Squandermania Mentality: the Root Cause of Social Evil

SQUANDERMANIA MENTALITY: THE ROOT CAUSE OF SOCIAL EVIL UDEKE CHARLES NDUBUISI POPE JOHNPAUL 11 MAJOR SEMINARY, AWKA [email protected] com PREAMBLE Nigeria as a community is ravaged by sundry inside amounts. It is no coveter information level to the prejudiced that things are not the way they should be in our collectiveity. Nigeria amount is hydra-headed. Sundry scholars feel aimed it from the irrelative perspective as debasement, amount of outcome, indiscipline, eagerness, consumerism, et cetera. Squander mania mentality is not out of the catalogue. The rebuke at which herd disperse dollars at occasions is perfectly embarrassing. The precision of Nigerians is that of a herd in inquiry of naira and the minute appearance of mammon. Some herd inferiorstand squandeermaniarism as a media of ascertaining themselves in the collectiveity. So, the past minute you are, the past you are collectively adjustly and canonized. The origin consequencer of collective misfortune in our collectiveity is button but consumer sensation. In bid to feel past in adharmonious to lavish extravagantly herd frequently revel in all kinds of ills like: kidnapping, bribery, refuse addict, currency laundry, pilfering, fortified theft, gangsterism, debasement and repudiation. Squandermania sensation has harsh some of our controlers into caterpillars’ of despicable mammon. In occurrence the misfortune acrimony in us has been excellent to the object of endowment in some of us. Moreover, in January 1987, the Anambra State legislation inferior the governorship of Captain Emeka Omeruah unembarrassed a crusade abutting squandermania. They so precisely deciphered the rudiments of instrictness and inferioroutgrowth in our community as squandermania mentality. In this performance we shall be looking at squandermania mentality as the origin consequencer of our collective misfortune and the potential redress. In adharmonious to meliorebuke estimate this subject-matter, let us eliminate the basic concept. CONCEPTUALIZATION OF TERMS. Squandermania mentality literally media cognizant prodigal or unsound lavishing on daily rudiments. According to Okolo (1994:9) it is that ghost in a herd by which they believe and arbitrator things by their consumable esteem. On the perfect the collectiveity becomes one dominated amply by acquisitive rather than fruitful instincts. ’ Thus, for him it is symbolicalistic consumable eight on things. Then, Prof. P. N. Ejiofor (1986:3) aimed the message observable lessening as ‘aid aggravatehead one’s media and for the aggravateall estimate of aid of the collectiveity for one’s disproportionate headstrong aggrandizement. ’ For him, it is lavishing unnecessarily. Here, squandermania mentality may be used interchangeably delay consumer sensation or observable lessening. Installed on this installed backdrop, let us understand to what space squandermania mentality is the origin consequencer of our collective misfortune. SQUANDERMANIA MENTALITY IN NIGERIA: THE STORY SO FAR. Today, in our towns and villages, herd twain violent-flavored and insufficient, revel in consumer sensation such as charging astronomically violent bride prices, attractive in sumptuous nuptials ceremonies, magnificent entombment ceremonies, valuable chieftaincy address-taking, extravagant feasting, extravagant eating and drinking, and unsound lavishing in sensual cars and vast village mansions. Prof. Ejiofor (1984:90) attempted to color a paint of an feature of observable lessening as it pertains to our entombment ceremonies. “First the remains may be embalmed, and left in the mortuary for a conclusion ranging from three days to two or three months. During this interval, a new construction is set up, if the dull did not uplift one in his disembodiment interval, but if he did, the outcome and the walls are renovated. ” In the similar temper, grandeur and magnificence go delay nuptialss, birthday celebrations, address importation, chieftaincy installations, graduations, ordinations, and outcome warming ceremonies, etc. In occurrence, Nigerians are drunk delay disembodiment of boasting. We establish imright opinion in symbolical collective esteems as a way of disembodiment of a herd. Thus symbolical consummation and tenure are violently esteemd in the collective and cultural feeds of our herd. Peace Pilgrim (1981:12) articulates it in the subjoined messages, “in this symbolicalistic age we feel such a sophistical proof by which to estimate consummation. We estimate it in messages of symbolical things. But relishment and interior appoint do not lie in that appoint. ” Nigeria is the paradigm outcome of elegant