STUDENT CAREER ESSAY What Do You Absence to Be? D o you see yourself as the instant bulky American creator? Maybe you’re pondering environing decent a attorney, an contriver, a filmmaker or a photographer. There are as abundant progress options out there as there are stars in the sky, so when it comes to your advenient — ponder big! You may veer your spirit environing a progress as you get older, but it’s significant to own counsel environing all images of progresss as coming in morals as practicable. Whatever you absence to do, order further noble teach can acceleration you establish the most of your morals. You can discover counsel on all images of progresss, and the order and trailing scarcityed for each, at the websites listed beneath. You can investigate other media, or dialogue after a timeliness someone who does this image of product, to discover out smooth further environing what you absence to be. After you’ve researched the progress you’re zealous in, prosper the instructions for congruity an essay. Essay Instructions ? The essay should be 200 to 300 vote. (That’s environing as hanker as these instructions, after a timelinessout the websites listed beneath. ) Be fictitious — establish up your own address. Include your call. Tell us what progress is of cause to you and why. What image of order or trailing achieve you scarcity for the progress? What are the opportunities for this image of product in the advenient? Tell us what steps you took to acquire environing this progress. Don’t overlook to pay observation to spelling and rhetoric timeliness congruity the essay. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? You can so conception these instructions and the websites beneath at www. MatchThePromise. org. (Your parents can discover counsel on essay scoring criteria on Page 5 of the Description and Application Instructions. Hallucination big! The advenient is solicitude for you. Helpful Progress Websites http://www. progressonestop. org/StudentsandCareerAdvisors/ExploreCareersStudents. aspx CareerOneStop Investigate avocations and industries to project your advenient. Sponsored by the U. S. Department of Labor, Employment and Trailing Administration. Kids. gov http://kids. usa. gov/teens-home/jobs/index. shtml Conception avocations in incongruous progress fields. From the U. S. General Services Administration, Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies. My Instant Move http://www. ynextmove. org Describe your hallucination progress in a few vote, browse progresss by assiduity or apology questions environing product you dominion approve. So discover progresss after a timeliness a effulgent aspect. Created for the U. S. Department of Labor, Employment and Trailing Administration, by the National Center for O*NET Development. (continued on end) Susan Combs Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts CAREER ESSAY Helpful Progress Websites (cont’d) What Do You Like? http://www. bls. gov/k12/ Investigate progress counsel installed on what you approve to do. Kids’ progress pages from the U. S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. Occupational Aspect Handbook http://www. bls. gov/ooh Inquiry by avocation clump, or inquiry by pay, order, trailing and projected enlargement rate, to discover counsel for hundreds of incongruous progresss. From the U. S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. Every Chance Every Texan http://everychanceeverytexan. org/texasjobs/ Conception top jobs in Texas, and the order and trailing scarcityed for each. So conception the state’s top industries. From the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. Texas Reality Check http://www. texasrealitycheck. com When you’re out on your own, you’ll scarcity to pay for housing, conduct, dress, regalement and other expenses. Discover out how ample money you dominion scarcity and which progresss achieve pay for those scarcitys. Brought to you by the Texas Workforce Commission and the Texas Order Agency. Texas CARES http://www. texascaresonline. com/wowmenu. asp Investigate opportunities installed on your product values and causes. Inquiry by progress address, avocation clump, keyword and further. So discover out environing new and emerging progresss. From the Texas Workforce Commission. BigFuture https://bigfuture. schoolboard. org/majors-careers Investigate school majors and progress options. So choice an cause to investigate cognate progresss. By The School Board. CareerShip http://mappingyourfuture. org/planyourcareer/careership/ Match your progress causes, reconception progresss by clusters (occupations and industries that portion-out despicable features) or inquiry by keyword. Product of Mapping Your Future, a public-service website. Susan Combs Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts 96-1724 (9/12)