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Entity:| Vietcombank| | Period ended:| 31/12/2012| Momentous arorder of proceedings/momentous exposure way name:| Reputation inception - Proceeding waying| | Momentous arorder of proceedings/ momentous exposure way owner:| Reputation Policty at HODebt conduct removal Client Removal | | We allure an intelligence of the momentous arrangees of proceedings (SCOTs) and momentous exposure wayes to warrant and discern the exposes of symbolical misrepresentation at the assumption raze (i. e. , what can go wrongs (WCGWs)) and, when pertinent, to warrant and discern the controls poise the WCGWs. This template assists succeeding a occasion completing S03 Discern momentous arrangees of proceedings and momentous exposure wayes. Momentous statements abnormal and key matter and financial declaration exposes akin to these statements: * Mortgage Acc * Share Acc * Provision Acc * Expense Acc * Receivable Acc| Pertinent assumptions: * Valuation * Completeness * Right and Obligation * Presentation and Exposure * Existence | Nature of the SCOT (routine, non-routine, mark): * Routine| Starting point (initiation) and timing of initiate and recording of the SCOT or momentous exposure way: * Customer’s impression| Specific mode important the arorder and degree of the instrumentation: * None| Name of the IT impression that supports the SCOT * | Inputs/outputs of the important road of momentous arorder of proceedings/momentous exposure way| Inputs/outputs of the cheered IT impression| Inputs: * | Inputs: * | Outputs: * | Outputs: * | Critical road (initiating, recording, waying, reverberationing, correcting incorrect instruction) We allure an intelligence of the SCOTs and the momentous exposure wayes by allureing an intelligence of their important road. The important road apprehends: * Initiation: the point where the proceeding foremost enters the remainence’s way and is speedy and yieldted for recording * Recording: the point where the proceeding is foremost chronicled in the books and records of the remainence * Processing: any changes, fabrication or frame-overs of the axioms in the books and records of the remainence * Reporting: the point where the proceeding is reverberationed (i. e. posted) in the unconcealed ledger. When we allure an intelligence of the important road, we allure an intelligence of how awry wayed instruction is detected and corrected on a opportune premise. We besides allure an intelligence of how proceedings are accumulated and posted from the sub ledger to the unconcealed ledger, including controls poise associated chronicle entries. We allure an intelligence of the policies and procedures in situate that conduct uses to detail that directives are carried out and applied, including: * Authorization * Segregation of antagonistic duties * Safeguarding of possessions * Instruction waying * Performance reviews We use our intelligence of the important road and the policies and procedures to warrant WCGWs and, when pertinent, pertinent controls. In the way of acquiring an intelligence of the waying procedures, we regularly attain of frequent of the controls in use. Thus, occasion the substance at this point is not to warrant the nearness or omission of controls, we are bexpose to the feasible omission of controls, and to the points at which errors could begravitate and controls are insufficiencyed. We regard the consequence IT has on the SCOTs and the momentous exposure wayes. The mode in which we instrument our intelligence of the SCOT or momentous exposure way is left to negotiative notion of the pledge executives. However, for important roads akin to round proceedings, a graphical depiction of the glide (e. g. , glidechart), cheered succeeding a occasion narrative notes (e. g. , use of this template) normally provides for easier identification of the types of errors that can befall. No. | Describe the important road for the momentous arorder of proceedings/momentous exposure way| Describe the automated aspects of the momentous arorder of proceedings/momentous exposure way, including: * Manual aspects that remain upon computer functionality or computer generated axioms * IT impressions/infrastructure| 1 | Reputation appraisal and giveing tender 1. 1. Mortgage impression:For twain HO and Branches, Reputation Dept. s organised into 3 removals:- Client and Device Siege (optional): binding for receiving and appraising mortgage solicit, monitoring and finalizing/ liquidating the mortgage. - Something-due Management: firstly binding for storing reputation decrease and other cheered instruments as polite-behaved-behaved-behaved as updating required instruction into classification; is-sue succeeding a occasion Client Removal in monitoring the mortgage. And two Expose Conduct removal : concerned in reputation commendatory way in stipulations of expose duty. One is subordinateneathneathneath HO and one is fixed on Ho Chi Minh CityFirstly, Client/ Device Siege ruler receives client’s Mortgage Impression and cheered instruments – which are distinctly customary in Article 14 – Decision 228/NHNT. HTQT: Lending Regulations1. 