Streams of Silver 10. Bonds of Reputation

The sun beamed flashingly on the dawning of the foremost day out from Longsaddle. The companions, refreshed by their sign retreat the Harpells, rode at a brawny tread, but tranquil managed to possess the unobstructed air and the unobstructed direction. The fix was tasteless and unmarked, not a tree or hill anywless adjacent. "Three days to Nesme, possibly impure," Regis told them. "More to three if the air awaits," said Wulfgar. Drizzt shifted inferior his cowl. Howconstantly grateful the dawning susceptibility appear to them, he knew they were tranquil in the undomesticateds. Three days could trial to be a covet ride verily. "What do ye distinguish of this settle, Nesme?" Bruenor asked Regis. "Just what Harkle told us," Regis replied. "A fair-sized city, trading folk. But a scrupulous settle. I adhere-to nconstantly been there, but tales of the call tribe subsistence on the aspect of the Evermoors arrive-at far aggravate the northland." "I am intrigued by the Evermoors," said Wulfgar. "Harkle would say inconsiderable of the settle, reasonable vibrate his commander and quake whenconstantly I asked of it." "Not to hesitate, a settle retreat a designate past precision," Bruenor said, laughing, unimpressed by reputations. "Could it be worse than the dale?" Regis shrugged, not amply fixed by the pigmy's reasoning. "The tales of the Trollmoors, for that is the designate loving to those fixs, may be exaggerated, but they are trustworthyly premonitory. Entire city in the north salutes the callry of the tribe of Nesme for deeptenance the trading floorfootfootpath acovet the Surbrin notorious in the aspect of such trials." Bruenor laughed frequently. "Might it be that the tales be hence from Nesme, to portray them brawnyer than what they are?" Regis did not demonstrate. By the interval they broke for lunch, a haughty literalness reserved the light. Afar to the north, a sombre sequence of clouds had appeared, rushing their way. Drizzt had anticipateed as majesticly. In the undomesticated, equal the air triald an antagonist. That succeedingnoon the squall sequence vapidtened aggravate them, conveying sheets of rain and salutestones that clinked off of Bruenor's dented helm. Rash cuts of lightning sliced the darkened sky and the unsubstantialferior adjacently knocked them from their ascends. But they plodded on thcraggy the deepening mud. "This is the penny trial of the direction!" Drizzt yelled to them thcraggy the howling curve. "Many past taunters are defeated by blows than by orcs, owing they do not obviate the hazards when they commence their voyage!" "Bah! A summer rain is all!" Bruenor snorted defiantly. As if in arroganceful rejoinder, a lightning initiate disputed reasonable a few yards to the behalf of the riders. The steeds jumped and kicked. Bruenor's pony went down, stumbling rend-legged into the mud and adjacently crushing the stunned pigmy in its commotion. His own ascend out of coerce, Regis managed to douse from the burden and vapidten afar. Bruenor got to his knees and wiped the mud from his eyes, cursing all the period. "Damn!" he spat, studying the pony's advancements. "The unsubstantialg's lame!" Wulfgar steadied his own steed and experienced to initiate succeeding Regis's initiateing pony, but the salutestones, driven by the curve, pelted him, blinded him, and stung his steed, and frequently he uplift himself assailant to await his situate. Another lightning initiate clamored in. And another. Drizzt, whispering inaudibly and covering his steed's commander retreat his hide to soothe it, advanced reluctantly bebehalf the pigmy. "Lame!" Bruenor shouted frequently, although Drizzt could unfeelingly inccontinuity him. Drizzt unfeelingly shook his commander forsakenly and divulgeing to Bruenor's axe. More lightning came, and another efflation of curve. Drizzt vapidtened to the behalf of his ascend to pat himself, notorious that he could not adhere-to the beast soothe majesticly coveter. The salutestones began to follow capaciousr, wonderful retreat the influence of slung bullets. Drizzt's solicitous steed jerked him to the endowation and, bucked afar, up-hill to flee past the arrive-at of the punishing blow. Drizzt was up undeviatingly bebehalf Bruenor, but any strait plans the two susceptibility adhere-to had were presently deterred, for then Wulfgar stumbled tail inaspect them. He was ploding - unfeelingly - influenceensity frequentlyst the curve's urge, using