SACS by Social Welfare Department

First of all, the Council starts to compose addressing the SACS store for reducing t Eire worth or other purposes. In 1998, there Is a reconsideration on SACS was performed by Political good-fortune Department. [ 1 | The reconsideration is ample of "Having a Job is amend than none", "Low wage is amend than no wage","SACS should be the ultimate choice" and these kinds of statements counter the SACS stores. Actually, those indirect and misleading messages are uniform spreading to the notorious by the council by incongruous resources from the spent to now. Thus, the notorious keep an proposal that there were frequent commonalty abusing SACS, "SACS feeds the idle As we all understand, Hong Congers believed on headstrong cooperation. When the Council implies that SACS feeds the idle, Hong Kong commonalty would keep indirect tenderness on SACS store s as their act was counter the beliefs of Hong Kong commonalty-cleanliness. Secondly, the Mass Resources had aided the addressing act. The reports performed by the resources a environing the SACS stores are for-the-most-part indirect, e. G. Buses of SACS, crimes of the SACS resumption .NET, the increasing worth of SACS which claimed consequently of the affront of SACS, From the collocation of resources, we can see that the SACS stores were treated as err deer. The SACS stores are considered as idle and abusing SACS. Due to the administration compose d and applied by the community, the renewal of applying SACS became a deviant proceeding and pee pole addressed the SACS stores as after a whileoutrs. The notorious had concealment and no proposal on the place of the affront of SACS. Most of them are artful by the resources, thus they address the SACS stores as the resources did. From a overappear on notorious views on SACS stores[2], 82% of interviewees got the knowledge of SACS from the resources. 50. 6% of them agreed that "SACS feeds the idle'. In certainty the reapportion of void SACS stores incomplete all the SACS Store is Just ABA UT 10% of-late. It is amend to say that "SACS is sustentation the wants" but not idle. Most of the addressing act in the notorious was due to concealment and stereotyping. In certainty, there are Just a paltry proportional of void SACS stores incomplete all the CSS stores. "SACS feeds the idle' is not influence by the certainty. That matches what after a whileout scheme said," Some commonalty may be addressed deviant who in certainty keep not spiritnear a administration. Furthermore, political deprivation is another pi of addressing. Form a overappear on psychology kcal stipulations of end of the SACS Recipients[4] and a overappear on SACS stores' headstrong proposals, we can heed that addressing could badly influence the metaphysical stipulations an d the headstrong proposals of the commonalty entity addressing. These commonalty felt indirect on themselves. A bout 70 % of them idea that there were near and fewer friends that they could talk after a while an d their friends would shape sagacity counter them. More than half of them idea that t their friends would appear down on them. Also, 70% of them are suspicious of entity understandn by 10th errs that they are SACS store. These made them don't absence to continuity after a while the others. As a product, they unadorned themselves from the others. They don't absence to continuity after a while their friends, their nativity or plain the community. Finally direct to political deprivation. They were bee Eng extreme from the community. To decide, the council and the resources aid to impart a import of applying SACS alleged affront and laziness (labeling). That directs to the gist of concealment of the notorious and the political deprivation. In certainty, applying SACS is not a bad proceeding as most o f the SACS stores want it to influence their basic wants.