2. Loan appraisal: * Secondly, Fixed on instruments allureed and the confer-upon reputation regulations, Client/ Device Siege ruler appraises client’s impression subordinateneathneathneath the succeedingcited aspects: * Suitability (in kinsman to widespread Reputation proviso, akin regulations and general expose conduct policies of the bank) * Feasibility, power and raze of expose (if remain) akin to client’s matter contrivance * Solvency * Collaterals: Client ruler who receives and appraises mortgage solicit besides binding for monitoring and appraising connected. Deliverable of the ruler at this expression is Connected Appraisal Reverberation (Form BD 1. 1. v002), including verification of client ruler-in-assault and Gathering of Client Division. Regarding valuation, limbes bar for involuntary mode, are encouraged to relieve succeeding a occasion Independent Appraisal Firms (chosen succeeding a occasionin the roll of allowable robusts, fixed succeeding a occasion Instrument 946/VCB. CSTD – Appendix 01). In subject connected is valued by VCB, Valuation Memo (Form 2. 2: Bien Ban Dinh Gia) must be speedy succeeding a occasion verification of client and bank delegated-to-others, subordinateneathneathneath Decision 30/ VCB. CSTD. For connected of poise 20 billion VND, limb must bestow to HO the appraisal instruments by Appraisal robust and Appraisal/ Periodic Revelation Reverberation (Form BD 1. 2. v002), succeeding a occasionin 2 days since the reverberations are ardent their commendatory instance. | Manual | | * Next, Client/ Device Siege ruler contrivances and badges Reverberation of Reputation appraisal and giveing tender (Bao cao th? m d? h va D? xu? t c? p TD), succeedingcited Arorder 1. 4A, 1. 4B and 1. 5. * The Reverberation is then yieldted to Gathering of Client/ Device Siege Removal (TP KH) for revising and badgeing in subject the utterables of Client/ Device Siege ruler are reliable. Otherwise, he/she insufficiencys to instrument reasons as polite-behaved-behaved-behaved as additional notions * Credit/ Device Siege ruler then contrivances surrender instruments. a) For clients supposing Reputation proviso, Client ruler yields to Branch’s Director/ Vice Ruler or Client Ruler (GD KH) for HO clients. b) For clients supposing Reputation proviso but required by Reputation proviso commendatory instance (C? p th? m quy? n phe duy? ) to attempt for upper instance’s commendation when giveing the mortgage, Client ruler yields to twain Branch’s Director/ Vice Ruler and the instance which is customary in Announcement of Reputation proviso Commendation (Thong bao phe duy? t GHTD). If the upper instance is Local Reputation Committee (HDTD co s? ), there is no insufficiency to yield to Branch’s Director/ Vice Director. c) For clients not yet supposing or past Reputation proviso, Device Siege mortgage is issued. - Branch-fixed client: Client/ Device Siege ruler yields to Local Reputation Committee’s Ruler to organise consultation fixed on its Regulation on Operations. - HO-fixed client: Client/ Device Siege ruler yields to authorised Client Director. For the reputation provisos past instance of Client Director, surrender is sent straightly to HO’s Reputation Expose Conduct Removal for succeeding steps. Surrender instruments apprehend: * Client’s Mortgage Solicit (original) * Reverberation on Credit/ Device siege appraisal and giveing tender (original) * Reputation Scoring and Rating Table (original) * Legal instruments for new customers * Financial declarations * Other pertinent instruments (if profitable)| | 2. | Mortgage commendationBased on Reverberation of Reputation appraisal and giveing tender, authorized by Client ruler and Gathering of Client Removal conjointly succeeding a occasion cheered instruments, the succeedingcited parties in agreement succeeding a occasion their specific instance achieve initiate the commendatory way:2. 1. Branch’s Director/ Vice Ruler * In subject reputation supposing succeeding a occasionin Reputation proviso, Branch’s Director/ Vice Ruler authorizes the reputation give fixed on Reverberation of Reputation appraisal and giveing tender authorized by Client/ Device Siege ruler and Branch’s Director/ Vice Director, as polite-behaved-behaved-behaved as cognate surrender instruments. In subject reputation is supposing succeeding a occasionin Reputation proviso but required by Reputation proviso commendatory instance to attempt for upper instance’s commendation when giveing the mortgage, Client ruler yields to twain Branch’s Director/ Vice Ruler and the required instance (If the upper instance is Local Reputation Committee (HDTD co s? ), there is no insufficiency to yield to Branch’s Director/ Vice Director). 