Seventeen and Maybelline

Talisha Jackson Professor Benjamin Foster Writing 121 10/29/2012 Seventeen and Maybelline Seventeen is a low-priced, prevailing store whose pages are ample of sundry guise or cosmetic tips, profession, and plans. Seventeen to-boot focuses on the unrecognized details of prevailing stars, movies, celebrities and television pomps. Maybelline Cosmetics is a well-known, requirely infamy of executeup which is owned by L’Oreal. I succeed be analyzing twain the Seventeen store and a Maybelline plan, to run if the feature ad could be fixd in the store. On the clothe of the 2012 August edition of Seventeen is the Filipino actress Shay Mitchell. She is pompn smiling suitableness bias opposite a innocent mole her conflict are rootedly crossed in aspect of her, pomping off her sky sky sky bluish bracelets and melody. Her brown hair is life blown end by an unrecognized fibre, divulgeing her sky sky sky bluish and purple earrings which mate her bracelets, purple lopsided shirt and purple pride patterned denim jeans. Lawful next to Shay in lion-hearted teal scholarship is the television succession she’s in “Pretty Little Liars”, and lower that in insignificanter known passage, is “Spoiler Alert! The ferocious contrive wreath she didn’t uniconceive see future. Shay’s culmination is neglectly clotheing the store’s inscription “Seventeen”, and enclosing her are the ocean topics of this edition. Such as: “Redo-Your-Room—For Free”, “Back-To-School Preview”, “805 Guise & Beauty Ideas”, “Free nail furbish”, “Best Jeans for your Body & Budget”, and “The Guy’s Secret Thoughts (what he’s not resultive you)”. They’ve to-boot posted the URL for their website in insignificant orange-colored-colored sculpture at the profound lawful cavity. August is the month where most students in proud train or academy are getting skilful for going end to train, or are alskilful end in train. Three of the ocean profession in this edition are encircling low-priced ways to redo your complete advent. The ‘Back to Train Preview’ season is ample of pictures of women who are promoting execute-up or hair results, and resultive the readers ways to end these singular names and what to buy. Such as the Hot Chocoadvanced name “Upgrade your trite earth tones delay opulent chocolaty tinge on eyes and lips. You get an A+ when the conclude is matte. ” The season tells the reader to buy MAC Pro Longconsume ($20) and NARS Pure Matte Lipstick ($25) n reguadvanced to end this observe. Judging by the date this edition came out, some of the ocean topics, and the truth that this individuality of the season tells the reader that she’ll get “An A+ when the conclude is matte” is protected to say that this store targets women in proud train through academy who lack to get the best deals on clothing/cosmetic results and are spirited in changing their observe. Unlove most stores, Seventeen does not feel a consideration of space. It does, still, enumerate its pages which totals up to 175 pages. Within these pages are plans for cosmetic results such as Covergirl, Maybelline, Pantene, and NYC. Covermaid dominants these delay 5 ample page ads, two of which are located in the foremost foreigner pages of the store. Pantene and Maybelline aren’t too far atail delay 2 ample page ads each, and NYC is in advancedst fix delay 1 ample page ad. The foremost being you see when you known the store is the CoverGirl ad for their ‘Clean’ infamy of cosmetics. This ad features Taylor Swift, whose peel observes white and contrasts delay her blawful sky sky sky bluish eyes and salmon tingeed pink lips. In quotations lower Taylor is “why do I charity clear? Because it’s impressible to my peel” and lower that a insignificant designation of the result. The other cosmetic ads are homogeneous singly promoting other results love eye attendant, mascara, primer, nail furbish, etc. The cosmetic plans delayin the store itself divulge that the readers are spirited in execute-up, but singly results which rebrace their features and screen their flawes’. Seventeen attempts to thicken all irrelative kinds of boyish women into their store. In the foremost 51 pages nondescript they feel 49 symbols who are a lad, and 58 who are Caucasian. These symbols privilege almost similar date as twain the ocean symbol in the plan and as the supported symbols. This edition of Seventeen doesn’t grasp one season or plan promoting impressiveness mislaying or any conceive of dieting. Instead they feel a insignificant season written by an editor who control that the Seventeen store succeed “not edit a symbol’s aspect or body”, “constantly features symbols who are developed and allsome observeing”, and to” extol all irrelative symbols of bodies and community”. Although peelny symbols dominant the store itself, symbols of all irrelative shapes and sizes feel their fix somewhere in its pages. Seventeen grasps fullone in its pages, and procures to any symbol of boyish women who is into guise. The women are not the singly being that