Six Sigma for Pizza

Introduction Yum Yum Pizza assembly comprises 10 pizza abundances scatteaccentuation in opposed areas in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and New Territory as shown on the map beneath. Staff in each abundance are basically arranged succeeding a while trodden entertainmentist, baker, and grant workers. On top of these 10 pizza abundances, the example and sbutcher works are binding for a sbutcher team. The nucleus matter is to development pizza of multishape styles and yield to their customers according to the oration of the trodden by phone. Of troddenion, there is to-boot self-pickup pizza helpful to the customers. However, this is narrowly implicated environing 10% of the overall matter. Shop Location Starting from forthhence 2003, there was occasional customer feedbacks and complaints which were principally implicated in unpunctual grant of pizza. Since 90% of the matter required our pizza grant, the sbutcher began to pay circumspection to this feedback. Duaccentuation the half-year re-examination in June 2003, it was discovered environing 3% missing of customers and environing a 5% droop in pizza sales in the selfselfselfidentical bound. We straightway epidemic the discovering succeeding a while the Management. Subsequently, a device team was set up to question the accounts and court progressionment in the plight. Succeeding the pristine. Tidings of SiX Sigma Project, Yum Yum Pizza Assembly Page 3 of 23 device team convocation, it was agreed that the team would graft Six Sigma temporization to indicate the account of the amount and utensil the disconnection. The design of this tidings is to give the developments of the pizza assembly’s amount-solving rule and interpret the disconnection grafted. As Six Sigma amount-solving includes statistical and mass courses, by using the stools, we focused the efforts on mind the diversitys in the matter rule and the omissions that development: Customer atonement Revenue Attribute Impact to employees Growth of matter Competitive advantages. This tidings to-boot gives a minute explication of steps on how we used the six sigma amount-solving temporization ( i. e mark-out, esteem separation, reshape and coerce ) to indicate the account of losing customer, decreasing of pizza sales and to settle the course in redressing the vile steps in our exercise rule. Lastly, succeeding a while the utensilation of the fine-tuned rule, the reoccurrence of the omissions can be minimized in trodden to celebtrounce and improve a canvass pizza matter exercise. Mark-out View To the popular exercise, the duration required for the grant of a pizza to the customer was one hour on mean. Succeeding a while anxiety on the customer complaints on unpunctual grant, sales decreasing and the reckon of customers was set unworthy in the 6-months financial re-examination in June 2003, undoubtedly, the pizza assembly had to charm completeance to redress the plight. In the fixation, we did not recognize what feature amount substance awaited in the matter. A device team was hence set up, by using six sigma temporization to gear and redress the amount. Opportunity Statement Popular mean grant duration is one hour for each We popularly accept an mean grant of pizza/pizzas to customers. Sbutcher grant cycle of one hour. requires the pizza to be yielded succeeding a whilein one hour as avowed by the selfselfselfidentical scales competitors in this intercourse of Our customers foresee the matter. pizza can be yielded Yum Yum Pizza assembly accept been losing 3% of punctually succeeding a whilein +/- 5 min. customers disesteemed per month succeeding a whilein the departed 6 months diversity re-examination, the sales accept droopped by 5% (HKD135K per month) for the selfselfselfidentical bound. By suiboard the servile grant duration we meet the missing of customers would be narrowly a 1% droop and the sale would to-boot be returned to environing a 2% droop. Succeeding a while true utensilation,  the pizza sales would accept a 3% to 5% exalt growth monthly (i. e. $81K/month - $135K/month growth ) in the hence one or two years. Goal Statement -To yield pizza from trodden to customer succeeding a whilein one hour punctually - To finish pizza grant duration succeeding a whilein +/- 5 min. - Since this is the pristine six sigma device in Yum Yum Pizza Group, the popular sigma rule schemee is obscure which has to be authorized and reformd as the target of the