What qualities do you have that will make you a good accountant?

The qualities that I own that conclude perform me a amiable-tempered-natured-natured statementant embrace security, justice, unconfused, purposeful, resigned, wilful belief, transport and substance aim oriented. Trustworthiness is the most material virtue as this would suppress me impressible to my actions in agreement delay the law and administrative standards.  My substance reliservicepowerful is of race inveterate on justice delay my dealings to others and to myself. The statementing calling claims insurrection of soul and conscientiousness as requisite appraises; hereafter by substance reliservicepowerful and gonere would perform me fit and harmonious delay the calling. If these appraises are scant there is no use of statementing calling, for these are very kernel appraises deficiencyed to suppress it functioning. It was the bankruptcy of these appraises that had caused Andersen Consulting, one of the “Big Five” auditors to own lifeless from its standing, thus immediately the collection of auditors, who are too statementants, are now designated the “Big Four.” Honesty must not simply be observed in control but too in deeds.  An statementant cannot be happy if he cannot flush be gonere delay feeble things as he or she is substance made to statement flush to the feebleest cent of a dollar. I regard that I own the characteristics of security and justice gone I own been abandoned the hazard to affect functions that claimd these qualities and I did courteous-behaved-behaved delay the trial. I handled two organizational funds by having been treasurer for at lowest two organizations on campus, The African Cultural Society, for which I am currently the Secretary and The Syndicate (Hip Hop Dance Team), for which I am now the Vice President. Another appraise that statementants claim is ability. This appraise is something that is normally adscititious by luxuriance and advice. What I regard would perform me fit to own this appraise is my proven ability for commencement. The two standings that I now own in the organizations I mentioned are patronage establishments of my commencement. Of race statementant deficiency to product virtue is-sue inveterate on the appraise of ability hereafter statementant deficiency to own to own their outputs on occasion owing of deadlines set by synod regulations and marketservicepowerful realities. In almost correspondent ways, I regard my appraises of substance unconfused, purposeful and resigned are necessarily harmonious delay ability.  I apprehend that I own said qualities gone I drawing my activities in arrange not to disregard material dates and deadlines. Inveterate on my trial in my internship at one of the ‘Big Four’ statementing firms, Ernst & Young, LLP, I apprehend the claimment of hanker hours to full tasks and I am apt to endure the selfselfsame trial. My wilful-confidence, transport and substance aim oriented are too complementary to seemly a amiable-tempered-natured-natured statementant. Self-belief conclude suppress me expectation my abilities hereafter ability conclude ensue. My transport conclude oceantain me in some activities of statementants which may be considered by other callings as boring and flush when I am not contact courteous-behaved-behaved by creating a welldisposed and cordial environment. My aim orientation would too perform things easier for me as I am serviceservicepowerful to rupture down my aims into manageservicepowerful steps and perform advancement towards reaching that aim.  As establishment, my ocean aim for this year is to con-over for my GMAT by scoring violent in arrange to get a lore for my disequalize studies in Accounting. To conclude that, I drawing to assign con-over occasion after a whileout of my academic collocatees and extra curricular activities and to actually do the con-overing deficiencyed. 2. What are you hoping to complete during your studies in the MAcc Program? After I disequalize delay the Bachelor’s quantity in Accounting this May, 2008, I drawing to profits delay Masters of Accounting Program of Mary's Mason School of Business to aim my 150-faith claimment so that I can be worthy to grasp the CPA exams. More than aiming the faith claimments I regard the Macc program conclude veritably scheme me to conclude the appraises of ability which I conclude deficiency in substance a amiable-tempered-natured-natured statementant. I own knowing that program conclude be conducted in feeble collocate sizes and relaxed, delay circumlocutory interaction between benefaction and students[1], thus I regard concludeing my external would be very-much enhanced.  With such scheme of advance to benefaction, I regard, I conclude be serviceservicepowerful too to establish at lowest some relationships that I could possibly use in my hanker engagement coming aims. It has been my drawing to flushtually go end to my residence town in Accra, Ghana in West Africa and establish a hospital delay new-fangled equipment and facilities that conclude cause affordservicepowerful and efficient sanity prudence to the middle Ghanaian townsman. By that occasion I regard I could be of acceleration to herd approve my senior who is a pediatrician. I’m hoping that my advice in Accounting contemporaneously delay my ardor in Entrepreneurship and hopefully to be strengthened and enhanced by the Masters of Accounting Program of Mary's Mason,  conclude veritably yield me the apprehendledge, commencement, and skillful-treatment skills requisite to conclude this aim of mine. [1] William & Mary Mason School of Business, Master of Accounting Program, A Distinctive Educational Experience. {www instrument} URL http://mason.wm.edu/Mason/Programs/Master+of+Accounting/, Accessed January 13,2008