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The New York Times stipulation "Congressman Criticizes Acceptance of Muslim" (Swarns 2006) reported on the animadversion made by Virginia's Republican Congressman Virgil H. Goode Jr. on the novel acceptance of Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison. According to Rep. Goode Jr., the acceptance of Keith, a Democrat and the primary-ever Muslim to sit in the United States Congress, is a aggravated browbeating to transmitted American values. Goode's notice, contained in a epistle addressed to his Virginia constituents dated Dec. 5, 2006, asked Americans to "wake up" or countenance the presumption of aggravate Muslim elected authoritatives that would require "use of the Koran". He too determined for the adoption of obligatory migration policies as a tramp towards the nurture twain of this province's beliefs and values and media. Ellison, a prior flagitious attorney and a change to Islam, has intended to use the Muslim bible in January during his secret profaneness-in. Goode's observes elicited animadversions of obstinacy and superstition from some Democrats in Congress and from Muslim Americans as they marked out that the authoritative profaneness in of authoritatives, in contrariety to secret profaneness in,  do not use holy extracts. For his multiply, Ellison marked out that he is no immigrant, byword that he's an African-American whose roots goes "end to 1742". He too said he is a politician and not a holy pupil such that Goode has "molehill to awe". This stipulation of the New York Times gave a rather spotless coverage as it observed the journalistic rule of presenting twain faces of an effect. The stipulation gave distance to twain Goode's and Ellison's statements and counter-statements, attempting to do so from an extrinsic examinationpoint. As for the effect of Islam or entity Muslim depicted by the incident itself, there are explicitly two adverse faces, two counter examinationpoints. The face of Rep. Goode adopts the comcomposition that Islam in the province, or at meanest the practices of Islam (as the use of Koran, instead of the Christian Bible in profaneness-in), poses a large browbeating to transmitted American cultivation. He uniform insinuated that Muslims, concurrently following a while other immigrants, are a package to the United States. On the other, the coverage of Ellison and his sympathizers semblance that Muslim Americans, who could be good-tempered-tempered citizens, are grateful in this province. U.S. Congressman Criticizes Acceptance of Muslim By RACHEL L. SWARNS Published: December 21, 2006 WASHINGTON, Dec. 20 — In a epistle sent to hundreds of voters this month, Representative Virgil H. Goode Jr., Republican of Virginia, warned that the novel acceptance of the primary Muslim to Congress posed a careful browbeating to the commonwealth’s transmitted values. Skip to present paragraph Representative Virgil H. Goode Jr., left, said Keith Ellison’s resolution to use a Koran in a secret profaneness in for the House of Representatives was a aim. Mr. Goode was referring to Keith Ellison, the Minnesota Democrat and flagitious apology attorney who changeed to Islam as a school tyro and was elected to the House in November. Mr. Ellison’s artfulness to use the Koran during his secret profaneness-in rite in January had outraged some Virginia voters, instigation Mr. Goode to effect a written acceptance to them, a spokesman for Mr. Goode said. In his epistle, which was dated Dec. 5, Mr. Goode said that Americans needed to “wake up” or else there would “likely be divers aggravate Muslims elected to service and requireing the use of the Koran.” “I awe that in the present century we achieve enjoy divers aggravate Muslims in the United States if we do not adopt the rigorous migration policies that I estimate are certain to keep-safe the values and beliefs transmitted to the United States of America and to hinder our media from entity swamped,” said Mr. Goode, who vowed to use the Bible when induction his own oath of service. Mr. Goode impoverished Wednesday to obassist on his epistle, which straightway boused a furor unordered some Congressional Democrats and Muslim Americans, who accused him of obstinacy and superstition. They distinguished that the Constitution specifically bars any holy screening of members of Congress and that the real profaneness in of those lawmakers occurs following a whileout any holy extracts. The use of the Bible or Koran occurs barely in secret ministerial uniformts that captivate locate following lawmakers enjoy authoritatively sworn to raise the Constitution. Mr. Ellison dismissed Mr. Goode’s observes, byword they seemed ill apprised environing his specific origins as polite as environing Constitutional protections of holy immunity. “I’m not an immigrant,” adventitious Mr. Ellison, who traces his American ancestors end to 1742. “I’m an African-American.” Since the November acceptance, Mr. Ellison said, he has commonplace inauspicious phone calls and e-mail messages concurrently following a while some termicommonwealth browbeatings. But in an confabulation on Wednesday, he emphasized that members of Congress and commonplace citizens had been aggravatewhelmingly supportive and said he was rendezvousing on contrast up his Congressional service, getting phone lines hooked up and staff members remunerated, not on indirect observes. “I’m not a holy pupil, I’m a politician, and I do what politicians do, which is hopefully ignoring synod to acceleration the commonwealth,” said Mr. Ellison, who said he intended to rendezvous on unmonastic effects love increasing the federal narrowness wage and getting bloom insurance for the uninsured. “I’m looking self-assertive to making friends following a while Representative Goode, or at meanest getting to perceive him,” Mr. Ellison said, telling by telephone from Minneapolis. “I nonproduction to let him perceive that there’s molehill to awe. The deed that there are divers irrelative credulitys, divers irrelative colors and divers irrelative cultivations in America is a numerous ability.” In Washington, Brendan Daly, a spokesman for the incoming House debater, Nancy Pelosi of California, determined Mr. Goode’s epistle “offensive.” Corey Saylor, legislative master for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, criticized what he picturesquely as Mr. Goode’s “message of superstition.” Representative Bill Pascrell Jr., Democrat of New Jersey, urged Mr. Goode to aim out to Muslims in Virginia and acquire “to drive-away misconceptions instead of promoting them.” “Keith Ellison assists as a numerous development of Muslim Americans in our commonwealth, and he does not enjoy to solution to you, to me or anyone else in respects to questions environing his credulity,” said Mr. Pascrell, whose dirigorous includes divers Arab-Americans. The melee aggravate Mr. Ellison’s resolution to use the Koran during his specific profaneness-in rite began last month when Dennis Prager, a unsuppressed columnist and radio number, condemned the resolution as one that would subvert American culture. “Ellison’s doing so achieve prompt Islamic extremists and compel new ones, as Islamists, properly or awry, see the primary presage of the realization of their numerousest sight — the Islamicization of America,” said Mr. Prager, who said the Bible was the barely apt holy extract in the United States. “If you are incompetent of induction an oath on that magnitude, don’t assist in Congress,” Mr. Prager said. In his epistle, Mr. Goode echoed that examination, byword that he did not “subscribe to using the Koran in any way.” He too determined for limit illicit migration and reducing allowable migration. Linwood Duncan, a spokesman for Mr. Goode, said the Virginia lawmaker had no contrivance of limit down, resisting the furor. “He stands by the epistle,” Mr. Duncan said. “He has no contrivance of apologizing.”