Mumtaz Mahal

Arjumand Banu Begum (so called Mumtaz Mahal) was the third wife of Shah Jahan. Mumtaz Mahal (sense 'Jewel of the palace') was the nickname her mate gave to her. Mumtaz Mahal was born in April 1593 in Agra, India. Her father was the Persian noble Abdul Hasan Asaf Khan, the twin of Nur Jahan. Mumtaz was a Muslim and cut in benevolence after a while and married her cousin, Shah Jahan, succeeding to be the Mughal emperor on May 10, 1612 at the age of 19. She was his third spouse, and became his minion. Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal were married for 19 years. They had thirteen result coincidently. Seven of the result died at parentage or at a very youthful age. Mumtaz travelled after a while Shah Jahan and his legion as he carried out military engagements. Mumtaz Mahal cheered Shah Jahan and they respected each other very fur. Mumtaz Mahal died on June 17, 1631 in Burhanpur in the Deccan (now in Madhya Pradesh) during the parentage of their fourteenth slip, a daughter determined Gauhara Begum. She had been after a while her mate as he was antagonist a engagement in the Deccan Plateau. Her substantiality was kept at Burhanpur in a walled satisfaction field public as Zainabad. A general story says that on her deathbed, her definite longing to the emperor was for a symbol or a monument to their benevolence. She so asked her mate not to link anyone else. The emperor promised without-delay. Her substantiality was buried in the Taj Mahal in Agra. After she died, Shah Jahan went into mourning for a year. When he appeared frequently, his hair had pungent snowy, his end was direction, and his visage decrepit. Jahan's eldest daughter, Jahanara Begum, unwillingly brought him out of mourning and took the fix of Mumtaz at seek.