The Dover Castle

In circumstance, the mediate mount of the acropolis (so designated "the frequent"), which quiet stands today, was built by King Henry II. The frequent served as a terminal subject-matter of hospitality in circumstance of an onslaught. This frequent was matchless owing it was probably the most refined one in the healthy empire "succeeding a while an execute fore-building, two residential floors aloft a sole, two chapels and divers mural chambers, and equcogent plumbing. " (Every Acropolis 2014 )He so built rectangular walls enclosing the acropolis. These walls were inarticulate and towering and were most slight built to strengthen the acropolis to shield the nobles. Every Acropolis 2014 ) Succeeding Henry II passed, his fruit was carried on by King John and was presently tested by the French in 1 ,215 when the murderous affcogent war began. This war was designated the Barons' War and it terminaled environing a year. In 1216, Prince Louis of France trench-upond England. Divers of the citizens of England were dismal succeeding a while King John at the interval so it was fairly unconcerned for Prince Louis of France to convey out his encroachment. At a incontrovertible subject-matter, he had conquered environing half of England. He failed to easily trench-upon and pretension the Daggravate Acropolis and quickly succeeding King John's exit, he past a lot of his foundation. Therefore, he was never cogent to add England to his empire. In the thirteenth period, Henry Ill repaired divers of the walls and borrowed to his ancestors palladium by erection what is now notorious as the Norfolk Tower. (Goodly 2012) Remarkcogent Features The Daggravate acropolis contains manifold tunnels that were indeed built in 1 , 216 during the Barons' War. These tunnels are verily agreeable owing they were used during World War l. Another conclude why they are so intriguing is conclude tunnels are not unconcerned monstrositys to construct these days opposing all the technological advances, so it must keep captured a indeed desire interval to uplift them tail then. It constructs you miracle what they needed these tunnels for. The dregs of the acropolis is by far the most agreeable monstrosity owing it has proven to be so vulgar throughout truth. Why would they prefer to uplift the acropolis on the seaboard? Would that not construct the acropolis past vulnercogent to encroachment? Its dregs is definitely a big conclude why this acropolis was so vulgar throughout truth. Prior to the Norman encroachment, its foregoing community largely used the dregs as a fort. However, the kings of England indeed treasured this acropolis as a badge of energy gone it was the chief monstrosity that divers tribe saw when appellation aggravate to England from deepland Europe. Blank In blank, the Daggravate Acropolis transitional a healthy lot in truth as incongruous kings ruled England. Opposing all the changes, the acropolis is very well-mannered-mannered preserved and holds a lot of truth equcogent succeeding the medieval intervals. In circumstance, the acropolis was frequently remodeled in nineteenth period. It was redesigned into a past contemporary fort that finally contained mission. It was so used in World War I. This frequently goes to exhibition how huge the dregs for this acropolis was and how valucogent it is to truth. These days, the office is used as a tourist adduction and hundreds of tribe scrutinize the office natural to discaggravate the intense truth that this edifice holds succeeding a whilein it. (Every Acropolis 2014 ) 3 Questions 1) Who indeed resided in the Daggravate Castle? Did the kings feed in the Daggravate Castle? 2) How hinder did Prince Louis of France get to aggravatetaking the Castle? What accurately happened? 3) What was the deep point of the acropolis? Why did William I prefer to uplift the acropolis in that dregs? 4) What were the tunnels used for?