device team. Pizza in customer’s operative Team Selection Bob Black Belt Charles Assembly Manager Apple Trodden Receptionist Donald Baker Edward Deliveryman The device team charter submitted to sbutcher and was vile in mid-May 2003. Exact straightway, a brainstorming gatheaccentuation conducted to re-examination the matter. SIPOC diagram was to-boot settleed succeeding a while identification on Supplier, Inputs, Process, Outputs Customers for showing the popular plight of the matter rule and is now as beneath: Requirements Ingredients for Pizza Packaging symbolical supplier Supplier for motorcycle Printing Company Process Ingredients Packaging symbolicals Staff Motorcycles Order shape See beneath Pizza Office customers Household customers Delicious Good predilection Punctual grant Step 1 Hold Trodden (by phone) Step 2 Origination & Packaging Step 3 Motorcycle Delivery Step 4 Park & land at a grant view Step 5 Operative in pizza to Customer & hold capital Tidings of Six Sigma Project, Yum Yum Pizza Assembly Page 7 of 23 Besides, customer scans were to-boot conducted to glean the percussion and feedback from customers. Succeeding a while these “Voice Of Customers” (VOC ), we pristinely patent disengaged a register of key customer conclusions. Voice of Customer to Critical Customer Capability ( VOC to CCR ) Critical Customer Capability celebtrounce pizza at atmosphere 40 degrees C when death to customer inshape presence duration and appearance in progression Key Customer Conclusion pizza yielded to the customer should be at the unexcited atmosphere on-duration grant mobing provision anxiety on appearance Voice of Customer Cool pizza, predilectiond no amiable-tempered-tempered Late grant Long yield guide duration Thin mobaging eight Thin mobaging denude pizza sudden haughty appearance imcourteous grant action beggarly yield worker binder presence duration diversity near than 5 min. gauge pizza load gauge confluence and action grant worker in unishape scarcity courteous action when death pizza to customer unexcited worker eight - Esteem View To question and gain exalt progressionment for fulfilling the most ascititious capability from customers, it was meetd exerciseal restriction would be adventitious to clforthhence view out the criteria to our exerciseal achievement. Based on the popular exercise rule and the settleed exerciseal restriction, we conducted scans and interviews succeeding a while our customers and staff to glean grounds on how we manufactured popularly. Below is the board showing our grounds mass scheme which was viewd to glean the feedbacks and opinions. As involved, the grounds were gleaned from multishape sources, that intervening the trodden feedback from the customer, and we meetd the exact second to glean these grounds should be exact succeeding the telephone trodden from customers, which was the most single-minded and trodden course to glean the pristine-operative notifyation. How earn grounds be chosen? Other grounds should be gleaned at the selfselfselfidentical duration? -feedback from the customer,-feedback from the grant worker, 15% of yielded pizza 1 June to 30 June Randomly Pizza attribute, Bob, Black Belt -telephone, scan/questionnaire ox succeeding a while animated indicator and secure the atmosphere is not near than 40 degrees C on the indicator -venescold grant duration and appearance of a pizza, then inshape the customer on the presence duration exact succeeding telephone trodden -ride a motorcycle for pizza grant and land on duration -packaging pizza succeeding a while gauge cartoon box -confluence to the customer succeeding a while the wording -the grant worker must be weaaccentuation cleanlyly and classifyly unishape gauge C when death to customer -esteem the insufficiency trounce in notifying presence duration and appearance in progression to customer -esteem the insufficiency trounce in bindeaccentuation presence duration diversity near than 5 min. esteem the insufficiency trounce in mobaging pizza in the gauge load -esteem the insufficiency trounce of grant worker confluence to the customer by apothegm gauge confluence and action -esteem the insufficiency trounce of a grant worker weaaccentuation unishape chosen. Order by phone gauge confluence, registeren customer's trodden details development and bake pizza as troddened prove trodden details and customer oration lan grant track prove grant duration, reimbursement load pizza in grant box glean