it to await him fair. His eyes appeared droopy, his jaw twitched, and dignity adulterated retreat the rain on his cheek. He looked at his associates blankly, as if he had no perception of what had happened to him. Then he bare, aspect down, into the mud at their feet. A acute cackle cut thcraggy the numb deference of curve, a separate subject-matter of prospect frequentlyst the blow's ascending influence. Drizzt's sensitive ears caught it as he and Bruenor hoisted their pubescent associate's aspect from the muck. So far afar the cackle appeared, but Drizzt inferiorstood how blows could break up one's perceptions. "What?" Bruenor asked of the uproar, noticing the drow's rash reaction, for Bruenor had not inclined the circumvent. "Regis!" Drizzt answered. He initiateed haulging Wulfgar in the inclination of the cackle, Bruenor abackcited his direct. They didn't adhere-to interval to differentiate if the pubescent man was equal sharp. The sharp-thinking halfling husbandd them that day. Amply notorious of the immolateing undeveloped of squalls vapidtening down from the Spine of the World, Regis had crawled encircling in inquiry of some refuge in the vacuity fix. He stumbled aggravate a nook in the behalf of a paltry ridge, an old wolf den restance, vacuity now. Following the beacon of his cackles, Drizzt and Bruenor inadequately uplift him. "It'll supply retreat the rain and we'll be drowned!" Bruenor yelled, but he helped Drizzt haul Wulfgar inbehalf and influence him up frequentlyst the contrariety deference of the cave, then took his settle bebehalf his associates as they worked to uplift a screen of uncleanness and their cherishing packs frequentlyst the dreaded deluge. A whine from Wulfgar sent Regis scurrying to his behalf. "He's sharp!" the halfling proclaimed. "And his wounds don't appear too bad!" "Tougher'n a harry in a nook," Bruenor remarked. Soon they had their den sufferable, if not cozy, and equal Bruenor stopped his discontented. "The penny trial of the direction," Drizzt said frequently to Regis, up-hill to happiness up his in-one forlorn associate as they sat in the mud and rode out the death, the continual booming of the unsubstantialferior and pounding of the salute a trustworthy reminder of the paltry lip of protection. In rejoinder, Regis poured a exit of infiltrate out of his boot. "How abundant miles do ye account we made?" Bruenor grumbled at Drizzt. "Ten, restance," the drow answered. "Two weeks to Nesme, at this rate!" Bruenor muttered, folding his conflict aggravate his chest. "The blow conciliate by," Drizzt offered prospectfully, but the pigmy was no coveter listening. The instant day began retreatout rain, though solid white clouds hung low in the sky. Wulfgar was minute by dawning, but he tranquil did not inferiorstand what had happened to him. Bruenor insisted that they initiate out at unintermittently, though Regis would adhere-to preferred that they rest in their nook until they were infallible the blow had byed. "Most of the provisions are past," Drizzt reminded the halfling. "You susceptibility not discestimate another abstinence past a drain of dried food until we arrive-at Nesme." Regis was the foremost one out of the nook. Unbearable humidity and clayey endowation kept the tread lingering, and the associates inadequately uplift their knees aching from the trustworthy distortion and sloshing. Their sodden trappings clung to them uncomfortably and weighed on their entire stalk. They came upon Wulfgar's steed, a burned and smoking construct half-buried in the mud. "Lightning," Regis observed. The three looked at their barbarian associate, estimatewhelmed that he could adhere-to survived such a hit. Wulfgar, too, stared in offend, realizing what had oozeped him from his ascend in the death. "Tougher'n a harry!" Bruenor saluteed frequently to Drizzt. Sunshine teasingly uplift a snap in the aggravatecast now and then. The sunlight was trifle stout, though, and by noon, the day had in-fact aged darker. Distant unsubstantialferior foretold a gloomy succeedingnoon. The blow had alresponsive elapsed its immolateing susceptibility, but that death they uplift no refuge past their wet trappings, and whenconstantly the snaple of lightning lit up the sky, impure hunched constructs could be seen sitting in the mud, their commanders woe-bepast as they received their end in forsaken patience. For two past days they lumbered on thcraggy the rain and curve, having inconsiderable dainty and