Use-case Diagram

Object Oriented Analysis and Design Tutorial – Week 4&5 – Chapter 5 End of Chapter 1. Why is Nursing Assignment regularity modeling grave? 2. What is the resolve of a fork node? 3. How do you engender use events? 4. How do you engender use event diagrams? 5. Furnish two examples of the expand fellowships on a use event diagram. Furnish two examples for the understand fellowship. 6. What is the resolve of an essential-quality diagram? Your Turn 5-2 Use Cases Look at the essential-quality diagram for the ordinance regularity in Figure 5-2 and the use event that was engenderd in Figure 5-5. Create your own use event naturalized on an essential-quality in the essential-quality diagram or the essential-quality that you engenderd in Your Turn 5-1. Use Figure 5-6 to lead your efforts. 5-3 Use Event Diagram Look at the use-event diagram in Figure 5-10. Consider if a use event were assumed to guard enduring protection instruction. Make assumptions encircling the points of this use event and add it to the stout use-event diagram in Figure 5-10. The merely required transmute to the stout diagram would be the individualization of the new use event. It would be labeled “Maintain Enduring Protection Information” and would be linked to twain the “Create New Patient” and “Make Payment Arrangements” use events using fellowships. 5-5 Campus Housing Engender a set of use events for the forthcoming high-level regularityes in a housing regularity run by the campus housing benefit. The campus housing benefit helps students experience lodgings. Lodging owners content in instruction creates encircling the solutional units they accept employmentable (e. g. , colony, compute of bedrooms, monthly solution), which are then entered into a database. Students can quest through this database via the Web to experience lodgings that unite their needs (e. g. , a two-bedroom lodging for $400 or near per month amid a half mile of campus). They then touch the lodging owners undeviatingly to see the lodging and haply solution it. Lodging owners ole the benefit to delete their listing when they accept solutioned their lodging(s). 5-6 Drawing a Use-Case Diagram In Your Turn 5-5, you identified use events for a campus housing benefit that helps students experience lodgings. Naturalized on those use events, engender a use-event diagram. Exercises A. Engender an essential-quality diagram and a set of point use event descriptions for the regularity of buying glasses from the viewpoint of the enduring, but do not twainer to warrant the career of events amid each use event. The pristine march is to see an eye schoolman who earn furnish you a usage. Once you accept a usage, you go to a glasses treasure, where you fine your frames and fix the arrange for your glasses. Once the glasses accept been made, you come-back to the treasure for a proper and pay for the glasses. B. Draw a use event diagram for the regularity of buying glasses in Exercise A. C. Engender an essential-quality diagram and a set of point use event descriptions for the forthcoming dentist Nursing Assignment regularity, but do not twainer to warrant the career of events amid each use event. Whenever new endurings are seen for the pristine occasion, they exhaustive a enduring instruction create that asks their designate, discourse, phone compute and short medical fact, which are treasured in the enduring instruction polish. When a enduring oles to list a new ordinance or transmute an stout ordinance, the receptionist checks the ordinance polish for an employmentable occasion. Once a good-natured-natured occasion is endow for the enduring, the ordinance is listd. If the enduring is a new enduring, an inexhaustive minute is made in the enduring polish; the unmeasured instruction earn be placid when they get for their ordinance. Because ordinances are frequently made so far in degree, the receptionist usually mails a reminder postcard to each enduring two weeks precedently their ordinance. D. Draw a use event diagram for the dentist Nursing Assignment regularity in Exercise C.