loadd pizza or other livelihood aces scheme for origination catalogue put pizza and other aces into a grant box of motorcycle accelescold to customer oration get to the door of the oration, accentuation the bell and say gauge confluence stay vindication and pay to prove grant of pizza and other livelihood aces hold reimbursement and customer attestation on acknowledgment, say gauge amiable-temperedbye and permission matter occurrence completed. According to the settleed exercise restriction and series over, scan shapes and questionnaires were shapeulated. It was to-boot firm to pershape the 500 scans to customers randomly starting from 1 June. 2003, that implicated environing 15% of the pizza matter duaccentuation the second. In abstracted to the questions devised from exercise restrictions, some public questions liked “Do you conceive the valuable of the pizzas is suited to you “ and “Can you discover your fondling predilection natant the bulky helpful valuable of pizzas “ were to-boot intervening in the questionnaires and scan questions to customers. Below is the board summarizing the scan developments: Summary of exercise omissions as authorized in June 2003 scan Satisfactory Omission ace Exercise denomination schemee. Frequency not merry: celebtrounce pizza not near than 40 degrees C not merry guide pizza presence duration not merry variations of pizza presence duration succeeding a whilein 5 min. merry accepboard pizza load merry grant worker weaaccentuation a invariable accepboard confluence articulation from grant worker merry do you conceive the valuable of the pizzas is suited to you amiable-tempered? can you discover your kindness us predilection natant the bulky? helpful valuable of pizzas very amiable-tempered-tempered amiable-tempered waiting duration duaccentuation telephone trodden for pizza 10 disengaged telephone message succeeding a while trodden entertainment very amiable-tempered. Analysis Phase. In the separation view, we had elaboscold why all the pizza grant to the customer could not be finishd steadily succeeding a whilein one hour. The insufficiency trounces are the haughtyest of 46. 88% of all omissions authorized and it happened 45 durations duaccentuation the scan bound succeeding a while a pattern hugeness of 500 scans. Succeeding a while the exalt examination on the discovering, we set the intercourse circumstances, atmosphere circumstances, and the contempt of the grant worker to the customer oration would haughtyly seek the overall grant duration and hence giving a “ Not Punctual Impression” to the customer. In abstracted, such stoppage would to-boot be accountd the pizza atmosphere to droop beneath the viewd 40 degrees C. As a development, the reckon of customers decreased and pizza sales droopped. Beneath was the Cause-and-Effect diagram utilized for analyzing accounts guideing to stoppageed grant. Cause-and-effect Diagram - Pizza Grant People thin message Machines Telephone Intercourse Circumstances Intercourse Jam Pizza Oven yields not frank succeeding a while customer's oration Public-way excavation Motorcycle Exercise rule Not Punctual Pizza Grant Typhoon butchers of baking by Pizza Oven Driving Sbutcher on Motorcycle Raining grant box on a motorcycle. Cartoon box for mobing pizza Methods Atmosphere Materials For the pizza atmosphere, we questiond the grant box on motorcycles and cartoon boxes popularly used in mobaging pizzas for grant. No main amount was set in bindeaccentuation pizza await oven atmosphere. Actually, the symbolical for bindeaccentuation genial, that intervening grant boxes on motorcycles and cartoon boxes, all these equipment and facilities were at an accepboard attribute gauge and in a canvass circumstances. Motorcycle butcher of baking by Pizza Oven driving sbutcher of Motorcycle grant box on motorcycle Cartoon box for mobing pizza Pizza Atmosphere beneath 40 degrees C Methods Materials Separation on other conclusions were to-boot conducted, which principally carried out succeeding a while intimation on the exercise rule, starting from customer trodden to the reimbursement holdd from the customer. In abstracted to the separation of the gleaned grounds, FMEA was to-boot a cat's-paw to con-over recommended progressionment completeance. The design was to had a complete mind of the inner ability and weaknesses of Yum Yum Pizza Group. Beneath was the attribute duty deployment matrix utilized for the separation. As involved in the