2. 2. Local Reputation Committee * Aftercited its Regulations on Organisation and Operations, Local Reputation Committee’s Ruler organises consultation fixed on surrender instruments speedy by Client/ Device siege ruler. This Committee apprehends Branch’s ruler, Vice ruler and gathering of Client, Siege device and Something-due conduct removal. Local Reputation Committee authorizes reputation gives which gravitate succeeding a occasionin its instance. Otherwise, fixed on exculpation notion of Local Reputation Committee, surrender instruments are then sent to Expose Conduct Removal by client ruler for succeeding steps. * For limbes subordinateneathneathneath the waying order of HCM-fixed Expose Conduct Division, Client ruler yields set of Mortgage Tender instruments straightly to HO’s Expose Conduct Removal and 1 observation of Mortgage Tender Arorder (Form 3. 2) to HCM-fixed Removal in subject of past its instance. * Branch’s set of instruments apprehend: * The bygone Solicit for Mortgage commendation Arorder 3. 2 (T? trinh d? ngh? phe duy? t tin d? ng/DTDA) authorized by Local Reputation Committee’s Director. A observation of Local Reputation Committee’s Consultation minutes * Surrender instruments to Local Reputation Committee| Manual| | 2. 3. Expose Conduct Removal * Fixed on set of Mortgage Tender instruments from the Branch, Expose ruler evaluates reputation exposes and contrivance Reputation Expose Duty Reverberation (Bao cao ra soat r? i ro c? p tin d? ng) using Arorder 2. 3A/2. 3B/2. 4 * The reverberation is then authorized by Expose ruler anteriorly substance yieldted to at definite 2 rulers of Expose Conduct Division, who succeeding provides their commendation plus verification. * Afterwards, Expose ruler contrivances and badges off perfect page of Announcement of Credit/ Device Siege Approval( Thong bao phe duy? t c? p tin d? ng/DTDA) Arorder 4. , anteriorly: * yieldting to Gathering of Expose Conduct Removal and Expose Conduct Ruler for verification; * bestowing an bygone to the proposing Branch; a observation to Unconcealed Ruler as polite-behaved-behaved-behaved as pertinent Branches. 2. 5. HO-fixed clients/ devices succeeding a occasionin Client Director’s commendatory instanceCredit tenders subordinateneathneathneath this subject are merely regarded ‘approved’ when the Reverberation of Reputation appraisal and giveing tender is authorized and ardent exculpation notion by Client Director. Accordingly, Client/ Device siege ruler contrivances (Thong bao tac nghi? p) and frame-overs instruments to HO Something-due Conduct Removal for storage, classification entering and other succeeding steps. 2. 6. Risk Conduct Ruler and Client DirectorUnder this occurrence, Expose ruler duplicates the steps succeeding a occasionin the commendatory instance of Expose Conduct Ruler as customary poise. The tender is merely regarded ‘approved’ when allureing verification of twain, bar for either of them is absent. | | | 2. 7. Central Reputation Committee * Central Reputation Committee bases on Reputation Expose Duty Reverberation (authorized by at definite 2 rulers of Expose Conduct Division) and Branch’s instrument set (original) speedy by Expose ruler to persuade a consultation. * According to Consultation minutes, Expose Conduct Removal contrivances and badges off perfect page of Announcement of Credit/ Device Siege Commendation (Form 4. 2) anteriorly yieldting Ruler Central Reputation Committee for verification. Then yield to: * Client Removal at HO an bygone for succeeding steps * pertinent Branches 01 observation * HCM-fixed Removal a observation in subject of commendatory the tender of limbes subordinateneathneathneath its instance. 2. 8. Board of Directors * Underneath this occurrence, succeeding substance widespread by Central Reputation Committee, Expose Conduct Removal contrivances surrender instruments in agreement succeeding a occasion Regulation of Mortgage gives subordinateneathneathneath commendatory instance of BOD. * Expose Conduct Removal then contrivances Commendation Announcement and bestows instruments in such a way as subjects subordinateneathneathneath Central Reputation Committee’s instance; in which, instruments to Something-due Conduct Removal must apprehend Mortgage Commendation Arorder by BOD. | | 3. | Making mortgage decrease and connected decreaseBased on commendatory consequences, Client ruler continues to attempt verification for mortgage and connected decrease. 3. 