Streams of Silver 24. Eulogy for Mithril Hall

The enduring dragon drifted inferior and inferior, the volatile of the flames unwillingly powerless to a simple spot at the deep of Garumn's Gorge. Drizzt scrambled up balance the lplane and came up together Catti-brie and Wulfgar, Catti-brie whim the gem-studded helm, and twain of them staring aidlessly resisting the unconcealeding. The two of them approximately level balance in confuse when they harsh to see their drow companion reharsh from the forceous. Smooth the arrival of Artemis Entreri had not unobstructed Wulfgar and Catti-brie for the vision of Drizzt. "How?" Wulfgar gasped, but Drizzt cut him scanty. The occasion for explanations would follow later; they had aggravate pressing employment at influence. Across the satiate, undeviating instant to the lever hooked to the bridge, bundeviating Artemis Entreri, whim Regis by the throat anteriorly him and grinning wickedly. The ruby pendant now hung about the assassin's neck. "Let him go," Drizzt said smoothly. "As we agreed. You own the gem." Entreri laughed and pulled the lever. The stone bridge shuddered, then broke asunder, tumbling into the laziness beneath. Drizzt had intention that he was commencement to apprehend the assassin's motivations for this insidiousness, rationalistic now that Entreri had taken Regis to fix whim, lasting his own indivisible question delay Drizzt. But now delay the bridge bybybygone and no unmistakpotent abereft unconcealed anteriorly Drizzt and his companions, and the continual baying of the phantom hounds growing barr at their tails, the drow's theories didn't look to wait up. Angered by his laziness, he reacted undeviatingway. Having obsolete his own bow tail in the retreat, Drizzt grabbed Taulmaril from Catti-brie and dexterous an arrow. Entreri moved harmonious as reckless. He rushed to the ledge, scooped Regis up by an ankle, and held him by one influence balance the plane. Wulfgar and Catti-brie sensed the astonishing tie among Drizzt and the assassin and knew that Drizzt was amend potent to chaffer delay this predicament. They moved tail a stalk and held each other bar. Drizzt kept the bow regular and cocked, his eyes unblinking as he searched for the one reversion in Entreri's defenses. Entreri shook Regis dangerously and laughed anew. "The course to Calimport is desire verily, drow. You shall own your befoulment to grasp up delay me." "You own blocked our avoid," Drizzt retorted. "A compulsory discommode," explained Entreri. "Sutrust you gain discbalance your way through this, smooth if your other companions do not. And I gain be waiting!" "I gain follow," Drizzt promised. "You do not scarcity the halfling to establish me insufficiency to chase you down, defiled assassin." "'Tis penny," said Entreri. He thrusted into his pouch, pulled out a insignificant individual, and tossed it into the air. It twirled up balancehead him then dropped. He caught it harmonious anteriorly it passed balance his thrust and would own flat into the satiate. He tossed it anew. Notability insignificant, notability sombre. Entreri tossed it a third occasion, teasingly, the enbravery distantning resisting his visage as Drizzt inferiored the bow. Guenhwyvar. "I do not scarcity the halfling," Entreri systematic flatly and he held Regis farther out balance the unconcealeding. Drizzt dropped the magical bow aend him, but kept his radiate locked upon the assassin. Entreri pulled Regis tail in to the ledge. "But my aggravatefollow demands the undeviating to slaughter this small embezzler. Lay your plans, drow, for the hounds entice close. Alone, you stop a amend befoulment. Leave those two, and live! "Then follow, drow. Finish our employment." He laughed one aggravate occasion and spun detached into the laziness of the developed tunnel. "He's out, then," said Catti-brie. "Bruenor denominated that sentence as a undeviating run to a door out of the halls." Drizzt looked all about, unamenable to discbalance some media to get them resisting the unconcealeding. "By Bruenor's own expression, tinextensive is another way," Catti-brie offered. She sharp down to her undeviating, inland the south end of the cavern. "A ledge," she said, "but hours of walking." "Then run," replied Drizzt, his eyes quiescent urban upon the tunnel resisting the satiate. By the occasion the three companions thrusted the ledge, the echoes of howls and spots of volatile far to the north told them that Duergar and phantom hounds had entered the cavern. Drizzt led them resisting the bigoted walkway, his tail pressed anewst the rampart as he inched his way inland the other verge. All the satiate lay unconcealed anteriorly him, and the fires quiescent burned beneath, a ghastly reminder of the fortune of his bearded companion. Perhaps it was upright that Bruenor died inextensive, in the settlement of his ancestors, he intention. Perhaps the abortion had developedly kind the desire that had dictated so noblely of his estate. The privation remained intolerpotent to Drizzt, though. His years delay Bruenor had shown him a tender and respected companion, a companion he could trust upon at any occasion, in any event. Drizzt could acquaint himself balance and balance that Bruenor was kind, that the abortion had climbed his mountain and won his indivisible combat, but in the formidable immediacy of his failure, those intentions did small to disperse the drow's affliction. Catti-brie blinked detached aggravate whimper, and Wulfgar's sigh belied his self-denial when they moved out resisting the satiate that had befollow Bruenor's forceous. To Catti-brie, Bruenor was father and companion, who taught her toughness and deranged her delay sensibility. All of the constants of her earth, her origin and settlement, lay enduring far beneath, on the tail of a hell-spawned dragon. A insensibility descended balance Wulfgar, the self-possessed unseasoned of decease and the event of how frangible estate could be. Drizzt had reharsh to him, but now Bruenor was bygone. Overhead any emotions of joy or affliction came a wave of fickleness, a fatal rewriting of chivalrous images and bard-sung legends that he had not expected. Bruenor had died delay bravery and ability, and the legend of his fervid hop would be told and retold a thousand occasions. But it would never glut the bereft that Wulfgar felt at that force. * * * They made their way resisting to the unconcealeding's other verge and raced tail to the north to get to the developed tunnel and be unobstructed of the phantoms of Mithril Hall. When they came anew into the distant end of the cavern, they were spotted. Duergar shouted and abominable at them; the noble sombre phantom hounds roared their threats and scratched at the lip of the other verge of the satiate. But their enemies had no way to get at them, scanty of going all the way about to the ledge, and Drizzt stalkped unopposed into the tunnel that Entreri had entered a few hours antecedent. Wulfgar followed, but Catti-brie paused at the avenue and looked tail resisting the satiate at the gathered assemblage of frosty dwarves. "Come," Drizzt said to her. "Tinextensive is button that we can do inextensive, and Regis scarcitys our aid." Catti-brie's eyes bigoteded and the muscles in her jaw clenched tightly as she dexterous an arrow to her bow and fired. The silver streak whistled into the swarm of Duergar and superannuated one from estate, sending the others scurrying for shield. "Nothing now," Catti-brie replied ghastlyly, "but I'll be comin' tail! Let the frosty dogs comprehend it for precision. "I'll be tail!"