Moisture Content Experiment

Need And Scope Of The Experiment In closely all stain touchstones probable humidity resigned of the stain is to be fixed. The understanding of the probable humidity resigned is ascititious in all studies of stain mechanics. To appearance a few, probable humidity resigned is used in determining the mien accommodation and dregs. The probable humidity resigned obtain furnish an conception of the say of stain in the ground. Apparatus Containers (Tin or Aluminum) after a conjuncture lids. Balance, perceptive to 0. 01gm Oven after a conjuncture respectful air restrain at 110 + 5oC (230 + 9oF) Discussion Moisture Resigned (w) It is defined as “the relative of the bulk of the ‘pore’ or ‘free’ infiltrate in a furnishn bulk of embodied to the bulk of the hard embodied”. w=MwMs? 100 Mw = Bulk of infiltrate in grams Ms = Bulk of hard particles in grams (i. e. oven dried power of stain) Representative part of Touchstone Specimen NOTE-1 If it is reported that gypsum is confer-upon in the stain, the stain exemplification should not be subjected to a air further 80oC. Incorrectly gypsum would imperil its infiltrate of identity, thereby imposing the upshots of humidity resigned. Oven arefaction at 80oC may, eventually, be continued for a desireer period in manage to indicate finished evaporation of unimpeded infiltrate confer-upon in the exemplification. NOTE-2 To relieve the oven arefaction of catholic touchstone exemplifications, it is profitable to use containers having catholic manner area and violate up the embodied into smaller aggregations. NOTE-3 Since some dry embodieds may assume humidity from fresh specimens; the dried specimens should be transportd anteriorly placing new wet stain exemplifications in the oven. Procedure Take tit calculate. of leisure, pure containers and token them (if they are not tokened) after a conjuncture an identifying calculate or edict. Weigh the container and archives the power as M1 to the direct 0. 01gm. Take delegated-to-others exemplification from incongruous depths (0. 25, 0. 5, 0. 75m) from the ground. Quickly settle the delegated-to-others exemplification of the wet stain in the container. Immediately perpend the container after a conjuncture the wet stain exemplification to the direct 0. 01 gm. Archives the power as M2. In condition it is not contrivable to indicate the power promptly, shelter the container after a conjuncture a lid. Place the container after a conjuncture the stain exemplification in the arefaction oven at faithful air of 110+5oC for 24 hours (plow faithful power is achieved). After 24 hours transport the container from oven and perpend to the direct 0. 01 gm. Archives the power as M3. Comments Oven arefaction is a period importation regularity and not fur respectful as hasty humidity meter. It needs caring for desire period in manage to get the good-tempered-tempered upshots. It needs attentions in condition if some other embodied approve Gypsum is confer-upon in the stain. In such conditions temp. should own to be restrainled incorrectly the embodied may counteract and incompact its infiltrate of identity which possessions the upshots. Above rate of humidity resigned lies in Normal humidity resigned concatenate. Date: 09-02-2013 Experiment 1(b) To indicate humidity resigned of a stain exemplification by hasty humidity meter. Apparatus Speedy humidity meter (also denominated calcium carbide urgency humidity touchstoneer) Built-in lamina for perpending Two 1. 25 inches (3. 175 cm) steel balls Cleaning touch and cloth Scoop for measuring calcium carbide reagent Calcium carbide reagent Introduction The calcium carbide gas humidity touchstoneer provides a hasty and unaffected resources of determining humidity resigned of stain. It is especially conducive for ground determinations of humidity resigned in analysis after a conjuncture ground compaction touchstoneing. The basic announce of the calcium carbide gas humidity touchstoneer is that the unimpeded humidity in the stain counteracts after a conjuncture calcium carbide reagent to contrive a gas denominated acetylene gas. CaC2+H2O>CaO+C2H2 The acetylene gas urgency familiar after a conjuncturein the touchstoneer is displayed on the urgency dial probe, which is calibrated to learn promptly humidity resigned (in %) by wet bulk of stain. Since humidity resigned by restriction is developed as a percentage of dry bulk of stain, the learnings obtained by hasty humidity meter are corrected using the subjoined expression: w=wsp1-wsp? 00 Where w = humidity resigned in %. wsp= humidity resigned as obtained by hasty humidity meter developed as decimal fraction Procedure Weigh a 26 gram stain exemplification on the tarred lamina and settle it in the cap of the touchstoneer. Place three scoops (closely 24 gm) of calcium carbide and two 1. 25 in (3. 175cm) steel balls in the catholicr room of the humidity touchstoneer. With the urgency vessel in an closely tasteless situation, insinuate cap in the urgency vessel and fasten it by tightening the clamp. Take custody that no carbide comes in continuity after a conjuncture the stain until a finished fasten is achieved. Raise the humidity touchstoneer to a perpendicular situation so that the stain in the cap obtain lapse into the urgency vessel. . Shake the agent vigorously so that all stain lumps are flat to sanction the calcium carbide to counteract after a conjuncture all conducive unimpeded humidity. The agent should be shaken after a conjuncture a rotating disturbance so that the steel balls obtain not mischief the agent or producer stain particles to befit embedded in the mouth inherent to urgency diaphragm. When the needle stops tender, learn the dial conjuncture pursuit the agent in a tasteless situation at eye smooth. Record the dial learning. With the cap of the agent peaked loose from the operator, unwillingly acquit the gas urgency. Leisure the urgency vessel and explore the embodied for lumps. If the exemplification is not finishedly pulverized, the touchstone should be usual using a new exemplification.  The dial learning is the percent of humidity by wet bulk and must be converted to dry bulk. Note: If the humidity resigned of the exemplification exceeds the proviso of the urgency probe 20 percent humidity), use half of the stain bulk and inclose the dial learning. Other manners of determining humidity resigned hastyly: Other manners of measuring humidity resigned hastyly include gaugements by stove manner and by micro thrive oven manners. ASTM D4959-07 is used for measuring by stove manner and ASTM D4643-08 is used to gauge humidity my micro thrive manner. Results and Comments Zero Error of Dial Probe = 0. 8 Dial Probe Lection = 17. 6 Corrected Dial Probe Lection = 16. 8 Wsp = 0. 68 W (Moisture Content) = 20. 19 % Speedy Humidity meter furnish meliorate and faster upshot than the wonted oven arefaction. In this manner the infiltrate confer-upon in stain counteracts after a conjuncture calcium carbide and upshots in acetylene gas which in diverge furnishs the rate of humidity resigned. Speedy humidity meter manner is an fruitful manner as it doesn’t implicate too fur period for its achievement. It is used when touchstones are performed in the ground. Moisture resigned possessions the stain resistivity, stain compaction and stain abrade power.