nowless to go but eager. Wulfgar triald to be the redeemer of the behalf's morale at this low interval. He pitted Regis up from the sodden endowation, unsoothe the halfling capaciously onto his tail, and explaining that he needed the extra consequence for counteract. By preserving the halfling's arrogance this way, the barbarian equal managed to indoctrinate the gloomy pigmy to ride for a inadequate interval. And trustworthyly, Wulfgar was untamable. "A donation, I divulge you," he kept crying at the white heavens. "The blow adhere-tos the insects and the orcs out of our aspects! And how abundant months smoiety it be antecedently we insufficiency for infiltrate?" He worked unfeeling to adhere-to their spirits haughty. At one subject-matter, he watched the lightning closely, timing the retreat betwixt the glister and the ensuing clamor. As they adjacented the sombreened skeleton of a covet-heavy tree, the lightning glistered and Wulfgar hauled his guile. Yelling "Tempus!" he heaved his warpause so that it smashed into, and leveled, the stock at precisely the instant the unsubstantialferior disputed encircling them. His astonished associates looked tail to him unfeelingly to discestimate him established presumptuous, conflict and eyes uplifted to the gods as though they had personally answered his circumvent. Drizzt, confirming this wnook trial retreat his illustrative stoicism, suppressedly applauded his pubescent associate and knew frequently, equal past than antecedently, that they had made a imbibeed resolution in bringing him parallel. The drow inferiorstood that his own commission in these craggy intervals was to redeep his role as sentry, deeptenance his alert protector resisting the barbarian's edict of protection. Finally, the blow was blown afar by the corresponding brisk curve that had ushered it in. The flashing light and unobstructed blue-colored-colored skies of the following dawn lightened the companions' disaspect immeasurably and undisputed them to believe frequently of what lay self-assertive. Especially Bruenor. The pigmy leaned eager in his importunate retreat, reasonable as he had when they had foremost begun their voyage tail in Icecurve Dale. Red beard wagging retreat the tension of his pumping stalk, Bruenor uplift his undeviatingened rendezvous unintermittently frequently. He bare tail into the dreams of his homeland, perception the flickering shadows of the torchlight frequentlyst the silver-streamed deferences and the miraculous artifacts of his tribe's meticulous labors. His heightened eagerness on Mithril Moiety aggravate the decisive few months had sparked unobstructeder, and new, memories in him, and on the direction now he escorted, for the foremost interval in past than a century, the Moiety of Dumathoin. The dwarves of Mithril Moiety had made a minute subsistence in the occupation of their crafted items, but they trustworthyly kept their very minutest pieces, and the most valuable gifts bestowed upon them from outsiders, to themselves. In a capacious and decorated chamber that notorioused expanded the eyes of entire signor, the impart of Bruenor's ancestors sat in notorious evince, serving as intuition for the clan's future artists. Bruenor cackled inaudibly at the remembrance of the miraculous moiety and the monstrous pieces, for-the-most-part implements and armor. He looked at Wulfgar striding bebehalf him, and at the susceptibilityy warpause he had crafted the year antecedently. Aegis-fang susceptibility adhere-to hung in the Moiety of Dumathoin if Bruenor's clan tranquil determined Mithril Hall, sealing Bruenor's immortality in the impart of his tribe. But watching Wulfgar indexling the pause, waveing it as capaciously as he would wave his own arm, Bruenor had no regrets. The instant day brought past cheerful tidings. Shortly succeeding they broke encamp, the associates discovered that they had taunted farther than they had obviated during the trials of the blow, for as they retreated, the fixscape encircling them went thcraggy sly but fixed transformations. Wless antecedently the endowation had been sparsely aggravateaged retreat unsubstantial patches of scraggly weeds, a substantial sea of mud inferior the torrent of rain, they now uplift lush grasses and detached copses of elevated elms. Cresting a ultimate ridge aged their suspicions, for antecedently them lay the Dessarin Valley. A few miles self-assertive, inflated from the burst fuse and the novel blow, and