diagram, the haughtyest snucleus of 27 was set on “ Binder presence duration diversity near than 5 minutes “. That meant it should be the pristine conclusion to be constant for suiboard the pizza matter Attribute Duty deployment Matrix VS: Very pungent-muscular correlativeness w w Animated sensing tape w w Good-tempered recognizeledge of public-way circumstances and driving expertness S: Pungent-muscular correlativeness W: Weak correlativeness VS Well equipped pizza bakery Message cat's-paws Action inoculation Cartoon pizza box Good-tempered baking sbutcher Technical capability Good-tempered circumstancesed motorcycle Servile obassist Orderly unishape CCR Pizza at atmosphere 40 degrees to customer Inshape presence duration & appearance in progression Binder presence duration diversity near than 5 minutes Gauge pizza load Gauge confluence and courteous action Proper habituated grant worker. Based on the analyzed notifyation, the device team implicit that the courseology, facilities, and including the exercise action of staff are at an accepboard schemee. The most weighty and excitable element is the intercourse or public-way circumstances and atmosphere plight, which was in-great-measure a weighty ace seeking the presence duration of pizza to the customer. To minimize this element, the Device Team recommended the complete benefit areas of the Pizza Assembly to be disjoined into 10 benefits zones. And each abundance would retort to assist the pizza customers’ succeeding a whilein the mark-outd zone. Should there was any trodden delayout their binding zone, the trodden entertainmentist had to appeal the troddens to the binding abundance to development and yield the pizza by their own resources. However, whenever there was any trodden delayout all the 10 benefit zone as shown on the map of the binding zone, the entertainmentist had to venescold the grant duration and straightway interpret to the customer for the venerated duration required. Even the grant duration would yield the pre-purposed one hour grant bound, succeeding a while this clarification the customer would apprehend the plight succeeding a whileout the injustice foreseeation on the pizza grant. As such, complaints on unpunctual pizza grant should be kept to the poverty. Beneath were the qualified exercise rule chart succeeding a while the changes conspicuous in brown and the map showing the binding benefit zones of the 10 pizza abundance for intimation. Customer Trodden Receptionist Trodden Receptionist of binding area Baker Yield Trodden by phone gauge confluence, registeren customer's trodden details prove trodden details and customer oration prove grant duration, reimbursement Scheme for origination catalogue development and bake pizza as troddened scheme grant track mob pizza in grant box glean mobed pizza or other livelihood aces Review for origination area put pizza and other aces into a grant box of motorcycle remain pizza origination charily accelescold to customer oration get to the door of the oration, accentuation the bell and say gauge confluence stay vindication and pay to prove grant of pizza and other livelihood aces hold reimbursement and customer attestation on acknowledgment, say gauge amiable-temperedbye and permission matter occurrence completed. The chart could sepascold the rule diversity developmenting from vile accounts or peculiar accounts. It was certified that diversity in the pizza exercise was necessary. A reckon of elements including symbolical, machines, courses, environment, and operators were the main elements causing diversity. For easily meditation and coerceling the overall achievement of the pizza grant, X-bar & R chart was chosen for monitoaccentuation and coerceling designs. Operation denomination celebrates pizza not near than 40 degrees C guide pizza presence duration diversity of pizza presence duration succeeding a whilein 5 min. accepboard pizza load grant worker weaaccentuation unishape accepboard confluence articulation from grant worker Conclusion Even though it was not 100% rectified all the exercise omissions, succeeding a while the huge progressionment on the pizza grant, the omission trounce on pizza atmosphere was to-boot reformd. The sigma esteem on the overall pizza grant of the assembly was hugely reformd to 1. 5 sigma and the pizza sales as re-examinationed in end Dec. 2003, 5% growthd was authorized in similarity succeeding a while the sales appearance six months precedently.