consumer collectiveity. Okolo(1994:10) aimed squandermania as the rudiments of all our amounts. “It is the amount rearwards our amounts. To disown it in our invasion of societal ills would be to hunt a apparition, invasioning the ailment delay a right singularity of its consequencer. ” We can dialogue of Nigeria amount delayout mentioning squandermania mentality. That Nigeria is a consumer collectiveity is never an farce, for it is visibleed in all their activities. Our collectiveity is characterized by unfruitful lavishing, mammon demonstrateionism and collective avail. Hence, prestige and strength are largely inferiorstandd in messages of symbolical mammon and tenures. As a consumer community, it demonstrebuke one sided instinct of labour. That is in messages of twinkling perform, twinkling mammon and symbolical consummation. Sweat, harsh performance and singular atonement feel been atonementd at the altar of laziness, mean labour, twinkling perform and consumerism. Okolo(1994:11) posited that “herd of consumer collectiveity openly visible low ardor or notion for violent esteems such as patriotism, benevolence of precision, sincerey… To labour or atonement for these divine attribute or judge of them momentous is harshly treasurewhile for them. ” In the ordainal sector, a lot of herd decipher in adharmonious to accomplish simple certificate, what is referred to as ‘certificate ordain. ’ They inferiorstand ordain in messages of its symbolical relation. Knowledge in the close opinion, for broadening ones horizon, inferiorstanding and defeating ones environment is not for them. They endueigate for certificate ordain in adharmonious to perform riches and mammon through govern and violent collocations in the collectiveity. They pains in adharmonious to visible nonsubjection in mammon and what it can buy. Consummation and collective way are mark-outd by them in messages of symbolical cheerful-luck and wages. Russell (1975:38) in his own deal-out pictorial the top thus, “but what regular new man desires to get delay it is past currency, delay a aim to boasting, splendour and the outshining of those who feel hitherto been his equals. It is serene that the specialty for twinkling mammon and symbolical wages is the origin consequencer of the societal ills. All that matters for Nigerian is naira supply, the media not delaystanding. Consequently, it is no coveter information that there is so ample theft, kidnapping, perversion, rational trafficking, repudiation and all sorts of delusive practices in the community. The harshship in the country barring, the syndrome for agile currency and aggravate death consummation is a objecter to squandermania mentality. The inquiry for twinkling mammon creates the Nigerian to delay tenaciously to strength and pattern. Conspicuous lessening defeat control us to button but a consumer community. Whereby, we lavish past than we consequence, accordingly controling to sundry inaptitude or disequilibrium in the arrangement. CONS OF CONSUMER CONSCIOUSNESS The cumulative movables of it defeat control to expansion of his tastes, a diversify in his disembodiment fashion, in his collective esteems and eight in disembodiment. The idiosyncratic defeat mark-out his collective avail in messages of mammon wages and vault, then, the archearchecast of home he feeds in, rightty assumed and collective aid held. So, the pose of prodigal or unfruitful lavishing and mammon demonstrateionism defeat be violent in the singular. Observable lessening is one of the origin consequencers of bribery and debasement, fortified theft, perversion, smuggling, and refuse trafficking. Faced by the protracted financial demands which they can not encounter by sincere aid, they place themselves in the aforementioned ills. Consumer sensation channels all our media from performanceing to retirement and from enduement to useless lessening. Sundry a interval offices and markets are closed to afford the dull a so-determined appropriate entombment. The interval we late in covet reanimate custody ceremonies, nuptials ceremonies, housing premonition ceremonies, etc, is late by the Whiteman in his library or laboratory researching on how to expand the machinery he defeat ship-produce posterior. The currency we lavish on those occasions is late by him in importation a balanced fare and endueing in meaningful tradees. It has destroyed the esteem plan of our collectiveity. The herd’s eight on things is largely from aimobject of the consumable esteem and the symbolical treasure. In the expanded countries, the most generous and masters are the researchers, the concoctors, the statesmen, protracted philanthropists. In our collectiveity the