Mis Quiz 1

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one choice that best completes the assertion or answers the investigation. 1) The deficiency of NASA's primal separation to preventing the meacertain shuttle shedding boil illustrates: 1) _______ A) the want to medicate for measuring upshots of a trade separation. B) the want to undeviatingly medicate to new technological innovations. C) the regular kind of tenor solving. D) the avail of trailing employees on new trade processes. ) In choosing the best separation for a trade tenor, one of the most momentous considerations is: 2) _______ A) upshot measurement. B) tangible instrument and expertnesss. C) employee trailing. D) fluctuate government. 3) Converting raw basis into a over meaningful frame is oleed: 3) _______ A) capturing. B) processing. C) feedback. D) organizing. 4) The patent clear trudge in the four-trudge specimen of trade tenor solving is: 4) _______ A) feedback. B) implementation. C) upshot. D) fluctuate government. ) Inadequate basisbase magnitude is an specimen of the ________ size of trade tenors. 5) _______ A) government B) technology C) contemptiblealty D) organizational 6) Operations government as a training is quickly bearing to three occupational categories: 6) _______ A) device managers, evolution managers, and characteral use managers. B) industrial evolution managers, operations analysts, and characteral use managers. C) device managers, evolution managers, and industrial evolution managers. D) finance, accounting, and government. 7) Which of the subjoined assertions is not penny? 7) _______ A) The most contemptible and lucky offshore outsourcing devices compromise evolution programming and plan means-of-prop programming effect, parallel behind a while ole interior effect. B) The misgiving that offshore outsourcing procure subjugate insist for new notification plan hires in the U. S. is subordinate by the truth that subjugated IT expenditures results in increased IT investments and the falsehood of private jobs. C) The contact of private IT outsourcing has been very disruptive to some regional areas of the U. S. D) Inflation in Indian stipend for technology effect is vital to a contrary provoke of jobs tail to the United States. Read also Quiz Week 4 8) To find certain they supply clothes that their customers procure acquisition, a character abundance implements a new application that analyzes spending levels at their abundances and cross-references this basis to liked dress styles. This is an specimen of using notification plans to prop a trade diplomacy of: 8) _______ A) birth. B) customer and supplier association. C) improved conclusion making. D) new effects, uses, and trade specimens. 9) Maintaining the organization's financial registers is a trade character of: 9) _______ A) sales B) marketing. C) finance D) accounting. 10) Journalist Thomas Friedman's description of the earth as "flat" referred to: 10) ______ A) the flattening of economic and cultural advantages of patent clear countries. B) the enlargement of globalization. C) the use of the Internet and technology for immediate despatch. D) the decrease in trip times and the ubiquity of global exfluctuate and trip. 11) Verizon's implementation of a Web-based digital dashboard to yield managers behind a while real-time notification such as customer complaints is an specimen of: 11) ______ A) improved conclusion-making. B) improved flexibility. C) customer and supplier association. D) improved aptitude. 12) The provoke of retail banking to use ATMs behind Citibank unveiled its original ATMs illustrates the notification plan trade concrete of: 12) ______ A) competitive advantag B) customer and supplier association. C) improved aptitude. D) birth. 13) Based on your balbutiation of the instance discussing inconstant handhelds, Doylestown Hospital's use of iPhones is an specimen of using notification plans to repair which of the subjoined general trade concretes? 13) ______ A) Improved conclusion making B) New effects, uses, and trade specimens C) Birth D) Customer and supplier association 14) An notification expertness momentous for an accounting greater would be: 14) ______ A) an discernment of effect government exploit plans. B) an discernment of exploit plans that repair example. C) an discernment of supplier government exploit plans. D) an discernment of plan and neteffect warranty issues. 15) As discussed in the section initiation instance, the Yankees' use of notification plans in their new stadium can be seen as an attempt to close which of the pristine trade concretes? 15) ______ A) Operational superiority B) Birth C) Improved conclusion making D) Customer and supplier association 1) C 2) B 3) B 4) B 5) B 6) B 7) C 8) B