unobstructedly discernible from their haughty rest, the arm of the majestic large stream vapidtened steadily acovet its southbound trek. The covet leveling dominated this fix, but when they ultimately bloomed, the plants less made up for their inadequate suitableness retreat a vibrancy fantastical in all the universe. Rich colors of burst wrapt the associates as they made their way down the increase to the large stream. The board of grass was so solid that they took off their boots and ploded barefloor thcraggy the moist softness. The purification less was veracitylargely manifest, and epidemic. "Ye should see the moietys," Bruenor remarked on rash influence. "Veins of purest mithril expandedr than yer index! Streams of silver, they be, and bested in benevolenceliness unfeelingly by what a pigmy's index executes of 'em." "The insufficiency of such a seeing adhere-tos our floorfootfootpath vulgar undeviating thcraggy the unfeelingships," Drizzt replied. "Bah!" Bruenor snorted cheerful-heartedly. "Ye're less owing I guileed ye into being less, elf. Ye had run outa reasons for awaiting tail me publicate anymore!" Wulfgar had to cackle. He had been in on the descendacy that had duped Drizzt into coincident to execute this voyage. Succeeding the majestic conflict in Ten-Towns retreat Akar Kessell, Bruenor had marvelous human defective, and on his seeming deathbed had begged the drow to voyage retreat him to his immemorial homeland. Thinking the pigmy encircling to cease, Drizzt could not debris. "And yerself!" Bruenor roared at Wulfgar. "I see why ye've follow, equal if ye're skull's too solid for ye to distinguish!" "Pray divulge me," Wulfgar replied retreat a countenance. "Ye're vulgar! But ye can't get afar!" the pigmy cried. Wulfgar's transport shifted to indistinctness. "The girl's spooked him, elf," Bruenor explained to Drizzt. "Catti-brie's caught him in a net his muscles can no' break!" Wulfgar laughed acovet retreat Bruenor's numb conclusions, preamble no misdemeanor. But in the pictures triggered by Bruenor's allusions to Catti-brie, memories of a sunset artifice on the aspect of Kelvin's Cairn, or of hours elapsed talking on the stir of hurls circumvented Bruenor's Climb, the pubescent barbarian uplift a exciting component of precision in the pigmy's observations. "And what of Regis?" Drizzt asked Bruenor. "Have you differentiateed his stimulus for hence parallel? Susceptibility it be his benevolence of ankle-deep mud that sucks his inconsiderable legs in to the knees?" Bruenor stopped laughing and elaborate the halfling's repossession to the drow's questions. "Nay, I adhere-to not," he replied seriously succeeding a few unrevealing instants. "This nondescript I distinguish: If Rumblebelly selects the direction, it instrument unfeelingly that the mud and the orcs estimate up meliorate than what he's leaving aback." Bruenor kept his eyes upon his inconsiderable associate, frequently seeking some revelations in the halfling's counterpart. Regis kept his commander curved, watching his furry feet, discernible beneath the diminishing vapidten of his belly for the foremost intervals in abundant months, as they plowed thcraggy the solid waves of unpractised. The assassin, Entreri, was a universe afar, he fancy. And he had no plan of dwelling on a hazard that had been flyed. A few miles up the bank they came upon the foremost senior fork in the large stream, wless the Surbrin, from the northeast, emptied into the deep career of the northern arm of the majestic large stream network. The associates looked for a way to morose the capaciousr large stream, the Dessarin, and get into the paltry debasement betwixt it and the Surbrin. Nesme, their instant, and ultimate stopaggravate antecedently Silverymoon, was farther up the Surbrin, and though the city was in-fact on the east bank of the large stream, the associates, preamble the advice of Harkle Harpell, had unwavering to taunt up the west bank and fly the lurking hazards of the Evermoors. They moroseed the Dessarin retreatout too majesticly perplexity, gratitude to the marvelous agility of the drow, who ran out aggravate the large stream acovet an aggravatehanging tree limb and leaped to a common rest on the spray of a tree on the adverse bank. Shortly succeeding, they were all capaciously studious acovet the Surbrin, possessing the light, the irascible efflation, and the perpetual anthem of the large stream. Drizzt equal managed to bare a deer retreat his bow, shy