1. Make some readings environing the anthropological peculiar and it's affection. Then fashion an essay guided by the aftercited questions: (a) What is the Anthropological Person? (b) What is the affection of the anthropological peculiar; and (c) How does a peculiar earn his primary possible that can fashion a possitive outcome towards sodality?. Your essay must be victorious of at lowest 150 tone 2. Utang na Loob and Bahala na are two of the most free personalitys of most filipinos. Choose one of these two personality and examine your own judgment environing it. 3. In your own remark, explain the component of the Filipino Family nowadays. 4. Give what values are substance telling out by the aftercited quotations: a. "treat vivacity delay honor and vivacity itself accomplish unveil its embellishment to you. " b. "We can get so regarded in what we are doing that we obliviate why we are doing it. We are so regarded in food that we obliviate the resolve of food. We get so regarded in pursuing the things currency can buy that we obliviate the things that currency can't buy. " c. "Justice is giving full man his due. " d. Each man may contend in secular stature, but each one bears the similar totality of good-tempered-behavior as another and all divide one despicable lot. " e. "There is no fidelity and no good-tempered-tempered in lies" f. " The true heroes unmoulded us are those who speed their speeds daily in unaffected regard for the thrift of the others. g. "Let full peculiar and establishment now ponder and act as a legitimate trustee of Earth, seeking choices in ecology, economics and ethics that accomplish furnish a sustainable forthcoming, explain stain, want and force, excite the prodigy of vivacity and stir well-disposed speed in the anthropological signalize. "