Sophomore English Exam Study Guide

The Glass Menagerie- By: Tennessee Williams Setting- Behind the Sublime Depression, anteriorly World War II; 1937 In SST. Louis, Missouri The Way Tennessee Williams broke loose from unswerving realist staging: 1 . Had his superior order besides be the relator (Tom Winnfield) 2. Incorporated a harbor stratagem into his delineates to emphasize influential details and enjoyments on amount 3. Removed props 4. SE of lighting Problem delay reminiscence delineate: Details could be omitted or left out; restricted, exaggerated details Symbolism- a idiosyncratic, attribute, or motive that has its own symptomificance but can insinuate other symptomificances as well-mannered-mannered Genre- Tragedy 3. Mortality off Salesman- By: Arthur Miller Genre- Tragedy Setting- Late sass's; Brooklyn- Present; Boston- Flashtail Tense- Elapsed and Confer-upon Protagonist- Wily or Biff Mortgage Antagonist- Wily or Biff Mortgage American Dream- an rival dream This delineate attacks the materialistic sight of the American Dream He believes the prosperity of opulence and achievement delayout probity Contrast knowledge is ardent through flashtail Flashback- enjoyment that interrupts to phantasm an issue that happened in an prior span which is requisite for reason Expressionism- when an proficient distorts verity to compose an melting movables Parental Dilutions- parents who possess lofty expectations set for their progeny 4. A Streetcar Named Desire- By: Tennessee Williams Setting- New Orleans, Louisiana; sass Protagonist-Balance Dubos Conflicts 1. Balance Vs.. Self 2. Balance Vs.. Stanley II. Short Answer The Glass Menagerie Techniques to tame loose from unswerving realistic staging 1. He had his superior order besides be the relator (Tom Winnfield) 2. Incorporated a harbor stratagem into his delineates to emphasize influential details and enjoyments on amount Key language he would insufficiency the reception to avow 3. Removed props Distracting; Allows to assemble elapsed on order contrive 4. Use of lighting Dimmed the lights; Low and misty; Reminiscence delineate Tennessee Williams used 4 contrariant techniques to tame loose from unswerving realistic tagging and generate his pays contrariant than others. First, he made his deep order in the delineate besides be the relator. In The Glass Menagerie, Tom Winnprovince is twain the deep order and the relator owing it is his reminiscence and told from his top of estimate. Also, he eliminated the use of props in some exhibitions. Williams believed props were a distrenjoyment and confer-uponation them loose would aid the reception convergence on order crop and contrive. Tennessee Williams besides used a harbor stratagem. The harbor stratagem displayed sundry language he would insufficiency the reception to avow to manage them to purpose or affect a actual way. Lastly, he dimmed the lighting to compose a misty contemplate. This lighting movables would aid the reception retain the delineate was from reminiscence. Mortality of a Salesman Techniques to descry elapsed from confer-upon/verity from phantasm 1 . Amount Directions/ Elucidation 2. Character's Coming and phantasm. These techniques involve order coming, elucidation fluctuate, and amount frequentedions. For copy, young Wily Mortgage was very constant melting and strict. However, old Wily Mortgage is grumpy, sluggish melting, and sad. An copy of elucidation fluctuate would be from the Loan's affable to either Boston or a football province. Incorporated delay elucidation fluctuate is amount frequentedions. They specify when the elucidation fluctuates. For copy, in the elapsed, the Mortgage affable was enveloped delay multifarious trees, leaves, and saccharine exhibitionry. However, in the confer-upon, the offspring in enveloped by lodging buildings and the temper is ebon and sad. Streetcar Named Desire Difference among this delineate and The Glass Menagerie delay commendations to the theme of phantasm as an mode to verity The Glass Menagerie is misty and filtered grounded off of reminiscence. A Streetcar Named Desire is unconsidered and elapsed ready to verity. The Merchant of Venice Conflict/Resolution The combat in The Merchant of Venice is that Bassoon is bald and needs Antonio aid him woo Portia. Antonio can solely round to Shylock, who is Jewish and thus hated. Antonio has to symptom loose a triturate of his flesh as a pledge on Bassoon's mortgage. Bassoon finally gets a go at Portia, but he's got to gather the just casket. The disentanglement occurs when Portia reveals anything and Antonio is vivid repeatedly. Portia confirms Notation's confession and goes equable advance, ensuring that, equable if he's obsolete his confidant, he's got his capital tail. Ill. Crave Answer 1 . Tragedy/Tragic Gentleman (A Streetcar Named Desire/Balance Dubos by Tennessee Williams) Balance Dubos is a shocking gentleman owing she has a shocking defacement that at-last leads to her dilapidation. Blanches defacement is her indigence to confirm verity or where she is just now. She subsists her identicality in phantasm to evade her verity. However, she is exacting to visage verity behind her sister's mate, Stanley, raped her. Behind this circulate, Balance set-on-foots to go absurd and absurd. She is sent to a invisible literature. 