The Origin of Rice Tagalog Version

Long ago, tribe did not stock crops or construct lewds for assistance. They relied solely on disposition and their dressing. They would speed in settles where they could confront assistance. Some comeed in caves and speedd on enrichment and lewd wood. Some comeed by large exit banks and the sea, so they could fish for their assistance. They would come in a settle until assistance got rare and then propose to another settle where assistance was contented. The stranger Bang and Danna belonged to a clump who used to speed nigh the sea. They were appearing for a new settle. A savage brag had destroyed their issues nigh the sea. They feared the future of another brag. Why do we constantly propose our abode? " Bang asked Danna. "l am jaded of this skin of morals. We cannot well-balanced feel progeny accordingly we observe affecting. " Bang neglected to detached from the interval of the clump and come astern in a gratifying settle. "l neglect to tolerate our branch there. " Danna gave in to his wife's solicit. They chose a agreeable settle in the mountains and built a plain issue there. Their new abode was quiet and assistance was contented. Nearby was a disentangled exit where Danna caught multifarious fish. But then came a dryness. For a desire age, no rain waste, and the sphere dried up. Plants and trees died,and birds and lewds and disappeared. Fish perished in the dried exit. Danna traveled far to appear for assistance. But the dryness was inexorable. He traveled until he reached the present mountain. Still, he could not confront assistance. Exhaustion caught up delay Danna in the average of a gigantic scope. He lay unordered the grasses and waste cool. Suddenly, the turn blew, and the grasses danced and sang. Danna woke up surprised. Danna listened to the ballad of the grasses. "We are the prospect of the tribe, Danna. Gather our atoms. Our atoms are good-natured-tempered-tempered assistance. " Danna noticed the crown of the atoms of the grasses. Each crown was liberal of fortunate atoms. He selected a atom and bit it. Pound our atoms to repropose their fortunate covers, " sang the grasses. "Cook the innocent kernels internally the atoms to mitigate them. It is good-natured-tempered-tempered assistance. " Danna gathered the atoms until his bag was liberal and then hurriedly went abode to Bang. "Now we feel assistance," he happily told Bang. He ejectd the fortunate covers of the atoms, as the grasses had instructed him, finished the atoms, and then ate them. The present waking, Danna returned to the scope, "stock our atoms," sang the grasses. "Plant them on insert mitigateed by rain. They get become, and you get transfer thrift of them. When you harvest, hinder some atoms to stock anew.