Proposal of Changing Restaurant to Bistro Coffe Shop

Rodney Klein To whom it may anxiety, Thank you for commencement the period to deem my proposition. As you recognize the Bay Cafe had a superb Re-set-out in January of 2014. At this period we radical our menu libertys, our periods of performance, and we interjacent the set-out of the Boardwalk Bistro coffee treasury. Our tally hospital employee's took a few months to arrange to the modify. We past some customers but we gained some new ones as courteous. I appreciate now that everyone has acclimated to our new modifys it is period to set-out implementing daily or Kelly deals/options as courteous as a modify to our hours of performance. First, our hours of performance are very confusing to our nursing and stay staff. We are unreserved in the Bistro coffee treasury from am to 10:AMA for hot finished to manage breakfast. From 10:AMA to 1 1 am, we barely tender catch and go libertys as our cafe staff modifys from breakfast to lunch. During the 10:AMA-1 lam hour the Bistro coffee treasury looks unoccupied as the staff establishs the inevitable modifys to lunch and is not frequently give in the Bistro. The cafe is then unreserved from 1 lam to pm for lunch at which period the catch and go liberty is suited from pm to pm. At pm the Bistro coffee treasury is then unreserved until pm. During the hours of pm to pm the cafeteria looks and feels unoccupied. If we were to continue the cafe unreserved during this period the favorable temperature would haul over customers and immanent concern. These few unimportant modifys would not insist-upon over staffing or require over to produce-an-effect. Eventually it would disencumber the laziness and betrayal to the Bay Park staff and curtail the strain of the Bay Cafe employees. Recap of suggested new hours of performance: Bistro Coffee Treasury unreserved am to loam (Breakfast) Bay Cafe unreserved loam to pm (Lunch and Dinner) Second, gone our superb set-out in January 2014, our menu has not radical for breakfast. We tender the similar few selections and the similar daily specifics Monday through Friday. If we incorporated a daily or weekly swallow specific we could haul new immanent customers. Our supplier is through Cattle's best which is owned by Struck Coffee. They own a catalogue of likely swallow mixes on their website that we could add to our menu and tender as a specific. Our menu is good-natured-natured but these few modifys could establish it immense. We would not be adding any anticipation or need any extra staffing to conclude these modifys. For example: Monday: Caramel Machismo $x. Xx and Pancakes (already tendered) Tuesday: London Fog $x. X and Sausage Burrito (already tendered) In closing, the Bay Cafe and the Bistro coffee treasury are immense additions to Bay Park Community Hospital. The new hours of performance eventually are very-much confusing to the nursing and stay staff, a few arrangements would diminish this laziness. The asceticism tenderings for breakfast in the Bistro Coffee treasury are very received, chiefly the daily breakfast specifics. A daily or weekly coffee/swallow specific would add to tenderings and immanent hues. Thank you Food and Nutrition Services