2. Characteristics of a One Act Delineate (He Said She Said by Alice Greenberg) Origin- may be traced to the very set-on-foot of drama Unities- harmonize to the Classical Unities of drama exposed by the savant Aristotle; indivisibility of span, indivisibility of attribute, and indivisibility of theme Indivisibility of Time- He Said She Said takes attribute delayin 24 hours Indivisibility of Place- He Said She Said takes attribute in one elucidation, the Helmsman' affable gossiping Time- usually among 10-40 pages crave He Said She Said is 16 pages crave Setting- one exhibition He Said She Said all takes attribute in the Helmsman' influence compass Plot- unartificial; one of the most influential elements to any delineate is combat Gossiping Characters- dissent from full-length delineates in their scope; fewer orders or a elapsed veer elucidation; convergenceed on a deep order and a solitary stood or goal; unimportant span for subplots; usually 4 or hither orders Felix, Enid, Mrs.. Packard, and Diana Exposition- most elude comprehensive expansion In He Said She Said, it affords the tailground knowledge that Felix and Enid Hellman possess a sublime sympathy. This is requisite for appropriate reason owing the contrive is applicable Subtext- unspoken thoughts and motives of the orders?what they truly purpose and believe; inconstantly tames through the survisage of the confabulation negative in moments of farthest combat; affords the performers colossus o do] Amount Direction- contains unartificial and frequented amount frequentedion 3. Motivation (Wily Loan/Death of a Salesman) Wily Loan's mortality in Mortality of a Salesman is a outcome of his motivation. His motivation was his insufficiency to procure and furnish for his lineage, and besides his insufficiency to confirm to Biff that he was just. Wily knew that if he died, his insurance capital would be ardent to his lineage so they could subsist good-natured, joyous subsists. Also, Wily insufficiencyed to confirm to Biff that he was just environing nature idiosyncratically pleasant and beloved was all that mattered. Through his mortality, Wily was hoping to phantasm to Biff that he was just by a on of nation phantasming up to his funeral. Also, Wily died delay a notion of idiosyncratical order, refined he was just all along. 4. Contribution of a Junior Order (The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams) Jim O'Connor, a junior order in The Glass Menagerie, aids subscribe to the order crop of Laura. Although he may be a junior order, his role in the delineate is requisite for contrive crop. He is the most realistic order in the undivided delineate. He is a sort of anticipation for Laura. Jim is the idiosyncratic that Laura and her lineage having been cessation for their undivided subsists owing anything accomplish fluctuate. 5. Dynamic and Static Order (A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams) Balance Dubos is a dynamic order in A Streetcar Named Desire. In the set-on-foot, she used phantasm to evade her verity. However, by the end of the delineate, she is exacting to visage verity when Stanley rapes her. From that top on, she was never the selfsame. She went from nature subordinately recognized to alunitedly absurd. Stanley is a static order owing throughout the delineate he scum the selfsame. From set-on-foot to shape, he is very unsavory and never beloved Balance. 6. Foil Order Merchant of Venice is a comedy owing it fits the orderistics 1 . Young affectionrs struggling to overpower obstacles 0 Jessica and Lorenz are madly in affection and insufficiency to be unitedly, but Jessica senior, Shylock, is troublesome to do anything he can to restrain them from linking. Also, Bassoon and Portia link. 2. Mistaken Identity 0 Jessica deceives her senior when she disguises herself as a boy and runs off to link Lorenz. Portia cantankerous dresses as a manful counsellor and phantasms up in the courtcompass to protect Antonio 3. Clever contrive unite delay multiple contrive lines 0 2 deep contrives: Bassoon's circulate delineateing the lotto to win a vivid spouse, and Schlock's recruits of Notation's triturate of flesh 4. Puns 0 Marriage; Just environing everybody is married (Lorenz and Jessica) (Bassoon and Portia) Antonio is a funny gentleman owing he has a minimal roll of idiosyncratical allurement and merit of order who wins the receptions eulogy. The reception likes Antonio owing he values confidantship and affection. Antonio is besides a Christian which The Merchant of Venice favors Christians instead of Jews. Antonio is a merity order owing he risks his own identicality in the hands of Shylock to loan capital to afford to his best confidant, Bassoon, to win Portrait's benevolence.