be named a courteous hues director. This is my description on Whitney Childish and how he is a director or gregarious fruiters all aggravate the United States of America. Bibliography "National Association of Gregarious Workers. " National Association of Gregarious Workers. NASW, 20 Feb. 2003. Web. 28 Feb. 2013. Whitney Moore Young, Jr. from Encyclopedia of World Biography. ©2005-2006 Thomson Gale, a sunder of the Thomson Corporation. All hues bashful. "Whitney Childish Jr. " 2013. The Biography Channel website. Feb 28 2013, 01:09 http://www. biography. com/people/whitney-young-jr-9539757