1. Loan decrease/Collateral decrease * Client/ Device Siege Removal badges off (ky t? t) perfect page of mortgage decrease/connected decrease and bestow to client for praise. Succeeding badgeing off by Client and Bank ‘s representer, Mortgage decrease was sent to Accounting removal and Something-due conduct Division. connected decrease was sent to Storage removal * If any variance arises, Client/ Device Siege ruler must reverberation to Gathering of Division. If needful to repair allureing or commendation stipulations, Client/ Device Siege Removal issues Arorder 1. 6: Reverberation on Appraising and Proposing Reputation Adjustment, yield to authorised bank delegated-to-otherss for commendation. Succeeding allureing client’s verification and bygone of connected decreases, Client/ Device Siege Removal record connected proceedings. * Client/ Device Siege ruler contrivances 02 (Thong bao tac nghi? p m? HDTD), badge off and yield to Gathering of Removal for verification, anteriorly bestowing to Something-due Conduct Removal (pertinent instruments apprehendd) for storage and entering into classification. * In subject clients do not entertain CIF yet, Client Removal contrivances Thong bao tac nghiep mo so CIF (Form 5. 8) then bestows to Proceeding Accounting dept. to known new CIF. | Manual| 4. | Putting axioms into classification and managing reputation finish * Succeeding badgeing mortgage decrease, Client ruler contrivance and badge on “Thong bao tac nghiep m? h? p d? ng tin d? g” containing all instruction insufficiencyed to put into classification, stipulations to squander, a roll of instruments insufficiencyed to stock and exceptional stipulations insufficiencyed to contrive the mortgage. Succeeding that, something-due conduct ruler recheck and badge on “Thong bao tac nghiep”. * Basing on “Thong bao tac nghiep”, Something-due Conduct ruler is binding for putting axioms into classification. However, merely when it is widespread online by gathering/vice of something-due conduct Division, achieve client axioms be unreserved on classification. Something-due Conduct ruler stocks all the instruments rolled on “thong bao tac nghiep”| IT Dependent| 5. | Expenditure of mortgageThe squanderment of mortgage involves the succeedingcited steps which remain on the appointed commendatory instance. However, all of the appointed removals are held binding for checking the regularity of client’s succeeding a occasiondrawal instruments succeeding a occasion reputation decrease. 5. 1. Client/ Device Siege DivisionIf succeeding a occasiondrawal solicit is sound, Client ruler contrivances “Thong bao tac nghiep du dieu kien rut von” (Form 5. 4), badges off and yields to Removal Gathering for verification anteriorly frame-overring instruments to Something-due Conduct ruler for squanderment. 5. 2. Something-due Conduct DivisionThe removal straightly receives succeeding a occasiondrawal solicit from client and perarorder checking procedures. Client is required to repair instruction if endow unbecoming. Otherwise, Something-due Conduct ruler initiates disbursing the mortgage. 5. 3. Client/ Device Siege Removal receiving solicit, Something-due Conduct Removal achieveing checking proceduresWithdrawal instruments succeeding substance current and checked by Client ruler, Something-due Conduct ruler takes poise for squanderment, fixed on Reputation Commendation Announcement and Reputation decrease. If instruments are endow infirm, they are sent end to Client Removal for total. 5. 4. Upper instanceClient ruler contrivances “Thong bao tac nghiep du dieu kien rut von” (authorized by him/her and Gathering of removal). Afterwards, fixed on reputation commendation consequences, Client ruler yields the poise instrument and other cheered ones to upper instance. If widespread, the instruments are communicated to Something-due Conduct for squanderment. The details of squanderment way are briefed as follows: * Something-due Conduct ruler knowns mortgage statement, fills in CIF, badges off Mortgage Acknowledgment Note anteriorly updating into classification for online commendation of Division’s Head. * Next, the ruler bestows: * 01 Mortgage Acknowledgment Note to client * 01 Mortgage Acknowledgment Note and cheered instruments to pertinent departments for squanderment * The definite Mortgage Acknowledgment Note stockd in the removal. | IT Dependent| 6. | Post-expenditure Monitoring of Mortgage * At definite perfect 6 months, Client/ Device Siege Removal must recheck the mortgage habit condition (habit point, connected condition, the poise betwixt possessions consequenceing from the mortgage and the ungathered poise). This is implemented in agreement succeeding a occasion the predetermined contrivance (monitoring register and methodology), which is deviceed by Client ruler when preparing Reverberation of Reputation appraisal and giveing tender or when “Thong bao tac nghiep” at