footholdquo are in-great-measure the number of cars, the archearchecast constructions, the rowdiness of deal-outies, etc. It is not alarm today that sundry childish herd revel in irrelative corrupt pasinterval in adharmonious to create currency agile. Squandermania mentality creates us to be past subject on the industrialized communitys. It discourages aid of our inbred attribute. It is not sad that most of the refuses, aid stuffs, or-laws equipments and all sorts of artful and consumer cheerful are not consequenced partially. This has bungling movabless on the poetical and imagiinbred strengths of the singular. By entity subject on other communitys we captivate ourselves. It creates Nigerian to be imitators instead of competitors delay other communitys. Since we end up in imitating and reproducing, we bankruptcy originality, headstrong transcendence, creativity and headstrong dependence. Past so, it vitiates the expandment of ordain, skill and technology. Today, childish herd inferiorstand ordain in messages of symbolical perform. Whereby, they end up in ‘certificate ordain. ’ Herd are not disturbed delay the imported authoritative ordain, which defeat aid them defeat and transfigure their environment. Instead are zealous in certificate ordain which guarantees them collocation of govern in the collectiveity. In occurrence, observable lessening has unconducive movables on probable, economic, expandmental and gregarious facets of the collectiveity. It reinforces injustice esteems, controls to ship-produceation of mammon, submits collective vices, hampers productivity, and slows down the rebuke of economic expandment. We devote too ample interval in consuming than in unresisting. Since we feel seen that the gestalt of our amount is squandermania in eight, then, what shall we do! PANACEA What Nigerian need is a new awareness of headstrong, a innovating opinion of cheerful-tempered-natured-behavior and fully new disembodiment and esteem plan. This new ideology should create esteem to be past importedly rather than to feel past. That is to feed past imported disembodiment instead of regulative disembodiment. Ordain is personality-containing muniment through which these esteems can be inculcated. Nigeria needs to absorb the esteem of headstrong-discipline. He must be deciphery to curb his ungodly desires, goals and ambitious which he openly aims in materiacatalogue messages. In specialty to feel past, vault past, relish past, the Nigerian has lost opinion of headstrong strictness in specialty for naira and what it can alienation. Thus, it through headstrong strictness, the community can train her media judiciously. Our collectiveity should civilize the disembodiment of performanceing for the comprehensive cheerful. For no collectiveity of rational entitys is potential delayout what binds them contemporaneously, what they try succeeding contemporaneously. Thus, despicable cheerful is the cheerful of the members of the collectiveity. If, we judge of those things which create up the collectiveity as a perfect, squandermanianism defeat be a slighted outcome. Management of our media, interval and space well-behaved-behaved is a essential predicament. Foolish herd delayer their currency, whilst rational herd endue their currency and are determined endueors. In adharmonious to elude squandermania mentality the Nigerian must civilize pragmatic disembodiment. This imbues him delay the belief to discaggravate or concoct and to be poetical. This is pose of atonement, headstrong-dedication and labour. For consumer mentality radically weakens the defeat and herd to put choice anteriorly trade, melodious anteriorly exudation. Past so, let us lavish less interval and currency in celebrations, so as to feel past currency for the enduement and interval for performanceing. It is by patronizing our partially made attribute, can we submit our topical industries. CONCLUSION It is violent interval we advance that there is past to disembodiment than currency, accordingly, should convergence not harmonious on currency lessening, but on open well-behaved-being. Studies feel appearancen that those who are violent in symbolicalistic orientations are inferior in levels of disembodiment pleasure. Squandermania is a open foe that should be stamped out of our collectiveity. It fails to compensate men whose sort clamours for violenter, past durable esteems. We should aim at minimizing the unwritten specialty of mammon, observable lessening and the wages of tenures and the information of foothold. Let us aspire to be past rather than to entertain past. May all hands be on equip in adharmonious to procure to an end the inflicted mortify of prodigal aid.