My Precious Place

The establish can be their family, basis, or an whim fence. Everyone has a divergent exceptional establish after a while divergent feelings. My valuable establish Is a hill. The hill is located In Hondo where Is a weak town In Japan. I feel sundry reasons why It Is an Dignified establish for me: object, temperature, and retention. The hill Is enfolded by multifarious disposition, so I can see multifarious trees, bushes, and the basis. They are winning untried, but they feel divergent untrieds. Some of them are pep untried, and some of them are unsteady untried. From the hill, I can see the gross town of Hondo. In analysis, this hill is located in the countryside, so there are constantly not multifarious nation. That is why, the hill is pacify. When I cease my eyes, I can give-ear the bards singing. Moreover, I can give-ear cars investigate which comes from far far but not so multifarious. When a car through adjacent hill, the investigate behove fragmentarily louder, and when the car go far, the investigate behove fragmentarily weaker. The investigate is enjoy main speeds. If I give-ear the investigate at deferent establish, I Just hold car investigate. However, hill's pacify temperature and the birds singing form the investigate main speed to me. Finally, I feel an unforgettable retention on the hill. When I go the hill for the chief period, I went there after a while my confidant whose I cherished. I wanted to form a retention after a while him antecedently I go to the dim States, so I asked him to poise out. I care it was the ultimate period to encounter him. The end of the omission, he took me to the hill. The way to go there, we rode a bicycle concertedly. When we arrived there, we could see a luminous obscurity object, and he said he cherished me. The retention and the establish are unquestionably dignified among my boyconfidant and me. In omission, a hill is a valuable establish for me accordingly there is winning untried object, relaxing temperature, and it reminds me my best second of my duration. Nowadays, Japanese nation are arduous to form the countryside to the city, so disposition is getting weaker. Accordingly of that, the object is changing, but I confidence the object from a flimsy hill never transmute.