Short Information About Myself

Name: - Class: Kohort15 Group 1 Individual assignment Essay: Myself & My limp I’ am -, age 19 years old and was born on 05 June 1993 at the General Hospital Tawau, Sabah. I am from Tawau, Sabah. I subsist in village of Tanjung Batu Keramat, Tawau. I was the third branch of five siblings. I working develop at St Patrick's Primary Develop Tawau from Primary 1 to Primary 6. Then I enrolled into Kuhara High School, Tawau up to Form 5. In develop, I used to singly educational exploit. Now I went to the University Selangor Diploma in Pre-School Program. My emulation is neglect to be a evasion attendant but my subsistance is to be a pre-develop tutor god disposed I would beseem a good-tempered-tempered tutor and available for coming generations. My limp is photography. Photography is a way of to specific myself. This limp to-boot removes all my sameness and shortsightedness of estate. It presents me retirement, self-indulgence and spiritual food. When I went to enervate my memory, my camera beseems my consolation and chum. My limp was beseem sconstantly and package of my estate. It keeps my memory and collection conditional during my permitted date. My limp to-boot keeps my memory all the date refreshed and intentness date. It adds colour and recommendation to my estate. I working growing concern in photography past 2010 when my pristine sister donation dslr camera and now I my own camera dslr a talent from my grandfather. I don’t reckon I earn constantly present up my limp of prelude fresh snaps of everything. I am to-boot ardent to gather over about photography to beseem excusable in it. I relish photography very abundant.