Our Iceberg Is Melting

Theory and Applications Individual Assignment Questions Compare and opposition transmitted communicates after a while digital communicates. Write a repute. (Work on the subject you are assigned after a while and mature on it. Write a repute on the subject, which encloses the subjoined :) Introduction (Define transmitted communicates, specify digital communicates) Content (When is it used, why is it used, how is it used and etc. ) Advantages and Disadvantages (for each kind of communicate) Conclusion You may enclose certain sections which you think serviceable. Attention: References should be cited justly. Penalty for deceased submission: o 1 day deceased: minus 20% o 2 days deceased: minus 50% o 3 days deceased: minus 100% Academic vice procure not be tolerated NOTE: Your repute should be among 5 - 6 pages covet. Use Arial font largeness 12, after a while 2. 0 spacing. Insert footer as your indicate and ID No. You are required to acquiesce a hardcopy of this repute. Enclose the coversheet (after a while becoming verification) and marking proposal upon acquiesceting. Student avowal I state that? I recognize what is meant by plagiarism? This assignment is all my effort and I bear unquestioned any use of the publisher or unpublished efforts of other populace.