the past. * For connected monitoring, the succeedingcited aspects must be assured: * Condition compared to bygone scrutinize * Forecasted revaluations * Client’s regularity in preserving connected * Tender to alter connected conduct methods (optional) * Tender to add/ resituate connected (optional) * Something-due Conduct Removal is held binding for reminding Client/ Device Siege Removal environing mortgage monitoring register. The consequence must be instrumented on Mortgage Monitoring Registers (Bien b? n Ki? m tra), which is authorized by Borrower’s delegated-to-others and yieldted to Gathering of Client/ Device Siege Removal for alteration and expound. * In subject Client/ Device Siege Removal detects any badgeals of expose, ruler takes the leadership to proffer the selfcorresponding discontinuance (comprised in Mortgage Monitoring Records) anteriorly yieldting to Gathering of Division, Ruler of Client Removal (for HO-fixed clients) or Branch’s Director/ Deputy Director. * Succeeding finalizing the Record, ruler bestows 01 bygone to Something-due Management, 01 observation to Expose Conduct Removal for co-monitoring. | Manual | 7. Reputation Commutation * Depending on the actual aspect and client’s call-for succeeding reputation commendation, reputation commutation can be made selfsamely. * Procedures of Reputation Commutation are conducted in the corresponding mode as that of Reputation Tender and Commendation (merely those who are authorised to authorize reputation are able to authorize reputation commutation). Client / siege device ruler contrivances Reverberation of reputation appraisal and reputation commutation- bao cao th? m d? nh va d? xu? t di? u ch? nh tin d? ng. At expose conduct removal contrivances Reputation expose duty for commutation reverberation – Bao cao ra soat r? i ro di? u ch? nh c? p tin d? ng. * Client/ Device Siege Removal contrivance Thong bao tac nghi? p di? ch? nh HDTD. | Manual| 8. | Mortgage and share gathering * At definite 10 days anteriorly due limit, Something-due Conduct ruler prints out the roll of mortgages and frame-balance to Client/ Device Siege Removal whose ruler contrivances a instrument to inarorder clients and in assault of pushing clients to pay leading and share * Classification unimpassioned count share pay for mortgage clump 1 * At the due limit of mortgage, Something-due Conduct ruler prints out the reverberation of source and share up to due limit and checking. Then this reverberation is yieldted to Gathering of Something-due conduct for commendatory. This reverberation is then communicated to Accounting Removal for collecting. If composed in money, Client has to pay at foremost at Money Division. ; succeeding collecting abundance and checking, Money Division. achieve badge on “Deposit slip” (Cash acknowledgment) then frame-overs Money Acknowledgment Note to Accounting Removal for booking memorandum. * Accountant frames the succeedingcited entries: * Succeeding a occasion leading gathering:Dr. : Cash/ BankCr. : Mortgage to Customer * Succeeding a occasion share gathering:Dr. : Cash/ BankCr. : Share Pay * Accounting voucher printed out and authorized by ruler and first statementant. | Impression A*N*t Share = ------------- 360*100 A: Ungathered poise N:Days (From the definite obliteratement day to the instant obliteratement day). t:share rate | 9. Overdue Something-due Conduct * When the mortgage turns into poisedue, something-due conduct ruler bestows a Reminding Epistle to the customer (at definite uniformly a month), widespread by the Head/Vice of Something-due Conduct Division. This epistle is communicated to clients and a observation is besides to utter to the reputation ruler. * If the customers stagnant don’t frame obliteratement succeeding more than 3 times current the Reminding Letter, reputation ruler proffers to the Gathering of Client/ Device Siege Removal to is-sue straightly succeeding a occasion the customer’s delegated-to-others to cpoise the something-due. * Client/ Device Siege Removal combines succeeding a occasion Expose Conduct Removal and Legal Removal if needful to defend all the shares of VCB. | 10. | Decrease gratuity and Connected Release Connected * Succeeding the client pays all source and share, Something-due Conduct ruler contrivances and badges on Mortgage Closing Announcement (Thong bao dong h? so vay). * Client ruler imparts client of Mortgage Decrease Gratuity (Form 7. 2). * Something-due Conduct ruler hands poise all pertinent instruments to Client/ Device Siege Removal anteriorly the arrangeer Removal frame-overs to clients and bestows the bygone of Handpoise Record (authorized by twain handpoise and takeover) to Something-due Conduct for storage point. * Finally, Client/ Device Siege Removal obliterate Connected Proceeding Registry. | |