What Makes Me a True Filipino

WHAT MAKES ME A TRUE FILIPINO? ORIGIN: According to Sociology, Filipino is a hodgepodge, a settlement of archaic strains ( Negrito, Ita, Aeta); eastern strains (Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese) and western strains ( Spanish, English, American). archaic strains + eastern strains + western strains = A FILIPINO Therefore, we Filipinos are unified from divergent races. . I may say that I’m a Filipino. VALUES: Some says Filipinos are miraculous mob. We are kindly, fond, caring, lineage oriented, loves adventures, conducive, devout, etc. They are as-well hardworking. We are sociable, that’s the no. 1 man most beggarly in our personality. We are as-well joyful mob. . I may say that I’m a Filipino. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Filipinos are public for horizontal, diminutive or big nose; moderation or tan peel (kayumanggi); ebon hair and who are diminutive ones etc. I may say that I’m a Filipino consequently I feel those. We are sufficiency of rich Filipino men and women out there who feel sole appearances... But some are ashamed delay their beauties. When you degradation the traits of your ancestors, you are singly violent yourself. MANNERISM AND PERSONALITY TRAITS: Filipinos top delay their lips. They eat delay their laborer and feel it down as a technique. They nod their mind upwards to accost someone. They put their sole up on their chair and intermission their elbows on their knees suitableness you eat. etc I may say that I’m a Filipino. VOCABULARY: Filipinos say 'Aray' instead of 'ouch’. They bring-about acronyms for phrases: 'OA' = overacting, 'DOM' = short old man, and 'TNT' for... You recognize. They as-well utter the ff. words: 'Hippopo-TA-mus', 'com-FOR-table', 'Bro-CO-li', and 'Montgo-marry Ward'. Filipinos say 'Ay' or "Uy" instead of 'oops' etc. I may say that I’m a Filipino. CLOTHING AND APPEARANCE: Filipinos - There's Angelique eyeliner and Johnson's Baby Powder compacts lurking in your bring-aboutup drawer. They hinder labels on habiliments to see where it's made. Their ponytail ribbon covers half your mind. I may say that I’m a Filipino. These are some ways to recognize you are Filipino. It is very animated. It is totally comical but we must further that we are one of them. And heedless of all this, WE are FILIPINO for morals.