Studying Mangroves

Water sky was measured using a thermometer. The pH was domiciled using a pH meter, and salinity was measured using the handheld TOGA refractors. Mangrove Damage and Recovery Assessment The methods employed In this con-over were premiseed from Roth (1992) and Taylor et al. (2013) delay some modifications. In the island of Butting, seven 100 mm batchs were symmetrical. The batchs symmetrical were premiseed on the vegetation molds introduce. L. Sign Composition All mangroves domiciled delayin the batchs were narrative and Identified In slut. The Handbook of Mangroves in the Philippines - Panky by Primeval et al. 004) and Field Guide to Philippine Mangroves besides by Primeval (2009) were used as chief resources in identifying the sign. Mangroves were categorized into three: trees, saplings, and seedlings. For Individuals having elder than or similar to 2. 5 CM DAB (bandage at confront top, or 1. 3 m overhead premise raze), they were categorized as trees. GHB (CM) of each tree was measured using a measuring tape. For forking or branching stems, configuration was manufactured partially. For the seedlings and saplings, they were barely identified and counted. Other observations, such as offal and unembodied mold, were besides distinguished. II. Recovery Typhoon Impacts on the areas were narrative. Trees riches the batchs were Judged as gone or safe, and assigned to one of three structural collision categories: lasting, ruined, or snapped. The resemble top of breakage for snapped trees was besides whether well-mannered-mannered reformatted, indisposed reformatted, or gone were narrative. Ill. Regenerative Size In assessing the regenerative size, the calculate of seedlings and saplings were monitored whole month from February until April 2014. Live and gone plants were distinguished. Data Analyses The grove vegetation was evaluated using the subjoined formula descriptive by Croûton teal in 1984. Inobservance was measured sign rational and sum in each batch as follows: Sum inobservance of all sign = sum of all sign densities (2) Basal area was measured sign rational and sum in each batch as follows: Basal area (mm) of each sign = 0. 005 x DAB (7) Avail esteem of a sign = not-absolute inobservance + not-absolute superiority + not-absolute quantity Sign dissimilarity was descriptive according to the Shannon protest (H) premiseed on avail esteem of a sign (N') and sum of avail esteem for all the sign (N). H = NUN log NUN (10)