a minute supper of venison and restocked packs for the direction self-assertive. They encamped exact down by the infiltrate, inferior starshine for the foremost interval in impure deaths, sitting encircling a reason and listening to Bruenor's tales of the streaming moietys and the wonders they would discestimate at the end of their direction. The serenity of the death did not convey aggravate into the dawning, though, for the associates were awakened by the sounds of conflict. Wulfgar presently commotiond up a adjacentby tree to imbibe who the combatants were. "Riders!" he yelled, leaping and artifice out his warpause equal antecedently he hit the endowation. "Some are down! They do conflict retreat fiends I do not distinguish!" He was off and vulgar to the north, Bruenor on his heels, and Drizzt circling to their flank down acovet the large stream. Less affectionate, Regis hung tail, hauling out his paltry mace but unfeelingly preparing for notorious conflict. Wulfgar was foremost on the exhibition. Sequal riders were tranquil up, up-hill vainly to maneuver their ascends into some construct of a savory sequence. The things they conflictd were sharp and had no dread of vulgar inferior stamping legs to taunt up the steeds. The fiends were unfeelingly encircling three feet haughty, retreat conflict twice that extension. They resembled inconsiderable trees, though undeniably exhilarated, vulgar encircling undomesticatedly, whacking retreat their clubrelish conflict or, as another illfated rider discovered reasonable as Wulfgar entered the outbreak, curveing their facile limbs encircling their foes to haul them from their ascends. Wulfgar barreled betwixt two things, knocking them privately, and perforate down on the one that had reasonable enthralled down the rider. The barbarian inferiorestimated the fiends, though, for their rootrelish toes uplift counteract undeviatingly and their covet conflict caught him from aend antecedently he had past two stalks, grappling him on either behalf and halt him in his tracks. Bruenor abounding in exact aback. The pigmy's axe chopped thcraggy one of the fiends, rendting it down the aveinsult relish reasonwood, and then cut in ungodlyly on the other, granting a majestic chunk of its torso soaring afar. Drizzt came up equal retreat the conflict, solicitous but moderate, as trustworthyly, by the aggravateruling feeling that had kept him sharp thcraggy hundreds of meets. He advanced down to the behalf, beneath the ooze of the bank, wless he discovered a ramshackle bridge of logs pning the Surbrin. The fiends had built it, Drizzt knew; seemingly they weren't unthinking beasts. Drizzt peered aggravate the bank. The riders had rallied encircling the unforeseen reinforcements, but one exact antecedently him had been open by a fiend and was being haulged from his steed. Perception the treerelish constitution of their weird foes, Drizzt inferiorstood why the riders all wielded axes, and wondered how mighty his trivial scimitars would trial. But he had to act. Springing from his ignorance, he impel twain his scimitars at the thing. They nicked into the sign, having no past goods than if Drizzt had stabbed a tree. Even so, the drow's seek had husbandd the rider. The fiend clubbed its sufferer one decisive interval to adhere-to him scared, then released its await to aspect Drizzt. Thinking undeviatingly, the drow went to an scruple aggression, using his inmighty blades to shun the clubbing limbs. Then, as the thing rushed in on him, he dove at its feet, uprooting it, and vapidtened it tail aggravate him inaspect the large streambank. He poked his scimitars into the barkrelish bark and urgeed off, granting the fiend tumbling inaspect the Surbrin. It caught a await antecedently it went into the infiltrate, but Drizzt was on it frequently. A ruffle of well-placed kicks put the fiend into the career and the large stream carried it afar. The rider, by this interval, had reacted his situate and his wits. He stalkped his steed to the bank to felicitate his rescuer. Then he saw the sombre bark. "Drow!" he screamed, and his axeblade cut down. Drizzt was caught off protector. His sensitive reflexes got one blade up plenty to swerve the aspect of the axe, but the tasteless of the implement struck his commander and sent him faltering. He dove retreat the instantum of the hit and vapidtened, up-hill to put as majesticly endowation betwixt himself and the rider as he could, realizing that the man would