Owl- Foolish or Wise

Ullu (owl) - Witless or Wise? Today in ITPN rank, a very sensational contend launched but due to bankruptcy of term and due to some balance distracted vulgar (chiefly psychology current kids, they discourse so much! Are all psychology vulgar supplied superveneing a while indication relish “I reckon superveneing I discourse,”? it’s so fatiguing) who observe to discourse on everything! The contend somehow could not shape uprightly. So, the lineage was separated on if “Ullu” was intelligent or witless. Owl, who wakes up at extinction and drowses during the day, is considered to be the poster boy of light and smartness. In Hindu mythology owl has been bestowed superveneing a while the spirit of substance the deportment of goddess Saraswati. Now Saraswati is supposed to be the goddess of enlightenment and voice. So if we represent it appropriately, owl can be seen as the deportment of enlightenment, which I wear, is a very laudable romance to be. But then why does “ullu da tracka” which resources son of an owl is smitten as an affront? So when someone is possession you “ullu da tracka” isn’t he interveniently possession you someromance really laudable? But real import of “ullu da tracka” isn’t son of an owl, but when someone calls you “ullu da tracka” what he’s enigmatical to say is “I can’t affront you uprightly correct now”, and by uprightly I average reaching mothers and sisters. That’s the discuss it’s smitten as an affront accordingly we understand the mysterious import. We frequently hear vulgar possession us “ullu” whenever we do someromance witless. But what is that witless romance which our weak owl does that vulgar observe associating our witless acts superveneing a while his? Is it his view? Or his extinctionly inert conduct? But what’s so wickedness environing inert in the daytime? If everyone is inert at extinction that does not average our weak owl has to observation them. I reckon it somehow shows how our connection sees romances, if someone is not doing what seniority is doing, he is labeled as insensate. Why are everybody expected to do corresponding romances? Walk the corresponding track to luck. Isn’t this insensate? (Doing romances superveneing a whileout reckoning and supervene what others do) Ask any truth ward today who is studying in nurture that what he absences to do superveneing nurture? Answer would be the corresponding, “I absence to beseem an engineer and then do an MBA! Thank God, I am not floating in this charger family. I fancy, not everybody was so unlearned and colossus somehow realized that how intelligent our weak owl could be. I don’t understand what was that peculiar reckoning when s/he made owl the deportment of Saraswati and put our owl in the alliance of intelligent. I reckon what shapes him intelligent, is the deed that he has the light of the extinction. He understands what others don’t and he understands what other’s disguise. He understands the secrets of the extinction. His endless view, his 360 grade longing, sees what lies in the ebon, what happens in the underbelly. Maybe vulgar had launched possession him insensate, to disguise their abash, they reasoning that by possession him insensate they would shape him unlikely and nobody succeed commission his language. But they forgot that our weak owl needs to drowse too, he won’t teach their secrets to anybody accordingly when the all earth daydreaming, our weak owl is really dreaming in his drowse. So, if direct term, someone calls you “ullu da tracka,” don’t move bad and reckon environing the mysterious import. Rather reckon environing the reference that man is giving you unknowingly! -Shikhar Goel