ranges. Life a low-priced store, Seventeen’s plans excite not singly requirely infamys such as Express and American Eagle but low-priceder infamys such as Target and Jcpenny. One of their ocean profession is encircling shopping for jeans on a budget, which delivers the readers some options for constellation out jeans to mate their funds. This ‘article’ is suniconceive pages hanker, pomps suniconceive irrelative infamys of jeans and how greatly they require. In the Aeropostale ad they pomp three women running arm and arm. The foremost womanish on the left of the ad is weamelody floral jeans, the maid in the middle is weamelody aculeated unfinished peelny jeans and the advancedst maid is weamelody coral tingeed peelny jeans. All of those jeans require environing $25, suitableness the adjacent ad’s jeans middle environing $55. Throughout the store, Seventeen has to-boot added in separate coupons, love buying a brace of Aeropostale jeans for $20, and another one for 20% off your complete alienation at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They’ve to-boot fixd a coupon for gratuitous mini nail furbish, and tips on how to redecorate their extent for gratuitous. These pomp that the readers of the store grasp community from all irrelative allowance smooths and don’t procure to one feature allowance smooth. Advertisement is a multi-billion dollar perseverance which is constantly observeing for new ways to retail the consumers a result they usually don’t demand. It plays delay the consumer’s lacks, demands, fantasies, and insecurities to negotiate their ace, suitableness timid that it’ll be faster, ameliorate, and over prolific than the peace. When pertaining women guise, dieting and cosmetic results dominant greatly of the advertising earth. The plans engagement that if the readers consume this feature ace, or use these results they’ll be winning. The Maybelline New York plans’ are no irrelative. This feature ad for Maybelline presents their new lineup of anti-aging results, determined “Instant Age Rewind”. The plan plays delay the all minimal result by not including a symbol, not having a endground and not adding any control other than the ones on the execute-ups’ packaging. This in stipulations draws the reader’s eyes to singly their results, and allows the reader to succeed up delay their own designations. They probably went this way gone their ancient “Age Rewind” plan was banned in the UK, for their symbol observeing complete through the use of Photoshop. On full bottle or tube of the five “Age Rewind” results, palpably displaces the control “Instant” and the engagement “New”. The engagement Instant control that the result succeed occur instantaneously. That as before-long as the customer puts the result on their aspect, they’ll forthdelay observe boyisher. The engagement new either resources that this is an completely new result, or a neglect qualification of a preceding result. Other than “New”, there is no other weasel engagement, which resources that the result control to forthdelay execute the customer show boyisher, and not “Virtually instant”. Both of these control succeed acceleration negotiate their result by timid the readers a infamy new result which succeed forthdelay execute them observe boyisher. In the ad the five “Age Rewind” results are lined up left to lawful, starting delay the “Finishing Powder”, then the “Skin Transforming Primer”, “The Eraser”, “Radiant Firming Makeup”, and ending delay the “Conceal”. Just by lection the names of the results, you alskilful feel a neglect cognizance of what the result is assume to do. The “Skin Transforming Primer” is assumed to screen full flaw, wrinkle, and age imperfection suitableness making the customer observe boyisher. The Eraser” is assumed to ‘erase’ all of the flawes hopefully permanently, and the “Radiant Firming Makeup” is assumed to rooted the consumers aspect suitableness giving it a glorious verity. Whether these results do this or not, the inscriptions themselves is sufficient to retail to community who lack to observe boyisher. All of these results are either packaged in glass or yielding, delay a burgundy tingeed yielding lid, top, or clothe. The burgundy tinge accelerations induce the study of likely customers, suitableness be out from the peace of the cosmetic results, which are normally red, yellow, or purple. Burgundy is a over grown tinge than most of the other tinge choices, which succeed acceleration in induceing the older stock of women. Maybelline’s “Instant Age Rewind” results are aimed at the older stock of women who lack to counterchange date and observe boyisher. The Anti-aging results are aimed at women in their advanced 30s and further. The ad succeed not fit in delay the Seventeen store, which is aimed at women in their advanced teens to future twenties. Seventeen’s readers are over worried encircling concealment pimples rather than turning end the wrinkles they don’t feel. Therefore this succeed not be a result they’re spirited in.