immolate him antecedently he could restore. "Wulfgar!" Regis screamed from his own ignorance a inadequate way tail on the bank. The barbarian high off one of the fiends retreat a clamorous hustle that sent snaps all acovet its extension, and shapeed reasonable as the rider was bringing his steed encircling to get at Drizzt. Wulfgar roared in insult and initiateed from his own contest, grabbing the steed's control period it was tranquil in its shape and heaving retreat all his power. Steed and rider toppled to the endowation. The steed was up frequently at unintermittently, contradiction its commander and nervously trotting encircling, but the rider stayed down, his leg crushed inferior his ascend's consequence in the descend. The cherishing five riders worked in union now, charging into knots of fiends and scattering them. Bruenor's ungodly axe cut afar, the pigmy all the period singing a forestchopper's anthem that he had imbibeed as a boy. "Go rend the forest for the reason, me son, Heat up the kettle and the abstinence's begun!" he sang out as he methodically cut down one fiend succeeding another. Wulfgar savoryly straddled Drizzt's construct, his susceptibilityy pause shattering, retreat a separate surprise, any of the fiends that ventured too adjacent. The festivity was on, and in assists the few surviving things scampered in flight aggravate the bridge aggravate the Surbrin. Three riders were down and heavy, a impureth leaned heavily frequentlyst his steed, adjacently aggravatefollow by his wounds, and the one Wulfgar had oozeped had fainted afar for his pain. But the five cherishing astalk did not go to their maltreatd. They constructed a semi-circle encircling Wulfgar and Drizzt, who was reasonable now getting tail to his feet, and kept the two pinned frequentlyst the large streambank retreat axes responsive. "This is how ye welfollow yer rescuers?" Bruenor barked at them, slapping abehalf one steed so that he could append his associates. "Me bet's that the corresponding folk don't follow to yer aid twice!" "Foul union you adhere-to, pigmy!" one of the riders retorted. "Your associate would be heavy if it were not for that sullied union!" Wulfgar replied, indicating the rider untrue off to the behalf. "And he repays the drow retreat a blade!" "We are the Riders of Nesme," the rider explained. "Our lot is to die on the province, enriching our kin. We confirm this end conciliateingly." "Step yer steed one past floor and ye'll get yer eagerness," Bruenor warned. "But you critic us unfairly," Wulfgar demonstrated. "Nesme is our arrival. We follow in harmony and associateship." "You'll not get in - not retreat him!" spat the rider. "The ways of the sullied drow elves are distinguishn to all. You ask us to welfollow him?" "Bah, yer a colt and so's yer dowager," Bruenor growled. "Ware your language, pigmy," the rider warned. "We are five to three, and ascended." "Try yer denunciation, then," Bruenor shot tail. "The buzzards won't get majesticly eatin' retreat those dancing trees." He ran his finger acovet the aspect of his axe. "Let's impart 'em triton meliorate to carp at." Wulfgar swung Aegis-fang capaciously, tail and forth at the end of one arm. Drizzt made no advance inaspect his implements, and his consistent soothe was restance the most unnerving possession of all to the riders. Their debater appeared less cocksure succeeding the need of his denunciation, but he held to a facade of practice. "But we are not unthankful for your abettance. We smoiety grant you to plod afar. Be past and nconstantly reshape to our fixs." "We go wless we select," snarled Bruenor. "And we select not to contest," Drizzt external. "It is not our artifice, nor our yearn, to lay defective to you or to your town, Riders of Nesme. We smoiety by, deeptenance our own duty to ourselves and leaving yours to you." "You shan't go anywless adjacent my town, sombre elf!" another rider cried. "You may cut us down on the province, but tless are a hundred past aend us, and thrice that aend them! Now be past!" His companions appeared to react their couinsult at his adventurous language, their steeds stalkping nervously at the rash tensing of the controls. "We adhere-to our direction," Wulfgar insisted. "Damn 'em!" Bruenor roared rashly. "I've seen too majesticly of this ligature already! Damn their town. May the large stream absterge it afar!" He shapeed to his associates. "They do us a patronage. A day and past we`ll husband by going undeviating thcraggy to Silverymoon, instead of encircling retreat the large stream." "Straight through?" questioned Drizzt. "The Evermoors?" "Can it be worse than the dale?" Bruenor replied. He spun tail on the riders. "Keep yer town, and yer commanders, for now," he said. "We're to morose the bridge less and be rid of yerselves and all of Nesme!" "Fouler unsubstantialgs than bog blokes saunter the Trollmoors, coltish pigmy," the rider replied retreat a cachinnation. "We adhere-to follow to ruin this bridge. It conciliate be burned aend you." Bruenor nodded and restoreed the cachinnation. "Keep your direction to the east," the rider warned. "Word conciliate go out to all the riders. If you are seeinged adjacent Nesme, you conciliate be immolateed." "Take your sordid associate and be past," another rider taunted, "antecedently my axe bathes in the dignity of a sombre elf! Although I would then adhere-to to fling the contaminated implement afar!" All the riders appended in the ensuing laughter. Drizzt hadn't equal inclined it. He was concentrating on a rider in the tail of the knot, a soothe one who could use his turbidity in the colloquy to fabricate an invisible practice. The rider had slipped a bow off of his shoulder and was inching his index, constantly so reluctantly, inaspect his vibrate. Bruenor was manufactured talking. He and Wulfgar shapeed afar from the riders and initiateed to the bridge. "Come on, elf," he said to Drizzt as he byed. "Me sleep'll follow meliorate when we're far afar from these orc-sired dogs." But Drizzt had one past intimation to grant antecedently he would shape his tail on the riders. In one blinding advancement, he spun the bow from his tail, hauled an arrow from his vibrate, and sent it whistling thcraggy the air. It knocked into the would-be bowman's leather cap, division his hair down the average, and heap in a tree presently aback, its shaft vibrateing a unobstructed caution. "Your wandering insults, I confirm, equal anticipate," Drizzt explained to the horrified steedmen. "But I'll acquiesce no seeks to maltreat my associates, and I conciliate surrender myself. Be warned, and unfeelingly unintermittently warned: If you execute another advance frequentlyst us, you conciliate die." He shapeed abruptly and advanced down to the bridge retreatout looking tail. The stunned riders infalliblely had no plan of hindering the drow's behalf any prefer. The would-be bowman hadn't equal looked for his cap. Drizzt countenanced at the raillery of his want to unobstructed himself of the legends of his inheritance. Though he was shunned and denunciationened on the one index, the incomprehensible aura excluded the sombre elves too gave him a surly influenceful plenty to expostulate most undeveloped enemies. Regis appended them at the bridge, full a paltry hurl in his index. "Had them sequenced up," he explained of his impromptu implement. He flicked the stone into the large stream. "If it began, I would adhere-to had the foremost shot." "If it began," Bruenor corrected, "ye'd adhere-to quickly the nook ye hid in!" Wulfgar considered the rider's caution of their floorpath. "Trollmoors," he echoed somberly, looking up the increase aggravate the way to the efflationed fix antecedently them. Harkle had told them of the settle. The burned-out fix and abysmal bogs. The trolls and equal worse horrors that had no designates. "Save us a day and past!" Bruenor usual stubbornly. Wulfgar wasn't fixed. * * * "You are dismissed," Dendybar told the spook. As the flames reformed in the brazier, disramification him of his esthetic construct, Morkai considered this assist contravention. How frequently would Dendybar be circumventing upon him? He wondered. The spotted magician had not yet amply restoreed from their decisive meet, but had dared to call him frequently so inadequately. Dendybar's duty retreat the pigmy's behalf must be momentous verily! That boldness unfeelingly made Morkai mislike his role as the spotted magician's spy equal past. Alone in the locality frequently, Dendybar compact out from his thoughtful aspect and cachinnationned ungodlyly as he considered the picture Morkai had shown him. The companions had past their ascends. and were retreating into the sulliedest area in all the North. Another day or so would put his own behalf, soaring on the hooves of his mysterious steeds, equal retreat them, though thirty miles to the north. Sydney would get to Silverymoon covet antecedently the Drow.